Signs of STD in Men: How to Know If You Have an STD

By Patrick Banks

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Are you concerned about your sex life and worried about contracting infections? The term STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease refers to a medical condition that passes from a single individual to the next person via any kind of sexual encounter. A person is affected by STI via encountering unprotected sex be it anal or vaginal or oral with someone who already has the infection.

Even many children are affected by STD. so there are many ways other than sex by which people get affected. This includes sharing the same needle, breastfeeding and etc.

We are sharing the symptoms & types of STD in men, so one of the most pleasurable activities on earth is also safe for you.

Symptoms of STD in Men

Here are some common symptoms of STD that you need to be worried about:

  • Unusual ache or irritation while having sexual intercourse  or when urinating
  • Presence of rashes and dreadful sores on or around the genitalia as well as mouth.
  • There penis releases unfamiliar blood fluid.
  • Agonizing or bulging penis

Specific symptoms can vary, depending on the STD.

Symptoms of STDs in Women

Are you concerned about the health of your partner? Are you finding it difficult to know if they have an infection or not? Here are simple signs to always look out for:

  • Are they complaining of a painful sexual encounter? You need to both get checked
  • Are you seeing some unusual sores or concentrated rashes around their genitals or mouth?
  • Do they lament of blood discharge from the vagina and they aren’t menstruating?
  • Is there frequent vaginal infection along with itchiness in or around the vagina?

These are some of the questions you need to have while contemplating your female partner has the illness.

These infections are transmitted from a single individual to the next victim via sex especially when one doesn’t seek to use protection or genital contact. However, fear not, treating the condition is possible.


In the UK the most prevalent STD is chlamydia and. You can easily get it via a sexual encounter with an infected individual. The symptoms hardly manifest themselves, thus you can be unaware of the infection.

If you get your partner is constantly lamenting of first painful or a burning sensation while passing out urine. Second, irritating discharge from the vagina. Third, painful low abdomen while having sex. Lastly, the presence of blood during or after sex or between menstrual cycles or heavy monthly cycles. You need to both visit a gynecologist.

As a man, this infection can manifest itself in causing a painful or a dreadful sensation when you urinate. If your penis is discharging a white, watery substance you need to seek medical advice. Are you experiencing pain tender testicles? Its time to seek a medical opinion

This infection is serious as it can result in getting the rectum or throat as well as mouth infected as well

During diagnosis, medical practitioners carry out the urinalysis test. They can also take a swab of the infected region. Treatment is quite simple as one is given antibiotics.

Do not delay to get checked, as it can result in infertility!

Genital warts

These are tiny fleshy growing, bumps on the skin especially around the genitalia region. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the main cause.

You need to be wary about itchiness or redness of the sores in the genital region. They might be painless but at times they result in bleeding.

 This infection is often passed through the skin to skin contact and not necessarily through penetration intercourse.

If you are worried about treating it, don’t be. There are various forms of medication such as applying creams on the skin and get warts frozen (cryotherapy).

Genital herpes

The monotonous cause is Herpes Simplex Virus. HSV is a similar virus infection that leads to sores in cold.

Within a few days of contacting with the virus, some people tend to display signs if you see tiny, irritating blisters or sores that often itch or tingle, or make urination painful. Seek a medical opinion.

Upon infection, the virus is usually inactive mostly. Nonetheless, there are specific factors that can activate it. They cause blisters to manifest once more. However, this time they can be tinier as well as have mild pain.

You need to get tested to remove all doubts once you see these signs. Sadly, STI’s such as genital herpes isn’t curative. Only antiretroviral medication can control the symptoms.


This is a bacterial STD easily spread while encountering sex with an infected individual. Shockingly more than fifty percent of women as well as 10% of men hardly display any signs. This had led to many not knowing if they have the infection.

Among women, they can comment about having painful or a heating sensation when going for a short call. If you here complain about vaginal discharge, often manifesting in a yellow or green watery substance, you need to both get examined. When your partner is complaining of the painful low abdomen while having sex or has blood discharge while having sex, the next appointment should be with a gynecologist.

