New Year Resolutions: How To Set and Achieve Your Goals in 2016 (Infographic)

How To Set and Achieve Your Goals in 2016

New Year celebrations are often bittersweet times — annual reminders to start over, repair something, or try new things. The opportunities are thrilling, but they can bring with them immense pressures that weigh us down and linger on throughout the year. We view the first of January as the starting line of a measurement for the next 12 months. Then after the year is over, we look back and label it based on what was accomplished. Many become disappointed due to the lack of accomplishment and find themselves searching for reasons why this happened.

There are a few common mistakes made right off the bat, upsetting us when we aren’t rich or 30 pounds thinner after a few months. The lack of planning sets us back along with expectations of impractical results. Instead of taking drastic leaps and bounds, starting small can take us further. Planning for smaller strides may feel unproductive at the time, but will do wonders for the overall progress.

Before making a resolution and then blindly diving straight in, taking the time to understand yourself and your overall goal will be the first step to success. It’s not all about making drastic changes, but rather how we adapt when things don’t go as planned. Sometimes we may even choose to have the wrong focus, narrowing our perspective to things needing fixing. Trying something completely new might even be a better option as opposed to perfecting a physical feature.

Most importantly, ask yourself the specifics with a realistic expectation about the commitment you’ll put forth. Will your resolution be a work in progress every day for the next 12 months or will it happen on one specific day and then can be something you move on from? What is your real intention for improving this aspect of your life? The list of questions can go on and on, and the infographic below will help in understanding the process and best practices. Your duty is choosing the right area of improvement for you, yourself, and YOU.



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