Marketing Your Business: How Explainer Videos Help in Promoting Business Locally & Globally

By Patrick Banks

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In this era of internet, the online world has opened countless ways to market a business. Among them, one of the most basic yet powerful ways to promote a business is through creating an animated explainer video.
How Explainer Videos Help in Promoting Business Locally and Globally

Animated explainer videos are known to have an effective tendency for catching the audience’s attention. They help in featuring a company’s objective, aim, and focus in the manner of minutes.

For example, if the company’s target is to sell a product, or to explain the firm’s concept, video animation can easily grab the targeted audience’s attention. In fact, many video production services claim that you can attract massive crowds if you use animated explainer videos to explain your business or brand. 

Today, Genius Videos with its team of qualified animators will educate how explainer videos can help you promote your business locally and globally. Also, it is noted that to rank on top of Google search result it is necessary to keep visitors engaged on your page.

No big surprise, video animation is becoming an astonishing marketing apparatus because through a video you can hold the audience’s focus, build the business image, easily explain the product, improve conversion rates, and boost your sales. 

Mentioned below are a couple of reasons that clarifies why putting resources into animated explainer videos can be a smart choice to indorse a brand locally and internationally.

Explainer videos easily introduce a business

As it so happens, text alone is not enough to introduce a business. Not every person will be comfortable with reading a full description of your product or brand. Therefore, using an explainer video is the perfect method to show and present your business. Videos are considered effective because it portrays your perspective in a positive and storytelling kind of way. Same as a TV show or film, the pictures and sounds you see and listen are enough to catch the eye and mind of viewers.

Explainer videos add increment in conversion rates

Even a single explainer video has the ability to benefit a business by converting the audience into potential clients. There are many surveys and reports demonstrating an increase in the purchasing percentage of individuals once they have viewed an animated explainer video. YouTube is a perfect example of that. By adding an explanation video into a business can bring a brand’s prosperity and an increase in conversion rates.

Explainer videos support communication

Videos are considerably more than simple telecom of moving visuals or pictures. Advancement and innovation have created a new possibility called communication through a video. Today it is possible for watchers to interact with a certain character or brand through a video they frequently watch, which is why an explainer video can assist you in reaching your objectives quicker.

From connections and structures to surveys and studies, video animation can urge viewers to stay connected with your business or product. Doing so will guarantee a purchase from your targeted audience. Making a strong connection with your customers is possible by providing an engaging call-to-action at the end of a video.

Explainer videos as compelling content

With this new development of video marketing, most viewers don’t even prefer pursuing written content. At Genius Videos, our professional usually offer to consider a video for the brand because it is an inventive and convincing approach to pick up the enthusiasm of your targeted audience.

Viewers like to watch a video all the way to the end rather than reading a blog or long service page describing the product. Creating a connection with visual and sound always grab the viewer’s attention.

Explainer videos are incredible for saving money on advertisements

In case your site is showing an increased bounce rate, it implies your efforts of ad campaign or SEM are not working as it supposed to be. In short, clients are visiting your site to see your ad or promotion, however, they are not continuing to stay connected for a longer time.

Videos involve colors, movement, illustrations, and sound, which is why an explainer video can become a magnificent tool to create connections and commitment among the viewers. Since explainer videos are cheaper in cost, you can try adding a video on your landing page and see the difference for yourself with no extra advertisement cost.

Explainer video for explaining the benefits of the product

While there are a few products which are easy to explain, others may not be as obvious. Animated explainer videos can actively show your audience about what your item or administration is about, how the product can be used, or what benefits it may offer. Understanding about an item that is actively seen on video brings a more elevated level of comprehension than with written content. You can likewise smartly disclose the reasons why to pick your product over others in a video – taking you and your brand on the top of the market.

Explainer video gives expanded web and social media traffic

Becoming famous or viral has been a typical term experienced by many online users. Viral recordings are the ones that jump out of nowhere, however, gain bigger review and more following response. Although, there is no particular recipe on how to make your video go viral.

In any case, a few products and services have gain popularity by going viral. An explainer video is usually short and can easily circulate around the internet, particularly if the video is made uniquely with an attractive message.

Explainer video lifts Search Engine Optimization

The tactics of SEO are not restricted to website content. Instead, with properly aligned search engine optimization and video, you can upgrade your brand or product to contact a bigger crowd. Through a video’s title, or depiction, or even tag, you can easily add on the keywords that people are searching online.

This is how, when you make a video animation by contacting video production services and upload your video on social media channels like YouTube, or Facebook, the video gets shared which increases your chances of getting recognized by Google.

Animated video exhibits your brand’s personality

You need to sell your product alongside your brand’s image, this is the first rule of marketing at Genius Videos. Seeing a personality or a character connected to the business can have a significant effect on clients as they select whether or not buying your item is a good choice.

Having the option to see a face makes a kind of emotional connection which leads numerous individuals to gain trust and purchase from a business. Having an animated explainer video is of the best methods to show your targeted audience about your organization’s general character or moto.

Explainer video shapes powerful branding

Customization in content is one of the best approaches for forming powerful branding. Let’s say, you give clients something unique which only your business can offer, then surely you are in for a positive response. Apply this approach with your brand including an explainer video and prepare to be amazed.

In a customized explainer video, you can add shading, colors, and make characters that you want to show. By adding the element of creativity, your crowd can feel related to your brand. Explainer video not just educates your viewers better about your product or business, yet in the end transforms your clients into devoted brand representatives.

Explainer videos as ideal pitch

Other than being captivating, animated explainer videos carry versatile elements. You can easily upload a video on your site, or post it on any social networking channel, insert it as your email signature or even use it for a business introduction. Each day more and more brands are using video animation as their social signal which in the end helps in spreading the words about their brand or product.

Explainer video works on versatile devices

An advantage that written content and still pictures don’t have is that they don’t adjust automatically on a cell phone screen as videos. Considering that all sales and leads these days are originating from portable devices such as mobile or an iPad, adding an explainer video to your business will be a smart choice.

Reason animated explainer videos are popular to businesses around the world

It is proven through many studies that explainer videos can clarify any product or can give an engaging intro in a manner of seconds. As such, to grow your brand image internationally, when somebody visits your site, blog, or profile, you need to rapidly clarify your business before they get attracted to another brand or business.

That is the place where explainer videos come in. The fact that video animation is not only appealing to catch your watchers’ attention, it also shows information and boring data in a convincing and instructive manner. And that is the reason why animated explainer videos are popular with businesses around the world.

In case you are new to the business world or working as a reputable firm for years, adding an explainer video is perhaps the most perfect approach to amplify your ROI. Video content is a focused on, compelling, and reasonable advertising choice that leaves a lot of room open for experimentation and creativity. So, to perceive if an explainer video can work for your organization, contact Genius Here, you get one of the best video production services in the market.

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