How to Teach Your Mind To Find Sugar Disgusting – 5 Steps to Stop Sugar Addiction

By Ted BegnochePosted 3 years agoHEALTH
Step aside, sodium. Slide on over, eggs. There’s a new villain in nutrition town, one that’s so sweet and seductive you’d never suspect it could be responsible for all the havoc it’s charged w

Calcium is Crucial for Men. Are You Getting Enough of It?

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Calcium plays a very important role in our overall health and it helps develop a good physique in men. Most of the cells in our body use this chemical element. We all know that calcium is needed for s

8 Delicious and Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Junk Food

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Habits are difficult to break, especially if you’ve lived with them for decades. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no hope in changing the way you live your life. Although it’s really toug

How Much Energy You Need To Burn Off 8 Junk Foods

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There are some foods out there that you can’t help but love – no matter how bad for you they may seem. For anyone focused on their weight and looking after their bodies, as tempting as that chocol

Top 10 “Healthy Foods” That Are Bad For You

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With the hype about dieting for weight loss and healthy foods for longevity, it is very easily to get tricked into thinking that some dishes won’t mess you up. You are wrong in judging many healthy