The Ultimate Guide on Specialist to Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions Certification

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Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions Certification

If you want to be a proven IT professional, Dell company has a great certification option for you. Read this PrepAway guide, and you will learn all the details of Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions certification and its exam.

This specialist-level credential is intended for professionals who already possess Associate -Information Storage and Management Version 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 certification. It means that in order to get certified as a Specialist, you will have to complete two steps:

I. Obtain the Information Storage and Management credential by passing E05-001 exam

II. Pass E20-393 exam

E20-393 test will demonstrate that you have certain knowledge about UnityVSA and Dell EMC Unity Systems. 

Large companies value IT certifications, and if you want to get a job in one of the reputable technological businesses, then you should take EMC E20-393 test as soon as possible. The good news is that the EMC education website clearly states which topics are most commonly included in each test. PrepAway warns you that this does not mean that the exam will have exactly the same topics as shown below, but still there is a high chance that they will be covered in your certification test at

The following topics are likely to be included in E20-393 exam:

Unity Architecture, Features, and Concepts (12% of the exam)

This section of the exam covers basic Unity solutions, UnityVSA, Unity management options, hardware components, expansion modules, system limits, and more.

Unity Service and Installation (13% of the exam)

This section includes installation and initialization of the physical Dell EMC Unity system, the deployment and initialization of UnityVSA, Unity service functions, and more.

Unity System Administration (7% of the exam)

To pass this section of the exam you should be able to describe and identify user interfaces required for managing and monitoring Unity systems, configure basic and support system settings, and more.

Unity Storage Access and Provisioning (25% of the exam)

This part of the test is about the provisioning of the different storage pools, storage for block and file services, VMware data stores,dynamic pool expansion, host access configuration and more.

Unity Storage Scalability, Efficiency, and Performance Features (22% of the exam)

For this section, the candidate should be able to describe the nature and use of Host I/O performance feature, FAST Cache performance feature, UFS64 file system scalability feature, Thin Clones feature, and more.

Unity Mobility and Data Protection (22% of the exam)

To cover this exam unit, you should know how to describe Local NAS Server mobility and Local LUN Move mobility features, Snapshots data protection feature, Replication data protection feature, and more. 

To learn more about the topics of Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions certification, visit EMC website.

Please note that you will have to answer 60 questions in 90 minutes and achieve a score of 63 to pass the exam. 

Tips from PrepAway: How to prepare for EMC E20-393 exam?

Well, the only appropriate answer here is that you will have to study and practice a lot. There are many training materials on the web, however, only a few of them are free. So, be prepared to get some e-Books or training videos from if you want to acquire the necessary knowledge for passing E20-393 exam. Please note that the contents ofthis test are regularly updated and revised, so you should always look for the most recent preparation materials.

Many students want to know how many hours a day they need to study so that they can pass the exam, but there is no definite answer to this. Everything depends on what training material you use, and how quickly you can understand the basic functions of Unity Systems.

It usually takes 2-3 hours per day for at least 3 months to prepare 70% of the test, but if you want to be 100% ready, then you should include additional 30 days in your study plan.

Once you find appropriate training materials and create a study schedule, you should consider buying a paper study guide. Some platforms also provide practice test questions that are collected from real users who have passed EMC E20-393 exam. There is a possibility that some of these questions may be repeated in your actual certification test.

That is why you should definitely visit PrepAway website and go through the practice questions before you register for your exam. Try to understand each question and its correct answer. If you do not feel confident when going through these practice tests,it is a clear sign that you are not ready yet.

There are also Dell courses that will be very helpful for everyone who wants to pass E20-393 exam:

Course Dell EMC Unity Concepts and Features (on-demand)

Course Dell EMC Unity Installation and Service (on-demand)

Course Dell EMC Unity Implementation and Administration (virtual classroom)

Is the certification worth the efforts to obtain it?

Of course, it is! Every year more than 1,000 people get the EMCcredential, and most of them find the job they wanted within a year. You absolutely need this certification in order to advance your skills and get a pay raise. It is a well-known fact that the hiring managers really appreciate the applicants who have at least one EMC credential. 

Sometimes, even if you do not have enough experience, some employers may consider hiring youfor a certain position just because you are the one with appropriatecertification.Any relevant IT credential shows that you have studied hard and practiced diligently to get it, meaning that you are willing to learn and work constantly on yourself.

Additionally, this particular certification also shows your expertise with Unity Systems.You will definitely prove your worth to the employers by passing EMC E20-393exam and gaining the certification. Start your preparation today! Good luck! 

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