12 Reasons Software Engineers Make Good Partners

By Sarah Williams

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Reasons Software Engineers Make Good Partners

Software engineers. They are a species of their own. In the age when everything is managed by computers they become the most important people out there.  Decoding their complex personalities can seem as hard as understanding the code of the software they create. But, once you decode them, you realize that they make the perfect mates for dating!

1. They are smart asses

Being smart is sexy as hell. Software engineers are actually proven to have above average IQs. No one even dares to question their intelligence because everyone benefits from their work every day.

It’s a great thing for you to have someone more logical and less emotional than you because, that way, he or she won’t overreact when you’re on an emotional rollercoaster; instead, they’ll act as a calming force in the relationship.

2. They will be great with children

They will have the patience to explain to children everything, because they are experienced when it comes to explaining things to people who don’t understand them at first. Over the course of their careers, they had to explain how technology works to sales guys or investors. They’re used to it.

3. They have their own world

To balance the loads of creativity at work, programmers often do something else creative at home to blow off steam, such as playing in a band, getting involved in DIY projects, or being a member of some organization or forum. Your home will never be a boring place.

Why else is that good? More time for you to do yoga and meet up with your girlfriends!

4. They love to solve problems

“Programming is a collection of tools to solve problems.” That means engineers are excellent solution finders. The more difficult a problem is, the more interested engineers are in finding a correct solution. Developing a program or detecting complex bugs is nerve-wracking, and it requires a lot of determination.

5.They are actually very creative

The myth that engineers are number nerds could not be further from the truth. Programmers, in order to create new technologies, need to think outside the box and explore areas which aren’t usually explored by people who like to follow hard and fast rules.


6. They are open-minded

Their passion is working with the newest technologies, is there any career that’s more innovative and open-minded? In their work it often seems like a heated battle to be the first to find a solution.  They know that one shouldn’t hesitate from adopting a different approach to a problem.

7. They are cool

Nobody even remembers the times when being a nerd was something to be ashamed of. For a good few years now the whole world has adopted the nerdy style, proudly showing off how ‘nerdy’ they are. Big glasses, Birkenstocks, funny t-shirts, mustaches? Are these new trends? Nah! Developers already had them all before the hype.

8.They have nerves of steel

Things get really stressful when suddenly the head of the technical team comes and expects features to be added, for quick fixes to sudden bugs, for the program to meet quality assurances, to resolve compatibility issues, send briefs to the clients, etc. Programming requires patience–a lot of patience–really a huge lot of patience. That’s why software development is not a piece of cake for everyone (and that’s why they’re paid so well).

9. They have the ability to think ahead, and make a plan

Having a logical partner with a long-term plan is precious. Being with an engineer means you always have a plan. Also, that outlook is integral when it comes to the modern unpredictable world of finances. It can give you a pleasant sense of stability. With an engineer as your partner, your mind can rest assured that you are ultimately safe, and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

10. They will listen to your needs

People in the engineering profession acquire acute attention to detail. Not only does that mean they will remember (and aren’t bothered by) your eccentricities, but they’ll also remember little cute things that you’ve said, important dates, and be very thoughtful partners in general.

11. They have no problems with commitment

Committing to such a demanding career shows how much they value stability and long-term goals, which is a very desirable quality.  They don’t like to waste time with too many relationships, knowing well that quality always goes before quantity and would rather stay with someone longer.

If relationship problems occur, they will work on them. Their work, as I’ve said before, requires a lot of trial and error and rethinking of traditional strategies, which means developers are more likely to be able to admit their faults, examine their behavior, and correct it.

12. They know what is important in life

Getting swamped with huge loads of data every day teaches engineers to balance their precious efforts by prioritizing things that are important. Putting energy into the most important aspect of their work is a skill that’s reflected in their relationships as well. If you are lucky to be dating a software engineer your household will not be one of many words, but the words will be meaningful.

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