How Use Machine Learning (Big Data) To Boost Your Career Opportunities

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How Machine Learning (Big Data) Impacts Your Career Opportunities

You are probably thinking about your future. And you want to do what you love. Machine Learning. Are you fascinated as I am? Let’s talk about machine learning for a moment.

Machine learning is a branch of Computer Science that mainly deals with computer systems having the ability to learn and perform activities on its own without necessarily being given instructions. Arthur Samuel, a renowned scientist was the person who introduced the term machine learning back in the year 1959.

Machine learning includes several types of learning such as reinforcement learning, supervised learning and unsupervised learning. Many applications have been developed for machine learning in the computer science field. Some good examples include playing a game against an opponent or second player in gaming apps and automated systems in vehicles.

In the last couple of years, machine learning jobs have been evolving at a rapid rate with most organizations across the world creating openings in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. You have a huge opportunity today to take the next step if you are interested in machine learning and you want to excel in this field. You can do it. It is always our attitude that hinders us from taking the next crucial step.

Start educating yourself


I used to think that Machine Learning is a difficult subject to understand and that only a few clever people could use it. But here is a fact: Machine learning is a branch of computer science. Therefore, most concepts originate computer science. You don’t necessarily need a degree but you need to master crucial aspects of computer science such as Algorithms, Mathematics, Data structures and Statistics.

Mathematics is the most important component to learn. And successful computer scientists encourage their students to love this subject. Remember, a poor attitude takes you nowhere. Most professionals were terrible in mathematics but they did not give up. They took the time to study and learn from their failures every single day. At the core of Artificial Intelligence is machine learning which needs your attention, interest and enthusiasm.

To develop a machine that learns, there are certain important subsets for you to be conversant with. They include Neutral networks which mainly focuses on how machines think and learn through classifying data similarly to human beings. Machines can predict and decide using a high accuracy level. Natural Language Processing which enables a machine to understand human language. As a machine evolves, it will respond in a way that another human being can easily understand. This subset is expected to evolve much more in the future.

Deep learning mainly deals with learning tools for machines and using them to solve problems and make better decisions. In this subset, information is processed using neural networks so that machines can get closer to thinking like human beings. It is described as the cutting edge in the intelligence field. Machines can use deep learning through voice commands, texts and images to come up with solutions or conclusions just like a human being.

But you might be asking yourself, what is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence simply deals with making machines intelligent. It is a software that learns similarly to human beings and imitates them so that it can help in performing jobs faster and more efficiently than human beings.

Artificial Intelligence is evolving at a rapid rate today as never before. And so it offers you and me a huge potential. You will be happy to note that as technology evolves rapidly on many levels, so does learning. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning always go together.

It is important for you to know that Machine Learning is rapidly evolving every day. Therefore, more technology experts will be needed in the years to come mainly in this field. Machine learning involves learning several subjects such as mathematics, knowledge of business, statistics and technology. You also need to develop your logical skills to be successful in this field. Data analysis is very important in Machine Learning because the machine you develop will require an independent form of data for it to do its own things. As a data analyst, you can easily transform your career and succeed in the Machine Learning field. Python is a common programming language in this field. And it is included in many Computer Science Programs in the majority of the universities globally.

Your Career Path

You are needed in the Machine Learning field in the United States and the whole world. Machine Learning has proved to reduce a lot of work done by human beings. This means that the machines perform work effortlessly and much more efficiently than human beings. Most organizations across the world have started implementing automation and they are impressed with the results. In fact, Machine Learning will be implemented in the majority of these organizations to improve performance, production and efficiency while reducing expenses and errors and you and I can be part of that.

Your career path will start as a Machine Learning Engineer where you will be developing apps that perform a few common tasks normally done by human beings which will be used repeatedly to perform these tasks. Your apps should be error-free and produce great results.

Your Engineering role will then be followed by Architect position where your main task will be designing and developing prototypes for applications which need development.

Software engineers such as a Python developer in the Machine Learning field who have a lot of experience can switch their careers easily.

If you do not have any experience related to software engineering, you can easily start your career in Machine Learning if you have basic knowledge in important subjects in computer science such as Mathematics and Statistics.

Be conversant with job positions

In the field of machine learning, you can pursue several different roles. They include Machine Learning Engineer, Lead Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer for Front and Back Office, Data Scientist, Principal Engineer, Senior Data Scientist in IT, Data Scientist in IT, Machine Learning Software Engineer and Senior Machine Learning Engineer.

As a beginner, you will start off as a Machine Learning Engineer who is actually knowledgeable in computer science subjects and strong in Statistics and Mathematics.

Salary Expectations

You can be rich! Can you believe it? In the United States, the average pay of a Machine Learning Engineer is $100950 per annum according to Payscale which provides salary information about different organizations. Further, this position does not require candidates to have more than ten years’ experience. mentions that the approximate salary of a Machine Learning engineer is $120,931 per annum.

Another famous site known as mentions that the average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is $135,240 per annum.

Other positions have their respective average salaries. For example, a data scientist has a salary ranging from sixty-nine thousand to one hundred and thirty thousand dollars per annum. A Senior Data Scientist has a salary ranging from ninety-eight thousand dollars to one hundred and sixty thousand dollars per year. A Data Scientist specialized in IT has a salary ranging from ninety-two thousand to one hundred and sixty thousand dollars per year.

An outlook of your career

Machine Learning has several and different career paths with different salaries which are also big figures if you have noticed. This shows that anyone who wishes to enter this field like you and me, has a bright and exciting future ahead of him or her. This is a huge opportunity presenting itself to you today. Remember, the majority of people are going to use Machine Learning to help them perform different tasks effectively. Most of these tasks are usually boring and mind-numbing. Is it not a privilege for you to be a part of the solution in the future? You are surely going to reap the rewards if you start working on developing your career today.

After you enter into the Machine Learning field, several different paths open up for you such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

A professional in the IT field with excellent communication and technical skills and good mathematical and statistical background can ascend to the top in his or her career rapidly to a position such as Senior Architect in the Artificial Intelligence field or Machine Learning field.

In the United States, the job requirements of the Machine Learning Engineer position are increasing on a daily basis. Why? You may ask. Because the day to day activities or tasks of large organizations need to be very accurate and with no errors to maintain a large customer base. To accomplish this goal, only an experienced Machine Learning Engineer can develop such an application now and in the future to meet increasing demands.

Machine Learning Apps are urgently needed in many businesses across the world to secure and maintain customer details. A Machine Learning Engineer is among the people who can develop such an important app. Not only does he or she help businesses perform better but he or she also enables the rapid advancement of technology today.

To conclude

Computer science and mainly machine learning will evolve rapidly in the future. This is your chance to start developing your career and creating machines that will ease the work for human beings. Currently, there is a shortage of machine learning professionals due to the huge demand from organizations across the world. As organizations get bigger, the higher the demand for sophisticated applications. I have a friend who started learning computer science and machine learning at home. After a year, I could not believe the number of intelligent machines he had created.

The most interesting machine was the dog robot which obeyed all instructions and acted like a live dog. You can do it too. Be a part of the global solution today and not only will you help many people but you will also be richer than your friends and neighbors.


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