What to Do With Your Girlfriend at Home? 7 Unique Games & Activities for Couples

By Kevin James

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When it comes to spending time with your significant other, it can be very easy to fall into a routine. Watching Netflix shows on repeat. Staring at phone screens endlessly. Or maybe just running out of things to say to each other. With the current situation involving Covid-19, we could forgive you for having conversations run dry.

However there are lots of games and activities that you can do as couples. And I mean activities outside of the bedroom….

Games that can spark new hobbies and interests. Or at least tide you over until we can all start being more social again. So if you’re struggling to think of fun things to do with your special someone. Why not try some of these fun games for couples.

1. Ping Pong

Who doesn’t love Ping Pong? The game is engaging, exciting, easy to play, and a whole lot of fun!   Even someone who has never played the game before can grab the basics in no time. This is a great game for couples to know each other better.

All you will need to play is a long table, a net to divide it in half, a ping pong ball and two paddles. There are all sorts of tables available from professional ones to recreational tables for home use. And the best part is these tables aren’t too costly either, and you can even pick a decent ping pong table well under $400 (check reviews).

The rules are simple, similar to the rules of tennis. One player serves and must clear the net. The other player must volley it back over. The ball must bounce once on the other side. Miss the table or fail to return a shot. Then the other player wins a point. This is a competitive game that you can play together and who knows. You might get good enough to compete. So get practicing.

2. Video Games

This may seem obvious. Though it’s a pastime that is often overlooked. This is because multiplayer gaming is mainly online these days. However, if you happen to have a more dated console laying around, then local multiplayer may be the way to beat the boredom. Some say that gaming can even improve your health!

The best consoles for local multiplayer would be the Nintendo Wii, any of the older PlayStation systems, the Gamecube. Or even super retro machines such as the N64, Sega Genesis or the SNES. So if you have any of these. Dust them off, get two controllers untangled and play to your heart’s content.

Be careful though, games can be highly addictive as it’s playing with our dopamine levels in the most fun and engaging way… If you think that playing too much is already your case, check out our guide on how to overcome gaming addiction.

3. Heads Up

This is a game that you can both download on your phone via the app store. The game is free, so you just need a comparable device to play. This game gives a fresh take on the conventional game of charades. One player will choose a category to guess and place the phone to their head. Then the other player will read the actions and try to act them out.

The rules are simple. No words, no writing, just plain acting. If you get one right, then tilt the screen up. If you can’t guess, then tilt the screen down to pass. There are a multitude of free categories to keep this interesting. Plus, if you really enjoy it, there are a number of premium categories to purchase too. This is a lighthearted game that will amuse the two of you for hours.

4. Board Games

Although there are many board games that require a large group. There are also a multitude of great board games made for two players. So if you’re looking for a fun game to play with your partner, then why not hit the local thrift store or toy shop for some board games.

Popular games to play as a pair include Jenga, Scrabble, Connect 4, Checkers, Chess or Tumbling Tower. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Though it gives you a flavour of the options that are on offer for couples who love board games.

5. Pool

Now this one will require couples to travel to a local pool hall or pub. Or failing that, to have a table of their own to play with. Though if this is an option for you, this can be a fantastic way to bond as a pair. Plus allows you to practice a new skill.

The aim of the game when playing is to use your pool cue to hit the white cue ball.

This ball will collide with the colored balls, and the challenge is to get all your colored balls into the holes before the other player. It’s a classic pub game that has a low entry-level difficulty. Though it can take a while to master. So, it will keep you busy as you learn together.

6. Lawn Boules

This is a game that you can play in your garden or at your local bowling green. However, for a reasonable price, you can also pick up home boules and a jack online or in your local sports store. This can be a chill and relaxed game that lets you bask in the sun while you play.

The players will choose who will throw the jack onto the playing area. Then once placed. The players will take turns throwing their boules towards the jack. The aim is to have your balls as close to the jack as possible. Once all balls are thrown, then players can score according to who got closest. This can be really competitive and allow couples to bond while enjoying fresh air and light exercise. Get out there and give it a try.

7. Quiz Up    

This is another free to download app for your phone. So again, you’ll have to have a compatible device to play. Quiz Up is a free to play trivia game where players can choose from a wide range of categories. You can challenge your partner, advance levels, get special taglines for your player icon. Plus, you can race each other to see who can place the highest on the world rankings.

Think you know more than your loved one about animals. Prove it. Fancy yourself an all-rounder. Then go head to head on general knowledge. Or if you both have a shared interest, like a TV show or sport, then see who is truly the MVP. This game offers hours of fun and a near-infinite list of categories to get stuck into. So what are you waiting for? Get your quiz brains engaged!

That’s our list of games for couples. Are there any that you would have put on the list? How many of these have you tried with your partner? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

About the author Kevin James

Kevin James is the co-founder of PingPongBros – A website dedicated to reviewing sports equipment and sharing tips and tricks for players to get better at their game. He is a multi-sport athlete who has played both table tennis and Baseball professionally.