The 5 Best Things About Dating Cam Girls!

By Patrick Banks

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In years gone by, a lot of guys left home alone have relied on one thing to get their rocks off; porn! In turn, countless men dream of hooking up with a famous pornstar to tell all of their friends and, most importantly, reap the benefits of all the kinky secrets that your on-screen icon date is keen to unleash in the bedroom.

However, hooking up with an elite-tier pornstar isn’t easy. Plus, there’s a growing number of people these days who are turning their backs on conventional adult movies in search of something far more exotic, engaging, and sexually rewarding; the live sex cams industry!

In contrast to a bog-standard porno, live sex cams can provide a wildly entertaining experience that allows anybody watching the live XXX streams to fully engage with the girls on screen via live chat features, interactive sex toys, and much more!

But do you know what’s even better than playing with a live sex cam model on an adult camming platform? Hooking up with one in real life and going out on casual dates! In this guide, I will reveal five of the best things about dating cam girls based on my personal experiences with them.

After reading this article, I guarantee that you’ll be keen to know where to find a hot cam model to chat with online, potentially hook up with, and date. If so, don’t worry; I’ll show you where to find them!

Finding the Cam Girl of Your Dreams Isn’t Hard!

When you visit an adult camming platform for the first time, you’ll no doubt be blown away by the search filters available there. Whether you’re looking for BBW or athletic cam girls or ebony MILFs, or Asian girls in their early twenties, they’re not hard to find!

Compared to your average dating website, which can be clunky and inefficient when it comes to seeking out the kind of potential women you want to meet, a live cam site can be a superior experience, especially when you consider that they also have filters narrowing down the various sexual tastes that each girl has. Trust me; you won’t find that on Tinder!

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of sexual tastes, this brings me to the next point. Yep, it’s time to get naughty!

They’re Extremely Open-Minded in the Bedroom

Any live cam model will tell you that this is an increasingly competitive industry with a growing number of models competing for the top spot. So, to stay at the top of the game, these girls must constantly expand their portfolio of sexual skills to keep their fans impressed.

This means that when you’re dating a cam girl, you also get access to this highly kinky array of sexual talents that you simply won’t find with ordinary girls on dating sites. Many people compare it to being in bed with a pornstar, and they always have kinky tricks to keep you amazed!

But these talents aren’t just organic; they also incorporate some very advanced sex toy technology too. Speaking of which!

They Have a Tonne of Sex Toys to Play With

Anyone who has been to bed with a live cam model will tell you that their bedrooms are often like a scene from a sex shop. One of the things that make live cam sites so popular is the widespread use of interactive vibrators that allow the viewer to sexually pleasure the woman on-screen through Bluetooth technology.

But for someone who dates a live cam model in real life? It’s even more fun! You can take advantage of all of their toys to indulge in some of the kinkiest sex you’ve ever experienced! Trust me; some of these toys will take your breath away, not to mention hers!

They Often Have an Independent Character 

It’s no secret that being a booming live cam model is a well-paid career, and this means that most of the girls performing on the platforms have strong and independent characters, which is excellent for people who like such women. However, don’t let this fool you because cam girls can also take a very different role depending on how the mood strikes them!

In my experience of dating live cam girls, I’ve found that they can be a tour de force in the bedroom with a fiercely dominant streak that involves handcuffs and a varied selection of whips. Equally, I’ve come across independent and strong-minded girls who love to let go when they’re off-camera and take the role of a submissive in the bedroom. Either way, it’s a lot of fun!

Cam Girls Always Dress to Impress

And last but not least is many cam girls’ renowned fashion sense. While the whole premise of performing on live sex cams is to be nude, many girls know the power a pornstar-style outfit can have over their fans. Naturally, this means they have a rather kinky wardrobe of naughty attire that will never fail to leave your mouth hanging open!

When dating a cam girl, don’t be surprised to see her donning everything from Hentai-style cosplay outfits to fishnet bodystockings that look like they came straight out of a Brazzers movie. Quite often, the outfits are the cherry on the cake of dating a cam model and are naturally the perfect choice to round off this list of the top five things I love most about dating cam models.

As The Number of Live Cam Models Grow, The Dating Scene is Changing Dramatically!

It has to be said that this list of things I love the most about casually dating live cam girls has only touched the tip of the iceberg. The reality is that there are many benefits to be had, and the sexual rewards are insane. Don’t believe me? All you have to do is head on over to your nearest free live sex cams site and see the wild selection of cam girls eager to chat and play with you for yourself. Good luck!

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