The Most Luxurious Valentine’s Gifts (Infographic)

By Patrick Banks

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If you’re like most guys, you probably couldn’t care less about the Valentine’s Day…

But if for the smile on your lady’s face you decide to make an effort, your Valentine’s Day probably is a day that involves a last minute dash to your local store to pick up the standard card, box of chocolates and to grab whatever blooms are left after all the best ones are gone. Have you ever wondered though what it would be like if money was no object? And, what if you could treat yourself in the process?

Some men really do go all out on the big ‘V-Day’ and spend a small fortune on the ladies in their lives. These of course make up the top 1% of the richest men in the world but hey, if you’ve got the cash to burn, why not? Did you know that there are 350 million luxury consumers globally in 2016? Sales of personal luxury goods are booming and make up 80% of the total luxury market. But, what exactly are these guys buying?

If it’s a fashion forward lady in their lives, then consider the Irish Arpel for Bajalia trunk of fashion accessories. Sure, it costs $80,000 and no, women really couldn’t possibly need all those shoes, bags and jewels, but it will definitely impress her! If she’s more of an artsy type and you’ve got $150,000 then you might like to treat her to a VIP arts and culture tour of Italy’s finest artisan craftsmen.

If you’re more inclined to spend it on yourself and you’re a musical fanatic, then why not go all out and splash your cash on a $30,000 dollar custom made guitar designed by a rock-n-roll legend? If you’re the adventurous type, then $90,000 dollars will even get you a space exploration capsule flight! If you prefer to build a collection and whiskey is your thing, you can’t go wrong with hand-bottled whiskeys from the Orphan Barrel Project and a VIP distillery tour costing $125,000 in total.

For more ultra-luxury gifts and the details on them for how to spoil your other half or the woman you admire this Valentine’s Day; have a look at this infographic

The Most Expensive Gifts This Valentine’s Day-Infographic (1)

Infographic was created by the luxury hotel The Europe.

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