This Woman Dates Rich Men and Travels the World for Free

By Patrick Banks

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This 30-year old woman from Canterbury, Kent who has learned how to do what we all dream to do: travel the world for free.

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After joining an online travel-dating site in 2014, Natalie Wood has been on 80 luxurious dates that have taken her to destinations such as Maldives, the US, and Kuwait.

Natalie found a subculture of successful businessmen looking for “travel-seeking singles” who are happy to take her on vacation with them.

Not only do they pay for her flights and accommodation, they give her money to “ball out” while she’s there. She buys designer goods and travels in expensive cars and yachts to extravagant parties. She estimates that these men have spent a total of nearly $80,000 on her.

Natalie Wood on a date in Maldives
Natalie Wood on a date in Maldives

So, is Natalie Wood a gold digger? If you asked her, she’d say no.

She calls herself a “luxury traveller,” someone who is genuinely interested in meeting a potential partner and, thanks to the Internet, is able to see the world while pursuing them.

While Natalie does take risks on these lavish dates, safety is very important to her. She always video chats with the men before meeting face-to-face and checks a photo ID before dating.

Natalie Wood on a date in Kuwait
Natalie Wood on a date in Kuwait

She says there’s never pressure to have sex with them; however, she doesn’t completely rule out the possibility.

“I always make sure I am attracted to them first and the connection has to come naturally,” Natalie assures us.

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Currently residing in Miami, Florida, Natalie Wood hopes to meet more men online and continue going on these tropical dates and adventures.

She says she won’t stop until she falls in love and marries an international businessman.

So, what do you think? Is Natalie Wood a gold digger? Or is she simply using the technology available to her greatest advantage?

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