The Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Confidence Through Dressing Up According to Your Body Type

By Judy Robinson

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The Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Confidence Through Dressing Up According to Your Body Typ

It is pretty common for women to be obsessed with fashion. Women go overboard and always want to look their best no matter what. Whether it’s a night out with friends, a weekend gateway or even a meeting, women will always want to look good. But, men also want to look good too.

The fashion industry is a literal blow-out, and we mean it. Leading fashion designers and the paparazzi have made a lot of men insecure by swarming pictures of the clichéd ‘tall, dark and handsome’ man on the runway in magazines.

While you owe this slacked image of yours to oodles of catalog subscriptions, it’s time you realize that these aimless expectations aren’t actually doing any justice to your albeit skinny, stout or short figure. Not everybody is muscular like The Rock or is awfully cute and immensely gifted despite being short like Tom Holland. 

You’re you – and it’s time you embraced your body shape with utmost comfort and an immaculate dressing sense that will woo everyone as you go. Mentioned below are two body types that we’ve discussed along with some suggestions that you wouldn’t get on the heavily sponsored runway.

The Tall Type

Ever since the 1900s, the Presidential election of America has been home to around 18 ‘tall’ candidates, which we think might be slightly true if you see The States’ last President. Sarcasm aside, taller men do have an advantage – somewhat biased and sexist – amongst their shorter male allies. 

They have more charisma – thanks to those centimeters – and therefore, get to enjoy versatile job opportunities with good salaries and rapid promotions. According to a few studies, they also live longer, but it is highly necessary for them to be happy at the same time. 

Tall men really have everything working out for them, but does their fashion sense help them too?

The Tall and Thin Type

However, even though you have the body of a president or a superstar, you’re still unable to find your shoe size to fit those clodhoppers of yours, and pointy shoes are a no-no. Andrew Garfield has to thank his stylist for making him appear like a million dollars on the runway – you don’t. 

You’re busy searching the aisles at boutiques for dress shirts with sleeves that hug your wrists just perfectly but since there aren’t any, there’s no way you’re attending that conference in style. Just because you’re over 6 feet tall, you can’t appear too commanding and authoritative too. 

So, what do you do? 

First of all, stop whining – your height is amazing and needs the perfect clothing to be shown off adequately. 

Tailored Fittings

Go for tailored fittings if you can’t find your size in dress-shirts. Uneven sleeves are the worst and you need to avoid that before you head into that office for an interview.

Waistcoats and Double-breasted suits

Add waistcoats, vests and double-breasted suits to your wardrobe. Since you’re skinny yet tall, you need to wear a little bit of padding to support your thin build. 

Layer in Winters

Unless you’re looking like an animated pile of clothing, we’d suggest you to opt for the layered look and pair a leather jacket with a button-down shirt. 

Textures and Patterns

You need to create the perfect illusion to give that sleek figure some depth. Strut those checkered textures and windowpanes on your suits and t-shirts to give your bones something to breathe about.

In addition to the rest, wear thick, leather belts instead of suspenders and make sure they’re placed nicely. Go for coats that are three-quarter length in size and end just above the knee for a bulking feature. Add some robust cord, denim or camel jeans into your wardrobe, and a couple of crew neck tees and sweaters to shake a bit off that surface area from your girth.

The Tall and Heavy Type

You’ve a little meat on your bones enough to pull off a few pounds here and there. While this isn’t fooling anybody, we all know that you’ve been wearing baggy clothes to hide your huge mass. Well, while you really want your clothes to be simple, lightweight and comfortable, you don’t know how to cause less of an impact with your bulging mass. You also know that finding tailored-fit clothing for your body shape might be really hard and it will only be short of a miracle if you can find one in the boutique. 

So, what do you do?

Well, with some facial hair, a couple of suspenders and an immaculate tailor, we are moments away from changing your impression of yourself as a ‘fat man’ to a ‘heavy yet big man’. 

Wear wide-spread collars

Wear wide-spread neck collars whenever you’re considering wearing suits. Wide spread collars give more space to tie a magnificent necktie knot and therefore, give you more room to breathe.

Take a hat

Spend your money on the latest fedora or a bunch of those vintage hats you saw at the boutique. Hats aren’t just for potbellies. 

Wear over-alls

If you’re catering to your garden or work at a construction site, then consider pairing your body with overalls. They will prevent you from bruising in places that will be otherwise prone to exposure if you just threw a pair of slacks and a washed-up t-shirt. 

