Saatva Mattress Reviews 101: Essential Tips For Buying A Comfy Bed

By Patrick Banks

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Saatva Mattress Reviews 101 Essential Tips For Buying A Comfy Bed

A night of good sleep is crucial in health, thus investing in high-quality and comfortable mattresses is a decision people need thorough thinking about. 

If you are a teenager or a young adult who is going to college, it’s expected that most days of the week, you wake up with big puffy eyes and dark circles, you’d pass as a zombie in The Walking Dead.

You would wake up feeling restless and sometimes grouchy. In most of those times, you would always wish you have more than 24 hours so you can sleep more. But reality can be disappointing.

Therefore, even how little your sleeping time is, lying on your back on a comfortable bed after a hard day at school is a lavish treat for you. As a result, you wake up feeling good with a grin. You do well in class, and you ace every exam because you are well-rested, and so is your brain.

One company that sells high-quality mattresses in New York is Saatva. A retailer of luxury mattresses, Saatva’s focus is on producing beds using environmentally safe materials. They aim to provide their diverse clientele guilt-free sleeping experience. Over the years, their base of loyal clients has grown exponentially because of their approach to making beds.

How to Buy from Saatva?

Saatva mattresses are exclusively sold online. To do so, you can place an order on their website or call one of their customer representatives to process an order. They offer holiday prices all year round, so you can expect the cost you will be paying for their mattress is much lesser than other retail prices.  

Brands of Saatva

At best, you can choose between the different brands from Saatva. These brands feature different types of mattresses and materials, but all similarly offer excellent benefits and premium quality. You can choose any brand according to your preference.

1. Saatva Luxury Mattresses

These mattresses feature a coil on coil innerspring support, which boasts durability and comfort. The beds give optimum spine support and are more cost-effective than retail cost.

2. Loom and Leaf Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses are made from low resilient premium memory foam. Mainly from natural materials, like organic cotton, this brand of mattresses provides you with maximum lumbar support, which delivers comfort and security. 

3. Zenhaven 

Another outstanding brand is its latex-made mattresses. Pure Talalay latex mattresses from Zenhaven boast exceptional durability for all its users. The natural latex responds to your body’s every curve, which gives you incomparable comfort and ultimate sleeping experience. 

4. Solaire 

Saatva has combined technology in its single brand of mattress to come up with Solaire. The mattresses are made with luxury materials and come with a controller that you can use to adjust the firmness of the bed in 50 different options. As a result, you get the best sleeping experience regardless of what type of sleeper you are. 

5. Saatva HD 

These mattresses are specifically designed for people with a bigger body built. One dilemma of people who weigh more than the normal body is finding a mattress that will support their full weight. Saatva has come up with a mattress that doesn’t compromise the sleep of these types of people because of unfit mattresses. It’s ideal for people weighing between 300-500 pounds.

Importance of Investing in a Premium Mattress

If you are living with a partner or your other half, you may have realized how a mattress can impact the things you can do in the bedroom. A mattress can destroy your sex life for good if its quality is low. You and your partner will suffer the consequences of buying a substandard bed. 

This will affect the quality of you and your partner’s sleep. Sleeping on a poor quality mattress can deprive you of your much-needed shut-eye, which is bad if you are working. Apart from lack of sleep, other bad effects of a poor quality mattress are:

  • Bad morning and changing moods
  • Lack of energy and feeling restless
  • Back pain and body discomfort
  • Lessens eating appetite

If maintaining your relationship with your partner is one of your priorities, you should invest in a premium mattress that makes you wake up with a smile.

Tips For Buying a Comfy Bed

You may think it’s quite a challenge to buy a comfortable bed or mattress because manufacturers use fancy and elegant words to describe their mattresses. In general, choosing the perfect mattress is all about comfort. You could care less about complicated words or terminologies. To better understand the benefits of the mattress you are about to buy, ask the retailer or customer service directly for simpler terms of hard to understand words. 

Your primary aim should be to buy a mattress that provides what you need, which is basically comfort, so you get adequate sleep at night. In buying a mattress, consider the tips below as a short checklist for choosing the best mattress in the market. 

1. List Your Preference

Before buying a mattress, you need to consider your preference. Determine what type of sleeper you are. Do you sleep on your side or on your back? Each type of mattress is appropriate for a specific sleeping posture. If you’re a side sleeper, the conforming benefits of a memory foam mattress might be the right one for you. If you sleep on your stomach, an innerspring bed is the most suitable choice for maximum support. 

