Which Bicycle to Buy: Geared and Non-Geared Cycles?

By Patrick Banks

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Cycling is recommended to people of all ages because of the numerous benefits it provides. There are essentially two types of bicycles; gearless and gear cycles. This often creates confusion regarding the right one to purchase.

The guide below aims to help one understand the differences between geared and non-geared cycles in detail, the pros and cons and which of them will best suit your needs.

Geared cycles

A gear cycle has gears that enables you to use them when riding on different terrains. For example, you can use low or high gear depending on which landscape you are cycling on. The benefit of gear cycles is that you can ride on various terrains with ease. This includes flat terrains, hilly terrains, and bridges. Gear cycles are also better for those who are interested in long rides as you will come across various landscapes because these cycles have better flexibility. Another benefit is their speed which is often faster than gearless cycles. You can get a smoother ride with these cycles.

The downside of gear cycles is that they are comparatively expensive because of their versatility. Although you can learn quickly, it will take time for you to get used to a gear cycle which means you have to be very careful when riding one. The cost of maintenance is also higher. The more advanced the cycle, the higher the maintenance cost will be. If you break any part of the cycle or damage it somehow, it will be costly to replace those parts. For example, cogs can be pretty expensive to replace.

Non-geared cycles

A non-gear or gearless cycle is also known as a single-speed cycle. The rate at which your bike goes depends entirely on how quickly or slowly you pedal. There are two types of gearless cycles; freewheel cycles and fixed wheel cycles. Freewheel cycles are those where the movement of the rear wheel doesn’t depend on the rate at which you pedal. If you have pedalled faster, you can still go on for a few mins without pedalling. Fixed wheel cycles are those where the rear wheel depends on the rate of pedalling. If you don’t pedal, neither the front nor the rear wheel will move. This gives you better control over the cycle without even using brakes.

The benefits of a cycle without gear are many. Firstly, it is pretty easy to ride, which makes it suitable for people of different ages. Whether it is your child or your parents who want to cycle, it is simpler to learn. A gearless cycle is quite affordable and in India, you can get a wide range of cycles at a very cheap rate. You won’t have to spend much on the maintenance of the cycle, making it easy to maintain as well. Even the replacement of parts is easy to get done because they don’t cost as much compared to a gear cycle.

The drawback of a gearless cycle is that you cannot ride them on all terrains, such as hill areas. You have to ride them on smooth roads for the best experience. You cannot use the gearless cycle for long-distance travel because it can cause muscle pain. You will have to pedal continuously to get the cycle going, which can cause immense pain if you continue for a long time. Another drawback is that you cannot go at incredible speeds like you can with a geared cycle. This limits its use as you cannot use it for riding in specific areas and for particular purposes.

Which should you use?

You should think of the short term and the long-term use of the cycle before you purchase it. If you are getting it for yourself or a person who can easily handle a cycle with gear, then get a gear cycle. Gear cycles are preferable for long rides, different terrains, and faster cycling. If you want those features in a cycle, get a gear cycle. If you wish for a simple cycle, choose a gearless cycle as it will be a less complicated choice for cycling. You can learn cycling on a gearless cycle first and then move on to a gear cycle.

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