Top Luxury Watch Brands That Hold Their Best Value

By Patrick Banks

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Quite often, people want to know which high-end watch brand are actually worth their price. Well, the answer to this is rather complicated. If you pay attention to this industry, you have most likely heard about the significant price differences on Rolex watches. Notably, the distinction between Rolex sports steel watches manufactured today and those from previous years.
Top Luxury Watch Brands That Hold Their Best Value

Most people believe that watches are a good investment and that they retain their value. Plus they boost your productivity, of course!

However, the truth regarding this subject is complicated. In this article, the focus will be on a couple of luxury brands that you need to consider when purchasing a watch. You will also discover a few hacks to acquiring watches that are known to hold their value.

Purchasing Preowned Watches

Acquiring watches with a previous owner is often the best approach to lowering your loss on the assets. Similar to automobiles, watches are susceptible to fast depreciation immediately. They leave the store and are put up for sale in a secondhand marketplace. Currently, there are a few exceptions to this, mainly watches with a long lineup and compelling popularity. However, for most watch brands and watches, it is not always the case.

For instance, the retail price of a Hublot watch would be set at €90,300. Nonetheless, in a secondhand market, the same watch goes for approximately €55,000, which is a significant difference. Some of the brands that hold their value even in a secondhand market include Patek Philippe, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, and Audemars Piguet. It is good to note that these brands come with exceptions given the dynamic nature of the market. What happens today may very well not be the case tomorrow.

Understand the Vintage Market

Vintage is a rather tricky category of watches. If you intend to purchase vintage watches, you want them to retain their value. The upside is that these watches have been time-tested, and so have their prices. Currently, the market for vintage Rolex is experiencing high demand. This is as a result of the recent skyrocketing prices for vintage Rolex sports stainless steel watches. It is crucial that you familiarize yourself with the vintage market and gain knowledge about how it operates.

You will find out that vintage watches are a viable investment. However, there are no guarantees on how the market will change in the coming years. With more understanding of the progress in the market, you will be a better position to make an exceptional deal on your vintage watch.

Always Consider the Condition of Your Preferred Watch

It goes without saying that the condition of a watch significantly impacts its value. A brand-new watch will have more value than one that is scraped up and used frequently. Another factor that influences the worth of a watch is age, particularly the age where its warranty is invalid or just about to expire. The box and papers also affect the value of a watch. Not forgetting for vintage watches, which is becoming quite rare.

Carefully Choose Your Metal 

A glance at the market, and you can tell that there is a higher demand for watches made of stainless steel than two-tone or gold watches. Stainless steel watches are known to hold their value much better compared to those made of gold. This is influenced by the fact that gold watches retail at higher prices. As such, the demand for these watches is less on the secondhand market since fewer people are able to afford them.

Another reason is that people prefer steel to gold. However, there are some exceptions to this case, as there exist gold watches which have proven to be a rewarding investment. If you want to purchase a watch that keeps its value, stainless steel is your best bet. Generally, this goes for diamond watches as well.

What is the Depreciation Rate of a Watch?

There is a significant variation from when a watch is purchased from a retailer and when it is put up on the market for sale by a secondhand dealer. Brands such as Omega, Tag Heuer, and Breitling lose anywhere between forty and fifty percent. Although this is when considering short-term variations. The long-term difference is a little hard to pinpoint. Nonetheless, there are exceptions to this trend. If you acquire secondhand watches, somebody else has suffered the blow.

It implies that you will probably not lose anything. It is crucial to note that the depreciation of a watch depends on several factors but mostly, it lies in the demand and supply. A watch from a particular brand known to lose its value may hold its worth when the demand is high.

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