If you are a wife looking for a mattress, you need to consider your husband’s preference as well, since both of you will be using the mattress. Buying a mattress is something you should both decide on. Keep in mind that a mattress can negatively impact your health if you purchased the inappropriate one for your body needs.

By listing your preferences, shopping for a mattress won’t be too difficult for you. Moreover, you save time skimming for beds online because you know exactly what you are buying.

Saatva’s Loom and Leaf mattress is a perfect fit for couples because of its memory foam’s body contouring advantage. Couples can rely on its durability and comfort for a goodnight’s sleep.

2. Invest in a Premium Bed

For people on a tight budget, there are ways to buy a better mattress that you might not know. Premium mattresses may be priced higher and may be difficult for you to buy, but settling with a cheap and low-quality mattress is not a better route to go to either. Remember, using a bad mattress can have a negative impact on your health, particularly on your back. Therefore, when buying a mattress, choosing a high-quality one that will last for at least ten years is more practical compared to buying a cheaper bed that doesn’t last for even two years. 

You might be thinking that getting a premium mattress is way out of your current budget, but Saatva offers a financing option, so people don’t go on debt. Saatva has recently partnered with Klarna, a global payment solutions company that helps people simplify their buying experience. With Klarna, you can have payment plans to get your ideal mattress, even a luxurious one that can last for several years. 

It’s fairly simple to apply for financing at Saatva. You can go to the website, and once you’ve chosen your mattress, choose “Klarna” at the checkout. You will be directed to the application page where you need to enter your information. In a matter of seconds, you will know if you’ve qualified for financing. With this partnership between Saatva and Klarna, buying a luxurious and comfy bed won’t be a dream anymore.

Want an even simpler option? You can also use Saatva mattress coupon.

3. Read Reviews or Ask for Testimonials

Your primary source of information if a mattress is good is the reviews from previous buyers. Take time to research online on what buyers have to say about the mattress they’ve bought. Perhaps, your one concern for buying a mattress online is you don’t get to feel or touch the product for yourself. Therefore, you don’t know if it’s as comfortable as what the ads say. This is when you can look at product reviews.

If people purchased a mattress that’s really good quality and very comfortable, they would rave about how amazing it is online. They will leave helpful reviews. by reading the reviews, you’ll know what to expect on your mattress. On the contrary, people will also take it online if their purchase doesn’t give them their money’s worth. In both ways, you’ll get insight, which helps you decide on which one you should choose in the end. 

Additionally, if you have family or friends who have bought a similar mattress you’re intending to buy, you can ask for their feedback. By doing this, you can determine if the mattress is going to be worth your hard-earned money. It will save you from making the wrong decision of buying the wrong one. Therefore, always do your research first. 

4. Look for a Favorable Return, Use, and Warranty Policy

Before you buy a mattress, confirm the details of the return or warranty policy from the retailer. Some retailers have a generous return policy, which allows the buyers for an exchange of the item if they’re not happy with the product. 

You want to buy from a retailer or manufacturer that has favorable policies for you as a purchaser. Since you won’t be buying a cheap mattress, you might as well select a retailer that allows you to try the mattress for a few days and offers warranty and return policies. 

Like Saatva, it offers a 120-night home trial where clients can check out the comfort and durability of the mattress at their home. This eliminates your worry of buying a mattress that doesn’t suit your comfort. Also, it allows you to evaluate if both you and your partner feel comfortable in the mattress. 

Saatva also gives free white glove delivery to its buyers. With 15 years non-prorated warranty, buyers of Saatva brands are allowed to replace the mattress for the first two years without any charge. As a buyer, you need to be wise in choosing and identifying which product policies would work best for you in the future. This way, you don’t end up spending money on something you don’t deserve.

Final Thoughts

Your mood the moment you wake up in the morning will greatly affect your mood for the entire day. You don’t want to start your morning as a grumpy hulk just because your bed is very uncomfortable on your back. Not to mention, the naturally dark under circles and eye bags that will result in insufficient sleep. You need more time to sleep and a good bed will help you wake up feeling completely energized and ready to conquer the world. A bed is a space where you spend a third of your entire life, so it’s a wise decision to invest in something that you can use for years. 

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