‘The Lazy and Disrespectful Generation?’ – Millennial Response to 2017

By Sarah Williams

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Millennial Response to 2017

Reflecting on 2017 there are so many keywords that have been in the forefront of media across the globe, with words like Feminism, Trump and Millennials taking centre stage. However, this post is focused primarily on the word millennial which has been slated and dragged across the media throughout the year, a word that has been used to group and undermine a generation which is so large that it feels almost impossible to stereotype.

Millennials have had it tough in 2017 with accusations of them killing anything and everything from fashion, vacations, the nine-to-five as well as time. So, this year, in 2018 we are fighting back – we refuse to be the brunt of all jokes and we are so tired of the constant criticism and questioning we receive from everything and anything we try to do.

While we have our own set of quirks we are not so easily grouped or so easily defined. In fact, we have a myriad of different thoughts and characteristics that are not only different from the generation before us but also each other – because we are individuals – unique and boundless. Here is a response from one millennial who is tired of the criticism and is hoping to set the record straight this year.

  • ‘We are Selfish.’

Yeah, we are because we can’t afford, a house, a family or even an education – all we have is ourselves – and our front facing the camera.

  • ‘We can’t Afford Houses Because We Spend all our Money on Avo Toast.’

It has less to do with avo toast and more to do with the crippling house market and state of the economy in which you left to us.

  • ‘We have Destroyed Iconic Holiday Destinations.’

Not sure how someone could achieve such things. It’s not just that we just prefer a more authentic experience. One where we would rather travel to Africa for a Safari or adventure to see the wonders of Asia opposed to a more iconic destination such as Paris or Venice. Also, we can’t afford to go to Paris or Venice remember. See point above.

  • ‘We have Unrealistic Expectations of our Workplace.’

Apparently, the key to a happy and productive millennial is an open office, free coffee and kitschy bean bag chairs. We in fact only want one thing, okay maybe two.

  1. We want to be compensated for our labour – you know like the rest of the world
  2. We have job opportunities available to us – despite us not having 26 years’ experience – we are 26 remember.
  • ‘We are Lazy.’

We aren’t lazy we just prefer to work smart not hard.

  • ‘Kids of today (Millennials) have it too Easy.’

Wrong again. In fact you have no comprehension how it is to be a young adult – not a kid – of today, the enormous pressure there is due to our connectivity and the immense impossibility there is for us to achieve in world rife with climate change, poverty, a crippling economy, a nonexistent job market and impossible housing market, which by the way, we inherited from you – a generation that was able to buy a house on a wage from unskilled work at the age of 21.

  • ‘Millennials Can’t Take a Joke.’

We are the meme generation and spend most of our free, unemployed time laughing at them all day on the internet. We are the inventor of jokes. We are hilarious.

  • ‘We are so Spoilt – We are the Most Educated Generation There Ever was – So do not Complain.’

Yes, we are the most educated generation there ever was yet, we spend years of our lives, in debt trying to pay for an education only to come to the end of our doctorate; in immense student debt with the only job available being an unpaid internship in bag packing at your local grocery store. While the baby boomer down the road is earning 170k a month.

  • ‘Millennials are a generation of ‘crybabies’ and ‘whiners’, in our day we were tough.’

Yes, we are a softer generation than the one before us, one that believes in equality, freedom and love above everything. Your generation, on the other hand, feels personally victimized when two men hold hands.

  • ‘We are Killing fast food Franchises and Credit.’

Meanwhile, Baby Boomers are killing health care and the planet.

  • ‘The Disrespectful Generation.’

Said the homophobic, sexist, racists, transphobic generation

  • ‘We are Entitled.’

You told us we could be and do anything. We didn’t raise us – you did.

  • ‘We are Always on Our Phones.’

You were the generation that pushed for technological advances during the eighties and nineties. You created and distributed technology to us throughout our childhood – not the other way around.

Now that we have set the record straight let’s hope that 2018 is less about us and our values and our inabilities let’s move to searching for a solution instead of seeking blame. We inherited this world from you but it’s still just as much yours and it is ours and it is our job together to make it a happier healthier place for EVERYONE.

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