Avoid tucking in your shirt

Think twice before you tuck in your button-down shirt inside your trousers. Wear lightweight trousers and leave the shirt un-tucked for a casual, single plane look. You can also wear polo shirts as they can also help in diverting the attention away from your mid-waist. 

The Short Type

We really don’t want you to hum along to I am a little Teapot right now, even though the nursery rhyme is somewhat catchy but irrelevant. You might be short – somewhat 5’6 – but don’t let that stop you from wearing what you deem is necessary for your style. 

The Short and Stout Type

Are you busy looking for an umbrella to hide that magnificent pot belly even when it’s 80 degrees in the shade? Spare us the exaggeration and embrace the weight on your shoulders and on your tummy – literally. You’re portly, round and slightly hefty – and this isn’t helping you get anywhere in the fashion department. You pants don’t fit – they’re either a size too loose or perhaps too baggy – your shirts are perhaps too big and can’t be tucked inside your slacks.

So, what do you do?

Similar to all advices we’ve given so far, it’s time to embrace the Old’ McDonald style, and wear something that is best for your body shape and size.

Avoid baggy clothing

Before you channel yourself into a DJ rap artist in his mid-50s, try not to become too overwhelmed with baggy clothing. Baggy clothing will only draw attention to your stout size. Go for skinny fits and clothing that doesn’t adhere to a lot of fabric lying loose. 

Make sure your shirts and jackets are tailored to hug your shoulders, neck and chest properly. While you can alter the mid-section, taking the area in from the shoulders is somewhat impossible and therefore, might ruin the entire look of your jacket. 

Wear mid-rise and slim-straight pants

It’s better to get a tailored fit since most pants will not be able to fill in your hips, making alterations near to impossible. Do the same with shorts and see if they have a firm grip. 

Wear solid colors such as monochrome and small-scaled textures instead of bold prints.

The Short and Thin Type

Short and thin types deal with more misconceptions than insecurities. They always have to decide whether they should wear stripes or not and if investing in a good pair of elevator shoes will take their insecurities away or just add to them. The short and thin type is perhaps more insecure than any of the other three we’ve mentioned above – there are a lot of choices and slight malfunctions in their wardrobe can make them appear shorter than they really are.

So, what do you (or they) do?

Well, since there are more options at clothing stores for you, make sure you choose the right ones and style them gracefully to avoid looking too short.

Tapered pants with shorter cuffs

Sure, cuffing pants appear great, but have you seen Elijah Wood with the same look? Cuff you pants – but not too much – in order to avoid appearing stunted. Also, skinny pants are a no-no. Wear pants that slightly taper from below the knee so that your legs have room to breathe, and pull of the sleek and slender look at the same time.

Elevator shoes

Most short men tend to wear elevator shoes because it helps them appear taller while others feel more insecure. If it’s the heels that make you look more conspicuous, it’s time to leave that behind and embrace elevator shoes as they are. 

Stripes or no stripes?

Well, people are still wondering whether they should go with vertical stripes or horizontal stripes if they’re short. It was never about their direction in the first place. Before we make the One Direction pun, we want you to pay attention to the size of the stripes instead of focusing on their thickness and magnitude. Think small – thin stripes, little dots and small-scale checkers allow your height to become more inclusive.

Matching colors from head to toe

The fact that shorter men should only stick to wearing lighter colors is nothing short of a myth – pun intended. This is an important styling tip – if you’re considering wearing lighter colors, then go for similar colour patterns from head to toe. 

Short men look sturdy in darker colors too. So, slash the myth and pair your khakis with a white shirt or a pair of dark blue denim jeans with a dark brown or black leather jacket. 

Even if you’re going for a double-breasted suit, an immaculate fitting is necessary so that your shoulders don’t droop and you don’t look as if you’re all bones and no meat. 

Do you know the difference between you – a typical fashion disaster – and the teenager who lives next door? The teenager next door has roughly three graphic t-shirts of his favourite rock bands, a couple of white-washed jeans and a varsity jacket that is almost necessary for him to survive at school. With a lopsided hair-cut and the clichéd company of a guitar, this teenager is ready to face the wrath of his high school – with pride. 

You, on the other hand, despite all the fashion insecurities, know better how to channel your inner misconceptions and outer fashion malfunctions with just a little bit of effort. So, channel that inner confidence and wear your outfits in style, irrespective of your body weight and type. 

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