Why You’ve Been Missing Out the Perks of Underwear With Pockets

By Patrick Banks

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Have you already heard about the new trend: underwear with pockets? You probably think ‘hmm, interesting but why?’. There are more reason thank you think.

Underwear already serves the purpose of providing our bottoms with an extra layer of protection and warmth. They also provide support to our privates as we move through the day.

Then adding another component to the design can only increase its utility.

Designer brands are using pockets in their boxer briefs more and more. Hunk² last collection, for instance, was all about colorful designs with side pockets. The brand has become a fashion trend not only in the men’s underwear world but also in women’s fashion with the recent lunch of their women’s line Foxy². The design house latest addition of stylish pockets to their boxer briefs is the expression of the latest in men’s fashion:  style for purpose. And we will explain more why these pockets are the stylish expression of adding functionality to underwear.

The idea behind adding pockets to men’s underwear was rather function-based.  Pockets come with several benefits when they are on a pair of briefs. They can be used to store small items and with the added secrecy whatever you keep in there will remain safe.

underwear with pockets 4

Underwear Pockets for Storage

The idea of condom pockets has been around for a while now with some underwear brands directly promoting their products conjunctionally with contraceptives to make them more appealing. Something cool about underwear brands promoting pockets to store your condoms is that they are indirectly promoting safe sex practices. That’s one extra perk.

Keeping the condom in the small underwear pocket removes the chances of leaving them at home and not having them ready when you get intimate with someone.  Not that all of us are into hooking up; but hey, if you want to do it: there is no best places to have a condom than already in your undies.

Underwear pockets are typically small and compact; this way the condom does not fall or slip out of the pocket and stays securely in place. So you are safe and prepared anywhere. It impresses the ladies to no end. There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who shows he cares about her and her well-being in and out of the bedroom.


Condom storage is not the only function underwear pockets serve. They are practically designed to store anything you want, granted it is small in size. Men are using the pockets to keep their credit cards, small phones and even keys. This makes the underwear a double for a bathing suit at the beach. Underwear with pockets comes in all sorts of shapes and designs. It is available in brief and boxer shapes so no one will even notice the difference whether you use it as underwear or outerwear. In fact, the pockets give it an outwear look, making the garment more versatile.

With an underwear pocket, you can keep your valuables with you at all times. The underwear lets you enjoy a carefree day out in the sun as you don’t have to constantly worry about small things that could easily fall out of your pockets.

Underwear with pockets is useful to those who are frequently travelling. With the concealed pocket it is much easier to carry money and credit cards and keep it away from the prying eyes of pickpockets. The underwear can be worn underneath any pants without the stored items visible through the lining. You can also feel the items against your skin at all times and will not have to worry yourselves by checking if they are still there again and again.

The best thing in the world of men’s underwear is however, not only that briefs come with one pocket but they typically come with two pockets –like the ones in the photo below. After hearing suggestions of the limited space in these pockets, underwear brands removed the internal tiny pocket and added these two side pockets. As mentioned, they are not only functional but extremely stylish.

The pockets are easily accessible and some boxer briefs even come in waterproof designs to keep your paper money or mobile phone safe. This means you can even go swimming on the beach or lounge by the pool without having to find a safe spot for your personal belongings. These pockets are large enough to store travel documents such as passports, tickets, itineraries in. The fabric dries quickly so the items remain intact as long as they are kept in there.

Underwear Pockets as a Fashion Statement

Underwear with pockets is available in many fun and stylish prints, giving men a wide berth of choice when it comes to their innerwear. There is something for every type of man; straight or gay, any fashion-forward man appreciates stylish detail in his garments. The underwear is also designed in different cuts to suit the body type of any man. Briefs are for the man who has a toned body and is not afraid to show it off. Those who want to put the bulge of their package on display usually go for low-rise briefs and those who are on the skinny side and prefer to keep most of their legs covered often buy longer boxers. Pockets are included in all of these designs from various online brands.

underwaer with pockets

The placement of pockets varies from brand to brand. Some brands place the pockets on the outer side of the garment, near the bottom. This is to avoid the misshapen bumps that forms on the waistline when you keep larger objects in the pockets. However, we don’t recommend these. With a pocket so far down, your belongings may fall out and you probably will not even notice.

Other brands place the pockets on the front of the garment, right in the center with a button to keep the pocket closed for safety. These are not as practical as side pockets, and can be more uncomfortable.  An alternate design is underwear that has the pocket on the hips region–close to the elastic band. The popularity of high-design underwear is most noticeable on Instagram. Most popular Instagram underwear posts are not only about sexy models, but typically include colorful underwear or stylish designs such as pockets or accessories, as reported by Marketingram; a social media agency that helps various underwear brands to get Instagram followers.  Even though the pocket in this underwear is on the outside, the wearer can keep anything because it actually slips on the inside and remains in place. This pair of underwear is a favourite amongst those who regularly go to the gym and don’t know where to keep their iPod or phone. With this underwear, you can keep them in the pocket and not worry about them falling out even after rigorous exercise. Many of this kind have the pocket on the lower back so that larger objects can be stored without discomfort.

An indirect perk of underwear with pockets is that it is premium brands who manufacture them. It translates into higher quality fabrics being used to make the boxer briefs. Good quality fabrics add comfort and make these briefs suitable for daily wear. The pockets sometimes also blend in with the design so no one will even be aware of their presence other than the wearer. Things can be kept in and taken out in one swift motion and you won’t even look awkward doing it.

Underwear with Pockets as Outwear

underwear with pockets

Since fashion underwear is incredibly stylish, it can be worn in place of running shorts as well as long as the fabrics are thick enough and the design not too simplistic. Many athletic shorts available in the market do not provide any pockets to keep your phone or keys –it is a perk to have underwear that can fit this purpose. Using underwear with pockets will not only solve your storage problems but provides you with the ability to move more freely than wearing loose undies.

Underwear with pockets are not only practical for storing valuable items but they are also made in the trendiest designs. The type of fabric used in these briefs is typically soft and stretchable to allow men to move about with ease and store anything without damaging it. Men are preferring to wear the underwear not as an inner garment but as outerwear too because you cannot tell the difference between them and swimming trunks or running shorts. Just look at the photos in this publication: who would ever know if these briefs are outworn or underwear?

Next time you are shopping for underwear, consider buying the one with pockets to stay in vogue. And don’t forget Wingman Magazine told you first that you were missing out!


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