As a man, you need to be on the lookout for painful as well as irritating feeling while passing out urine. Just to be certain, watch out if your penis is discharging some sort of white or yellow or green fluid. If this goes an extra mile and your testicles are tender and painful book an appointment with your gynecologist fast.

The rectum, as well as throat, can have this infection.

To get a diagnosis, you will undergo a urinalysis test. Your gynecologist can also swab the infected region. The condition is manageable by taking antibiotics. Once you suspect you have the condition take your antibiotics faithfully or you risk being infertile permanently.


There is another bacterial infection which you have to be cautious about. During the beginning stage, it’s usually painless. However, the rate of infection is high. Watch out for any sore wounds around the mouth as well as genitals. These wounds can be persistent for six weeks straight.

The second stage can manifest in rashes or get patches as well as cold symptoms. These normally disappear in a couple of days, thereafter symptom-free phase is over.

Another different stage to be wary about is when the infection can reoccur after a couple of years. This is disheartening is it can result in cardio disease, loss of eyesight as well as paralysis

It’s difficult to identify this infection’s signs. However, at any stage, a blood test can spot traces of syphilis. To manage the condition, antibiotics are given.


If you engage in unprotected sex, don’t be surprised if you get this infection. Moreover, this infection can be passed via sharing needles to inject steroids as well as drugs.

It’s a deadly disease which wages war with the immune system. As a result, it becomes a week and unable to concur any infections as well as incoming diseases. Sadly, no cure has been found. To manage the condition, you have to take antiretroviral drugs

HIV infection’s final stage is AIDS. At this point, the body can’t fight any life endangering illnesses.

Most individuals having HIV appear healthier as well as with no signs. Be on the lookout for cold-like signs such as fever or a sore throat or rash. seroconversion illness shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Dispensaries provide a quick test via a finger-prick blood test as well as the saliva sample to determine the state of affairs that one is in.


This is as a result of Trichomonas vaginalis (TV) parasite. It is simply transmitted via sexual intercourse. Sadly, many individuals lack a clue that they may possess the infection.

Among women counterparts, they may display, a frothy yellow as well as watery vaginal discharge. It usually has a disgusting odor. If they are complaining about sores or an itch within the vagina as well as during urination, they need to get checked.

Shockingly among men this illness hardly displays signs. You may encounter a painful experience while urinating.

It is treated with antibiotics after a test.

Pubic lice

They are quickly transmitted to other individuals via genitalia encounter. These lice normally cling to pubic hairs as they dwell in warm areas.

They can swiftly jump from one individual to the next. It takes months before one notices them.

To successfully treat it, one requires a specified cream or shampoo and not necessarily shaves off your pubic hair as well as body hair.


Minute mites which burrow underneath the skin result in scabies. You can easily get it via sexual contact, or while using the personal effects of an infected individual.

If you are experiencing irritating itch especially at night, chances are you have scabies. You itch in the whole body generally.

Scabies can be confused with eczema as it’s hard to see the mites.

If you are diagnosed with this condition, you’ll get a unique cream or shampoo over the counter in most chemists. The itch continues for quite a while.


Have you engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse of late? Are you scared of getting an STD? The most horrifying part is that symptoms take time to manifest. One can generally go for months without ever knowing about an infection. Then boom! Rashes or sores as well as unending fevers. Symptoms vary depending on the infection. But now treatment is available for all the sexually transmitted diseases.

Different individuals display various symptoms. Many individuals acquire symptoms approximately in two weeks’ time. Others go up to more than a month. More deadly STDs such as HIV may take roughly between 3 to 6 months to test positive. If you are encountering slight cold or head pain you may not link it to STD at the beginning. This is usually why it takes time to detect HIV

Upon diagnosis of any infection, stick to medication to get better. Always be open with your partner to get moral support and also to contain the spreading of the illness.

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