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By Patrick Banks

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When it comes to the elderly, it isn’t as easy as setting up a room for any other individual as the age factor plays an extremely primal role in keeping their health intact. Whether it’s the choice of the right lights or the bedding set, it is ideally recommended that one considers certain factors while setting up a room for the aged.

The elderly are usually very reserved and they require a lot of peace and tranquillity during their prime age. In such a scenario, they usually like their space in the bedroom and it’s only fair that one keeps the focus on ensuring that their place of rest meets the requirements of the elder one(s).

Keeping your elders safe and secure isn’t as easy as it sounds and definitely comes with a lot of patience, endurance and responsibility. Some of the efficient ways in which safety can be achieved are through slip-resistant floors, tall beds, safe walkways, comfortable bedding and a lot of light in and around the house.  Keeping away from hazardous electrical appliances, ensuring proper and timely medication, as well as safety-proofing your rooms is an important way to keep your elders comfortable, content and safe altogether.

Some of the factors to look out for while setting up the room for the elderly is as follows:


Like every other room in a home, it is essential that you take priority in setting up a room for the elderly in such a way that they have the ease of accessibility and optimum comfort as well. Since age plays an important role, it is better than the room you allot to the aged is at ground level, in case you live in a two-storeyed home. Keeping in mind their health backgrounds, this will help you keep track of their requirements. In case, there isn’t much room on the ground level, installing a chair lift or an elevator can help your elders reach their comfort safely and with minimal discomfort.

Bedroom Safety

One of the main aspects to consider while having elderly occupants is ensuring proper safety at all times. Like infants have baby-proofing at their initial ages, it is equally important that you don’t get carried away with edgy furniture, slippery floors or poor bedding choices.

Apart from keeping a no fuss best latex mattress for senior citizens Keeping your furniture to limited decor, replacing tiles with carpets or wooden floors, not only ensure safety but is also a great investment to make in the long run. Due to their diminishing of physical abilities, it’s also best that one installs safety rails that allow easy access, movement and reduces the risk of falling down.

Placing comfortable pillows, warmer blankets and heat resistant sheets and mattresses are some of the ways to enhance comfort levels for the elderly so as to avoid unforeseen consequences, as well. Adjustable mattresses for the elderly is also a great way to help them switch up their positions without leaving the bed. Though it is a bit expensive, it is a reliable option to help keep our elders comfortable and safe.

Decluttering Closets

One of the greatest risks of having the elderly around is the fact that one needs to constantly keep them away from cluttered closets as these have a higher risk of people getting hurt.

Keeping heavy items or items that are regularly used at great heights on a shelf can lead to accidents which could result in medical consequences. A clutter usually demands that one looks for what they want through a pile of things and this can be quite a task for the aged.

To avoid such situations, it’s always advised to keep things organized at all times or have a closet-system installed. Adding adjustable shelves will also help in enhancing optimal storage with proper customization as per one’s needs.


Lighting plays a pivotal role everywhere, and when it comes to the elderly, it is best that the more the light, the lesser the risk of accidents. A dark or shadowy corridor or room raises multiple safety concerns, especially for those who are diagnosed with diminishing eyesight.

In such a scenario, installing inexpensive light fixtures are a great solution to these problems. Moreover, “stick-up” lights which are battery-powered will help in suiting the needs of the elderly, as well. These types of lights can be found at several major home improvement stores.


When you take care of the elderly, it is extremely important that you ensure that the level of accessibility is increased as they can’t afford to fend for themselves as they get older.

Ensuring that everything they need is around them and accessible at all times is advisable. With this being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean you keep facilities so close by also, rather you keep ensuring that there is ample amount of space for them to walk around to get to these facilities, as well. Cluttered walkways need to be avoided and therefore, a safe passage to walk is required, especially at night.

Securing Safe Landing Spaces

In case your home has a stairway, installing balustrades and handrails go a long way, definitely. But in addition to this, setting up a resting spot between the floors so that the elderly can rest is a great way to ensure that the elderly are comfortable at all times. Moreover, installing these spots are also cosy and can aesthetically provide functional and under-utilised landing spaces such as these.

Designing a bedroom is a frivolous affair and it is only set when it’s done right and matches the requirements of the elderly. While it is all about maintaining the latest fashion and creating a room that looks the part, it becomes more challenging when one gets older in time.

Maintaining a serene, calm and pleasant environment goes a long way for keeping the elderly healthy and happy. When it comes to such a crucial age, there are several ailments and treatments that arise and it is essential that one stays prepared for emergencies at all times. Moreover, with the growing number of adults living independently these days, there is a dire need to keep them safe at home.

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