Top 5 Travel Activities For Adrenaline Junkies

By Patrick Banks

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Trills and action know no borders. While many of the entries on this list are niche, new, or require certain weather conditions, wherever you’re planning to go for your next adventure, all of them are amazing experiences that you’ll be glad to have had. Even if none of these activities end up becoming a new passion for you, each is certainly unique enough to warrant trying at least once.

So, be sure to read through to the end, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next adventure.

Winter Sports

Skiing and snowboarding are your most accessible options for newcomers to winter sports since snowy mountain resorts will have rental equipment available and marked ski runs or “pistes” where you can get started. Snowmobile rentals are more expensive and somewhat rarer to find by comparison. 

Since snowmobiles are complex machines, you need to make sure your snowmobile has been properly maintained. This is why we recommend investing in your own snowmobile over renting one. But, if you have to rent, make sure you ask about what kind of terrain your snowmobile rental’s tracks are intended for — whether for trails, cross-country, high-altitude. 

Even if you can’t yet afford to build or purchase your own snowmobile, ask your rental service if they’ll let you use your own tracks if they don’t have what you need. It’s worth checking composit tracks for brand-compatible snowmobile tracks for all types of terrain.

Another reason to rent a snowmobile, other than snowmobiling itself, is for easier access to off-piste skiing and snowboarding locations. Without a snowmobile, you’re pretty much confined to resort-designated pistes and wherever you can get on foot.


Paramotoring is a lot like paragliding in that both involve gliding over the landscape in a seated position. But, instead of taking a running start off of a cliff, paramotorists instead strap huge propellers to the backs. These propellers provide all the thrust needed for take-off and sustained flight. If you like speed and flying but aren’t overly fond of dizzying heights common with paragliding and sky diving, then paramotoring is an easy-to-learn and accessible alternative.

If you’re unsure whether there are any paramotor rental services where you plan to go, consider investing in your own equipment. This guide here goes over everything you need to know about paramotoring equipment in detail.

Street Luging

If you want speed but would rather not deal with heights, complex machines, or frigid conditions, there’s street luging. It’s really simple: you lay down on a street luge board and let gravity do the rest as you speed down the tarmac. Leaning to either side of the board allows you to control your direction. As for speed, street luge boards have no mechanical breaks, so street lugers use their own feet and some seriously thick rubber shoes to come to a stop.

Since street luge is rather new and there aren’t as many dedicated businesses for it as some of the other activities on this list, you can get started by contacting street luging social media communities for schedules and equipment rentals. Finding a schedule is important since you do not want to be careening down busy roads.


What would a list of thrilling activities be without skydiving in Miami??

For your first skydiving experience, you have, essentially, two options. You can either go tandem skydiving —where you’re attached to a professional skydiver— or you can opt for an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program to use your own parachute while being assisted by instructors using their own parachutes.

Tandem skydiving requires less preparation and can easily be done in a single afternoon with little to no planning beforehand. AFF programs will usually involve a full day of ground school before you’re cleared for your first jump. AFF ground school instructs you on how your equipment works, how to jump from the plane, how to control your trajectory in freefall and after deploying your chute, as well as what steps to take in the event of an emergency.

Cage Diving

Apart from speed and altitude, not much else comes to mind when thinking about what gets the heart racing and the blood pumping. How about being underwater surrounded by hungry predators?

Cage diving offers the opportunity to witness sharks, up-close and personal, from within the relative safety of a metal cage. Of course, you could go without the cage, but that wouldn’t really be cage diving anymore —just diving with sharks— which some people will never be comfortable with.

Even sticking to the cage, you have a couple of options. You can cage dive at the surface of the water with just a snorkel, or you can have the cage lowered deeper for a much more intense experience. You’ll need to own or rent scuba gear for the latter.

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