Which Foods Boost Your Energy?

By Patrick Banks

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Which Foods Give You Energy?

Find the best natural energy boosters in food

Do you often feel tired for no reason? Do you lack motivation for sports, get stressed out easily, or have problems with concentration? Look at your plate! What you eat has an impact on your metabolism, and the chemical structure of your brain. What we eat influences our mood, energy, and how efficiently we work!

Natural energy boosters:

1. Wholegrain foods

No matter how bad people say carbohydrates are, they are one of the most important fuels for our body. Carbs give us energy and improve our mood. They are high in calories, so it’s important to choose them wisely and eat them in moderation. The best kinds of carbs are from wholegrain baked goods, brown rice, bran and no-sugar flakes. Our bodies take longer to digest these products, so the levels of sugar and energy in our blood stay stable.

2. Lean Meats

Always make sure that you eat good quality meats from free-range animals. Lean pork, beef, and poultry are healthy sources of protein. They increase levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in our body, which helps concentration. Vitamin B12, also found in meat, fights depression and sleeping disorders.

3. Nuts

Hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, and almonds are a great source of protein and magnesium helps convert sugar into energy. Lack of magnesium makes you tired and weak.

4. Fish

Fish, especially salmon, is a rich source of fatty acids and omega-3. This is extremely good for your health. They protect us against depression and improve our heart health. Fish also contain magnesium, which is a natural energy booster.

5. Beans

Beans are a good source of dietary fiber, which slows digestion and guarantees a steady supply of energy throughout the day. It’s worth adding beans into your regular diet.

6. Fresh fruit

Fruits are rich in juice, so they not only hydrate, but also give us additional energy. Try to incorporate at least five portions of fruit and vegetables into your daily diet to benefit from all of the vitamins. They can be served fresh, frozen, dried, canned, or juiced.

7. Water

Sometimes we misinterpret the signs from our stomach and think we are hungry when we are only thirsty. Studies show that dehydration can slow down metabolism and cause a lack of energy. The solution is simple: you should regularly drink large quantities of water or other unsweetened beverages.

8. Coffee

In the short term, coffee really works. Caffeine speeds up metabolism, boosts energy, and improves concentration quickly. Be careful not to overdo it though. Too much caffeine may cause sleep problems, which can cause weakness and lack of energy.

Many will agree that coffee is the most popular beverage, containing many of the nutrients found naturally in coffee beans. It improves our cognitive function, improves our energy levels, our memory and reaction times, among various other health benefits. Coffee does have its downsides and with overconsumption or outright dependency, can cause more harm than good.

On the negative side, caffeine can cause you to become dehydrated quickly and can easily raise your stress levels. Sleep disruption and insomnia can easily occur if you take your coffee too late in the day, and headaches are common unwanted side effects that might affect you.

For espresso aficionados, a word of warning. Espressos contain more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee does. It’s no wonder that espresso is considered to be coffee in its purest form. The brewing method and makers are the highest determining factors in how strong espressos actually turn out to be.

It takes about four to six hours on average for the effects of caffeine to dissipate after just about 15 to 45 minutes for it to peak. This, of course, depending on the person’s sensitivity levels and the amount consumed. Some people may be more sensitive than others and one can even build a tolerance to its effects over time, just like with any other things if exposed to on a consistent basis.

Speaking of which, beware of decaffeinated coffee as it still includes caffeine to some degree, about 2 to 15 milligrams. Some teas, chocolates, and sodas may also contain caffeine traces, so it’s good to check labels before consumption if you’re really going to make an effort to stay away from coffee for a while.

As is with everything else in life, coffee consumption is best when taken in moderation. Don’t rely too much on it, and you will be fine.

9. Tea

Tea is an alternative source of caffeine. It not only contains caffeine, but also L-theanine (especially green tea), which boosts your concentration, response time, and memory. Research shows that black tea helps fight stress.

10. Bitter chocolate

Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine and both increase energy. Better to stick to regular chocolate than types that have been overly sweetened, but avoid overdoing – it can also be high in fat.

Which Foods Give You Energy?

For everyone who needs energy and a good mood, skipping breakfast is not an option. Studies prove that people who eat breakfast in the morning, have more strength and improved mood throughout the day than those who skip.

In general it is the best way is to eat small portions of food regularly. Small meals and snacks every 3-4 hours are better than a few large meals. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels, boost energy, and improve overall mood. If you eat at regular times, your body knows when your next meal is coming and learns to manage feelings of hunger and sustain energy levels. Unfortunately, some foods will make you sluggish and sleepy. Read more: Which Foods Make You Tired?

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