Questions to Ask a Girl on The First Date (To Make Sure That There Will Be a Next One)

By Susy Richards

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So you’ve finally done it, you’ve scored a date with the girl you like. Congratulations! What do you do next, though? How do you impress her when you’re on a date? On a first date, you should focus on keeping the topics of discussion fun and lighthearted.
Questions to Ask a Girl on The First Date

Make it an enjoyable experience for both of you. You can do this by asking fun questions that engage her. If you don’t know what to ask, here are a few first date questions to ask a girl to win her heart.

1. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

This scientifically proven question is nice because it lets your girl talk about how important she considers her relationships with the noteworthy people in her life.

It gives her a chance to talk about someone other than herself and reveal how much love, care and attention she puts into being friends with the people who matter to her. If she’s got a sense of humour, there’s also likely to be a great story behind the gift that the two of you can share a laugh over. It can also help to reveal what kind of gifts she likes to receive, which won’t hurt your relationship in the long run.

2. What’s your most cherished memory from primary school?

Through this question, you can lighten the mood of the conversation. You can also draw parallels to the childlike innocence of the time and reminisce about how things have changed.

This question is designed to get her to start feeling comfortable about sharing intimate details of her life with you. It will also let her know that you’re interested in even the seemingly mundane details of her life.

She’ll most likely feel shy to answer this question, so you should first make her feel comfortable by sharing your own embarrassing experiences and cherished memories from primary school. After you share your story, she’ll feel that she can trust you so, and she may be ready to open her heart. In addition, she might even find your story very relatable.

3. What would you take from your house if it caught fire?

This one is one of the most common dating game questions. The way she answers this question will reveal to you how important she considers her material possessions.

If she can’t really decide between her things, it means that she’s very attached to them. Conversely, if she doesn’t care about saving anything, objects don’t carry any sentimental value for her. Either way, you’ll get to know her a little better and figure out where her priorities stand.

The main thing, though, is that this question is fun and engaging and is likely to pique her interest. It’ll help her form a connection to you.

4. What do you like to do in your free time?

The great thing about this question is that it’s free form. It can really go anywhere. It’s very easy to answer this question because there’s nothing to really think about. It’s very simple. The question will get her talking about what kinds of activities she enjoys doing.

She can talk about the aspects of the activity that she really enjoys. Because her mind is not very occupied with thinking about what she’ll say, she can notice how you’re paying attention and listening intently to her every word.
If you find that you both like doing something, you can leverage that fact to your advantage. You can use your shared interest to create a bond. It will also make you more relatable to her and she’ll think that you are a great match. You could even set up your next date so that you both get to participate in the activity together.

5. Would you like a bite of my dish?

First dates are all about showing that you are an interesting yet well-natures human being. One of the qualities that you need to show is that you’re open to sharing. They best way to get this point across at the dinner table is to ask your date if she would like to taste whatever you’re eating. This shows that you’re not trivial and like to share with people whenever you can. The subtle gesture will be appreciated.

This move works particularly well if you ordered a finger friendly food item like:
• Garlic bread

An important thing to keep in mind when you ask this question is how you ask this question. The question should be asked in a playful and lighthearted tone. You’d better avoid asking this in an intimate way. This is because it’s still your first date and intimate advances would be treated with caution and likely rejected.

6. Do you find this place too noisy?

On your first date, you want to make sure that the venue is perfect. The ambience should be nice, the service should be great and the noise levels should be low. If, however, for some reason the restaurant you chose is louder than you expected, you should ask your girl if she’s comfortable. This will show her that despite having a strong exterior, you have a considerate heart beating inside you. She’ll find that you care about the people you’re with and place their comfort as a top priority.

If she finds the place a little too crowded and noisy, don’t be afraid to change the venue. Finding a quieter spot is a relatively simple matter, after all. This way, your date can proceed perfectly and you’ll win her heart.

7. What was your favorite childhood toy?

This question is nice because it’s rather cute. The answer has the potential to be funny and get a laugh out of both of you. At the same time, it takes her back in time to her favorite childhood memories. This will make her associate her happy times as a child to your presence. This can only be good news, as she’ll look forward to every time she gets to see you.

While she might consider it one of the weird questions initially, she’ll eventually get around to answering it if you prod her sweetly. Though she’ll tell you that she doesn’t want to say because it’s weird, the actual reason she’s hiding is because she’s too embarrassed to reveal such an innocent detail.

8. What’s your favorite movie?

This is an ideal question ask because it can do one of two things. Firstly, it can help you find common ground with your date. If the two of you like the same kinds of movies, this will be evident when she reveals what her favorite movie is. For instance, if her favorite movie is a romantic comedy and you love romantic comedies, then you can relate to her on that level.

Conversely, if your favorite genre is action and you don’t much prefer romantic comedies, you can suggest that she recommend some to you, or that you watch some together. You can share in her interests and she can share in yours, even if you don’t happen to have the same interests at first.

Don’t be discouraged if her favorite movie is one that you don’t enjoy or like. Consider it an opportunity if it happens. Maybe you didn’t give these movies a chance in the past, and this is your opportunity to do so. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new genre of movies to enjoy, and a new companion to enjoy them with.

9. What’s your favorite season?

This is a great question to ask because you can glean so much information from it. If a girl chooses summer, that probably means she likes the outdoors. If she chooses winter or autumn, she may prefer being indoors. Go a little further with this question, if necessary. Ask her what she likes to do in her preferred season. Maybe she doesn’t prefer the indoors at all during the winter. Maybe she enjoys snowboarding or skiing or some other outdoor activity that requires snow or ice.

Maybe she enjoys being on the water, which might be why she prefers the summertime. It’s hard to know the answers to these questions from the outset of the conversation, which is why they are preferable. They encourage you to dig deeper in your conversation and learn more about the initial answers you receive. They can lead to discussions of interest rather than just surface conversations, which can become slow and awkward if not properly maintained.

It may be beyond the scope of your first outing together to be able to ask all of these questions. For this reason, choose some of them and talk about the topic extensively. When it comes to dating, quality is more important than quantity.

You can always ask more questions on your second and third dates in order to learn more about your date. There’s always more to learn, and these questions will help you dig a little deeper with each respective date.  Furthermore, this is just a starting point. These questions will no doubt lead to even more natural questions that will come up over the course of your conversation

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