Unique and Cheap Date Idea: Hosting a Memorable Outdoor Movie Night for Your Girlfriend

By Steve Scott

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Are your wondering how to make a good impression on the newly met girl you really like? Or maybe you want to entertain  your girlfriend? Dating can be fun and unique even if you are completely broke!

What about a thrilling and remarkable outdoor movie night? If your answer is ‘yes’ then, I will show you the simple methods that will help you entertain your girlfriend in a most enjoyable and memorable movie night. It does not have to be an expensive show; you can organise the movie night in your backyard, veranda or porch. Then, invite your girlfriend to this exclusive outdoor movie night.  Outdoor movie nights are better organised during summer than any other season of the year. You only need to make some good plans to ensure she enjoys a memorable movie night with you.

You need a bit of a creativity and some artistic skills that will help you in decorating the venue with the most important stuff to make a conducive and pleasurable setting for her. If you do not have the equipment, you can borrow them from friends and neighbours, or you rent them at moderate prices. Let us look at the ways you could make this movie night a memorable one for your girlfriend:

Design the entrance with a welcoming notice

Design the entrance to the venue of your outdoor movie night with a welcoming notice to give her the impression that the show was organised exclusively for her pleasure. This could be created with a chalkboard, out-of-date movie posters, local banners and ribbons.

You can even indicate her name in the welcoming notice like ‘Welcome to An Exclusive Outdoor Movie Night Organized for You My Pretty Janet’. You should ensure that the entrance to the venue is not readily available to any other person who wants to participate to avoid distractions.

Decorate the setting and scenery with colourful ribbons and tapes

Enhance her mood of fun and pleasure in the setting with colourful decorations. You can decorate the place with ribbons, flags, tapes, scrap papers, and some nice posters.decorate-the-setting-and-scenery

Organise your equipment

There is some equipment you need for this movie night to be memorable. You need a laptop, projector, sound system, a large white cloth or a light coloured sheet of cloth for a screen, in most cases; you can even use the side of a wall with a light colour, as this will help the projector to display good and vivid pictures. Put the laptop and projector on a good chair or table for optimum performance, and then connect the speakers.

Remember, you are not organising the movie night for the neighbourhood, but the speakers have to be loud enough for your girlfriend to enjoy the movies without straining her ears.organise-your-equipment

Test the equipment before she arrives

You need to test the equipment before your girlfriend arrives, preferably a night before the show. This will help you to detect any technical defect that may occur during the show and fix it or change such equipment with a better one.

Provide a comfortable chair, blanket, and pillow

Make your girlfriend comfortable by providing a good chair, blanket, and pillow. She may want to lie down and stretch out herself while enjoying the movie night. Moreover, you need the blanket to keep her warm if the night is cold. If you don’t wish to lie down, then go for a canopy outdoor bed. It’s the best choice you can have.

Choose a good movie for her

Your selection of an interesting movie is vital if you want to make it a memorable one for her. The movie should not be sluggish and boring. It should have exciting scenes and characters with peculiar features. You may choose a comedy, classic movie or even a family friendly title that will be full of emotions, actions, and fun.

Sanitise the place with bug sprays

Ensure to debug the area with bug sprays before your girlfriend arrives. You do not want to see her scratching her itchy body because the bugs are biting her and that could be very irritating. Then, do not soak and douse yourself with harsh chemicals that could be offensive to her.

Organise and set up some refreshments and candles on the table

Set up a table with some snacks for her to get refreshed during the movie night. It does not have to be heavy food; you can choose some popcorn, drinks, cupcakes, ice butts and tubs, and some cold beverages. The candles are there to light up the setting and enhance your fun.

Safeguard the wires

You need to protect and safeguard the wires to avoid the systems going off when you are moving around in the darkness. The risk of electric shock should be avoided, as the projector will be connected to an electricity socket.  Therefore, protect your girlfriend by taking care of the rough edges of the wires.

Ensure stable and fast speed internet connectivity for streaming movies

Do you want to enjoy streaming movies? If you want to enjoy streaming movies during your memorable movie night, you have to make sure there is stable and fast internet connection. This is very crucial in order not to have a frustrated movie night. If the connectivity is strong and fast, then you both will relax and watch the movie without any worries.

Check the volume of your speakers

The speakers need to be in good positions, and the volumes need to be audible enough for her. She does not have to strain her ears to hear the speakers; else, it will be boring and frustrating. In the same vein, the speakers do not have to be too loud to avoid causing a nuisance and disturbance to other people within the neighbourhood.check-volume-of-your-speakers

Do you think movie nights are big occasions where you need to spend some huge amount of money to organise? You can organise it with little fund but with great planning and effort. Just put the right things in place, your friends can help you prepare the venue and test the equipment before the memorable night. If you do not have some of the equipment, you can borrow from neighbours and friends, or you rent. The snacks and drinks should be affordable. The major things that will make your outdoor movie night a memorable one are the decorations in the setting and the type of movie you selected for her to watch.

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Steve Scott is a stay at home dad and father of 2 children. He's grown a local business helping people set up backyard theatres, since 2005.

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