How to Stay Fit While You’re Traveling

If you’re searching for easy ways to stay fit, this simple training is an ideal practice:

Attending gym is the best choice if you want to take care of your body statement. There’s a trainer who’ll tell you how to act and you can use the exercise equipment. But what to do if you’re traveling? Read our tips to stay fit during a journey.

If you’re searching for easy ways to stay fit, this simple training is an ideal practice:

Hotel Room Workouts for Men to Stay Fit While Traveling

Your vacation may bring exciting impressions to you but also a few new kilograms. In case you don’t want to pass any training and keep the workouts, there’s a simple way to stay physically fit. You can do the exercises just inside your hotel room or on the beach, if you want more space and sunshine. We prepared effective tips to stay fit while you’re traveling.  Read on and practice!

Effective  Tips to Stay Fit During the Journey

The proposed fitness practices are done even without the support of the coach or special equipment. Choose the most comfortable place for training and put on your fitness form! Practice our training tips to keep the body perfect:


This is a well-known practice that involves the performance of biceps, shoulders, core, triceps, and core. 2 or 3 sets will be Ok; and demonstrate 12 push-ups in every rep. In case your physical statement lets you show more – you’re welcome! Keep following the directions:

Start with pressing both arms to the floor – they must demonstrate one line with the shoulders (be under them). Demonstrate a plank. Flatten your back for performing practice correctly. If you made it right, start lowering and raising up. In another variant, you’re performing the same moves again while standing on your knees.

Triceps training

How to stay fit while you’re traveling

It belongs to the ways to stay fit that involve the additional accessory. Get acquainted with our instruction:

Direct the arms to the edges of a bench or chair. Start stretching out the legs and keep doing it until they are before you. Then your arms have to be bent at the elbows to demonstrate a nighty-degree angle. After this, they must be straightened while you’ll be raising up. Upgrade the practice and make it without a chair. Sit on the floor and put the arms behind you. Elevate your feet and demonstrate a nighty-degree angle. Start bending your arms and straightening them. This workout involves triceps, chest, upper back, and deltoids.

Hollow hold

Such a short practice doesn’t need any accessory but it will definitely show the work of your core muscles. The directions:

You’d be lying on the floor – the lower back is tightly pressed to it. Toughen core muscles and elevate your arms and legs. You’ll have to lie like this for 20-60 seconds. Your chin mustn’t touch the chest.

You’ll elevate your leg and lean forward while you’re sitting on the chair. At this moment, you have to make a try to stand up only on one leg. Return in the position on the chair and stand up again. Keep repeat this exercise for a few times on each leg. You can also stand up on two legs. This exercise involves glutes, core, and  hamstrings;

Squats. It’s one of the exercises to stay fit you can demonstrate even on the beach. It’s easy but you will definitely feel each muscle of your legs! Directions:

Separate your legs – they have to match the width of your shoulders. Squat till your knees are parallel to your hips. Return to the beginning position. You will strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core.

Leg lifting

This practise is also a perfect choice both for a hotel room and beach. It doesn’t require any additional accessory. Follow the instruction:

Stand up, flatten your body, and toughen the core muscles. Elevate one leg in front of you and make sure it reaches the 45-90-degree angle. Return it back in the starting position. When the set is done make the same moves to the side and back. The exercise involves flexors, glutes, and core.


Bicycle training

It’s another chance to show your shape at the beach! The instruction:

Begin with standing still and placing your legs right on your shoulders width. Put your fingers on the back of your head. Now, keep performing the practice by lifting left leg and twisting the right part of your body to the left side. You will have to touch the knee of a left leg with the elbow of your right hand. Do the practice vice versa.


It’s simplicity doesn’t make it a less effective exercise. Tips to stay fit in the plank position:

Make a push-up pose and check if your back is flattened. Keep doing the practice by toughening your core muscles and bending your arms at elbows. Your forearms will be holding your body. Stay like this for a minute or less. Transform the practice by letting the knees touch the floor.

Side plank


Choose any side and place your body in the order to create a straight line. Begin with bending your arm and extending the forearm out. Lift your body and check if your elbow is right below your shoulder. Toughen your core muscles and wait for half of a minute. Then demonstrate the same exercise on another side.

Raising the heels. It’s an extremely easy to perform exercise. Stand straight and rise up on your heels. Then come back into the starting position. Make several reps.


It’s an effective leg exercise. Follow the instruction and keep breathing:

Place your legs evenly and then lunge forward with your right foot. Bend both legs at knees and you’ll notice how your glutes, quads, and hamstrings are toughening. The practice demands your core to save a flat position, don’t lean forward or backward. Elevate your arms and then place them back into the beginning position. Keep doing this exercise for each leg for 20 reps.

Bird dog. Drop on knees and your hands must be pressed to the floor as well. Spread out right leg and left hand and then direct them on the way to each other above the floor. Don’t make twists of the body, mention that your shoulders and hips have to copy the straight line of the floor.

Towel pulling

Prepare to use a small accessory to demonstrate the work of your shoulder muscles. Take a towel by the edges with your hands. Keep pulling it before your chest and move it closer to you to be sure you create an effective tension.

More Ideas to Make a Perfect Body Shape

In case your vacation location is somewhere near the beach, don’t limit yourself only with those exercises. Swimming is the best method of workout! And running brings the best cardio-training which is not available in your hotel room. Besides, it’s such a pleasure to meet the sunrise while you’re doing your exercises. Yoga is also a nice option for both hotel room and beach spaces. Meditation has always been a nice chance to relax and bring the tranquility to your body and soul. In case you need more engaging activities, go for an excursion. You won’t even notice how many calories will be left behind while you’re walking. Moreover, you’ll get acquainted with new people and places that will definitely leave a nice impression in your heart.

If you strive for a natural touch and want to go into the wild, hiking and mountain climbing is just what you need. Fresh air and great physical activity are also nice options to enjoy during the vacation. And in case there are some local activities beside you, go for it! Festivals, dancing, sports competitions are also nice ways to stay healthy and fit during a vacation.

In case you want to save your body shape and impress everybody with your condition, choose carefully the meals you eat. If there’s no a special diet, watch your ration and prefer energy-saving nutrition food. Fruits, vegetables, proteins are what you need to stay fit too. Exercises won’t work if you eat fast food or harmful products. Choose healthy food to stay fit.

Keep Calm and Workout!

These simple practices will support your desire to save body shape during vacation. The exercises may be done even in your hotel room and some of them are perfect for the beach. Which physical exercises can be also done in a hotel room or at home? Share with us!

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