Unlock Instagram: 7 Key Things You Can Do on Instagram You Didn’t Know About

By Patrick Banks

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It’s important to know all the different things you can do on Instagram. Keep reading for unlock Instagram: 7 key things you can do on Instagram.
Unlock Instagram: 7 Key Things You Can Do on Instagram You Didn't Know About

It’s important to know all the different things you can do on Instagram. Keep reading for unlock Instagram: 7 key things you can do on Instagram.

In today’s society, everyone uses social media. From children to the elderly, there is no escape.

Unfortunately, most social media users don’t know the true potential of these apps.

In this article, we’ll be looking at different features that will help you unlock Instagram. Let’s get into it!

Tips to Help You Unlock Instagram

There really are a lot of Instagram features for you to discover, but we’ve selected the best and the most useful tricks that will help you jumpstart your Instagram knowledge.

1. Removing Tags

We all have photo evidence of us on a night out doing something we aren’t exactly proud of. And we all have those friends who post and tag you in said photos.

Luckily, if you’re tagged in a post, you can actually remove it! If you go to the tagged post and tap your user name, a few options come up.

You can either select Remove Me From Post or Hide from My Profile.

Picking the Remove Me From Post option will remove the tag off of the photo. This means that post will no longer show up in the photos of your section on your profile.

Picking the Hide from My Profile will let you keep the tag on your friend’s photo, but it will not appear in the photos of your section on your profile.

This is incredibly helpful if you have family that follows you on social media or if you’re looking to get a new job and don’t want  to see your wild side.

2. Posts You’ve Liked

Have you ever been looking for a picture or funny video that you saw earlier? Hopefully, you liked it!

There is a way to find posts that you have liked before whenever you need to show them to a friend.

If you go to your profile and click the settings button, you need to go to the account tab. There, if you look near the bottom, there is a Posts You’ve Liked tab.

If you click that, you’ve struck gold!

Bonus Trick: Saving Posts

Depending on how much time you spend on Instagram a day, the chances are you’ve liked a lot of posts. Finding just one could take a while.

To make your life easier, you can save posts so you can find them easier later!

Just find the post you want to show your friends later and in the bottom right corner, there should be a little bookmark symbol.

Tapping this will save a post, but that isn’t all. You can set up different folders to save your posts in!

This makes it so easy to organize and results and a quick find for later!

3. Hiding Your Story

Just like you can hide your party alter ego from tagged posts, you can hide your Instagram story from certain people!

To do so, go to your Settings>Privacy>Story. Now, from here you can hide your story from anyone you want!

Bonus Trick: Private Stories

Hiding your story does keep it away from your family and others you follow, but it doesn’t keep it from potential employers and other spectators.

Just like how Snapchat has the option for you to make a private story, you can make a private Instagram story!

Click the three bars on your profile and click the Close Friends tab at the bottom. From here, you can pick every one you would like in your private Instagram story.

When posting a story, you can choose whether it goes to your regular story or your close friends story!

4. Muting People

If you’ve ever wanted to stop seeing someone’s posts for whatever reason, but you don’t want to offend them by unfollowing, you aren’t alone.

You can mute them, which will hide their posts and stories from you so you no longer have to deal with it!

When you see one of your posts, click the three dots in the top right corner and simply click mute!

5. Filter Comments

For those with a bigger audience or if you’re unfortunately being bullied, you can filter out comments.

Go back to your privacy settings and click the Comments Tab. Here you can block comments from certain people as well as turn on the manual filter.

The manual filter will let you pick specific keywords that if found will block out the comment!

6. Hiding Your Active Status

If you’ve just bailed on someone or you need to hide on social media, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

In your Instagram messages (your DM’s), a green dot will appear next to those who are active.

You can hide this by going to your privacy settings and clicking Activity Status and turning it off.

7. Post Notifications

You may already know this one, but it’s a good mention.

You can get notifications from people you like! Whenever they post or make a story, you’ll know!

Simply go to their profile and click the Following dropdown menu and tap notifications.

Here, you can select which notifications will show up from this person!

Discover Instagram’s Potential

We’ve given you a headstart in your quest to unlock Instagram and all of its hidden features! Now it’s up to you to explore the app and find the rest.

You should also look at some of our other blog posts! We have some on other social media apps and if Instagram is more your style, we’ve got plenty of those!

If this helped you out or you think it’ll help out a friend, go ahead and share it with them and don’t be afraid to share it on social media!

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