The 7 Most Misunderstood Facts About Hairs

By Patrick Banks

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As a man, hair is one of the things that define you. It makes you stand out from the crowd, and that’s why everyone wants to have the perfect hair. Hair varies from person to person in matters regarding texture, color, and length. It is a verified fact that different haircare practices help to improve the health and quality of your hair.
The 7 Most Misunderstood Facts About Hairs

Albeit, there exist a couple of things that are misunderstood about hair, especially when it comes to maintaining a full head of hair. A lot of misinformation circulates, and that’s why this article will walk you through the truth behind seven common hair misconceptions.  

Myth 1: Plucking a grey hair makes more to grow

One common thing that men misunderstand about their hair is that plucking a grey hair makes more grey hairs to grow. However, that is nothing close to the truth. When old age knocks in, some of the things that you should expect to happen to include your hair turning grey. Plucking a strand will not slow the aging process, and it also won’t result in more grey hairs. No.

People came up with this misconception by comparing the roots of a hair to those of a plant. When you yank a plant from the ground and split its roots, the stems will eventually flower. But that is not the case when it comes to plucking hair.

When you pluck your hair, and it breaks at the scalp level, it will still grow, but it won’t grow in multiples like plants do. If you notice grey hair on your head, that is a sign that there will be more coming up. It is not recommended for you to pluck grey hair. Instead, look for a viable solution such as applying a quality hair dye.

Myth 2: Dandruff simply means a dry scalp

How many times do you see dandruff falling on your face or your clothes? We bet it is a couple of times over your lifetime. Have you ever tried to think for a minute what might be causing that dandruff, or do you just go with the common misconception that a dry scalp causes them? If that’s what you thought, then you need to change your school of thought.

Dandruff can be quite embarrassing for men, and that’s why you need to figure out the causative agent so that you can find the right remedy. According to research, dandruff is caused by a yeast imbalance in the skin. Every man has yeast on his scalp, but dandruff are triggered by a specific type of yeast that proliferates the skin causing some inflammation.

The inflammation that’s caused by this fungus causes the top layer of your skin to come off. And those are the yellow flakes that you see on your face and clothes. A dry scalp mainly causes white flakes. If you notice some dandruff on your head, consider getting an antifungal shampoo to help remediate the problem. You should also take adequate amounts of water.

Myth 3: Wearing baseball hats will make you go bald

Do you like wearing caps? Do they complement your look or give you that stylish appearance? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you can still rock your hat without having to worry about hair loss.

Common is the misconception that wearing your hat regularly will eventually lead to hair loss. The only way that hair loss can occur because of wearing a cap may only be when you’ve worn it too tight, cutting off the circulation to the hair follicles. And that is just not possible.

Wearing a cap on too tight is too uncomfortable, and you can hardly last a minute wearing your hat too tight. The only way your hat can cause permanent hair loss is if it is plucking off your hair. So, do not worry about dressing in your favorite caps because all is well. However, you must ensure that you wear it in a manner that it comfortably sits on your head. Do not make it too tight. You also need to be precautious about wearing it daily because constant pressure on your hair strands may lead to hair breakage.

Myth 4: The more a man cuts his hair, the faster it grows

Nothing is as impressive as going to your proficient barber to get the haircut that you desire. Other individuals opt to cut their hair by themselves with the Wahl balding clipper, but it’s all good. However, some men go for a haircut for all the wrong reasons.

One of the misconceptions that leads people to the barber every week is that if you cut your hair more times, the faster it will grow. Well, people might have sourced that myth from the fact that after a haircut, hair still grows again to the height that you’d want.

What most people ignore, however, is the fact that hair is a protein fiber. It is neither living nor dead, but the bulb that produces the hair fiber is alive. Since hair is not living, that means that you cannot stimulate it by cutting.

To clear this misunderstanding, you need to know that the rate of hair growth is affected by factors like lifestyle factors such as your diet, and your genes. So, next time you go to get a haircut or give yourself one, think of it as just a means of grooming.

Myth 5: You can train the way your hair grows

When you want to tone your muscles and have some abs, you hit the gym and follow a particular exercise routine, and eventually, you achieve the body shape that you desire. That, however, is not the case with hair. There exists a common myth that you can train the way your hair grows, and it has misled a significant number of men.

You need to know that regardless of the number of times that you blow-dry, style, and comb your hair; you cannot alter its growth pattern. Why is this the case? Well, it’s because the follicles determine the growth pattern of your hair. Even if you find one morning that your hair has a different shape, that means that it the form of the hair shaft has been affected, but the direction in which your hair grows is not altered.

Men can only change the style of their hair by using hair care products such as styling pomade and styling gel. However, these remedies only offer a temporary solution. Their effectiveness ceases once you stop using them or after a wash.

Myth 6: You have to shampoo your hair every day to keep it clean

When you head out to the haircare products market, you are bound to come across a variety of shampoo brands. Shampoos have for long been used to help people clean their hair, and the presence of such products has made people obsessed with cleanliness. It is this obsession that brought rise to the misconception that men need to shampoo their hair daily if they wish for it to be clean.

The truth is, shampoo is an excellent hair cleaning agent. However, using it daily is going overboard. You can just wash your hair with water and soap, and you’re good to go. This misconception might also have been propelled by the wide array of shampoo advertisements, with each brand trying to prove its superiority over the other.

You need to know that using shampoo on your hair every day might cause more harm than good. Keep in mind that people’s hairs are different. That implies that the rate of oil generation is very different.

Men are advised to wash their hair with shampoo only when they feel that it has become greasy. Too much use might result in some scalp conditions, or even worse, hair loss.

Myth 7: Baldness comes from your mother or her side of the family

Another common myth that has done rounds over the years is that baldness is caused by your mother. If you thought that was true, then you need to dismiss those thoughts immediately. You must know that make baldness is not attributed to the X chromosome.

However, it is genetic, but you cannot blame it on your mother. It is believed that baldness results from inheriting multiple genes from both parents. Additionally, baldness can be caused by other factors such as medication or stress.


Hair is a critical part of the human body, and men take great pride in their hair, especially those who have healthy and strong hair. Hair is attributed to making men look good, and that’s why everyone is chasing to have the perfect hair.

In this pursuit, you are bound to come across a lot of things concerning haircare. Some of them are true, while, others are complete misconceptions. You might hear stylist talk about the challenges they face trying to convince men that something is a myth. That’s why this post has clarified on some of the misunderstood things about men’s hair.

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