Why You Don’t Have to Stop Being Lazy: 10 Unexpected Benefits Of Bad Habits

By Dylan Bartlett

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We are always told to stop our bad habits. You most probably possess at least one of the of the following five bad habits that are often looked down upon, that is; laziness, having a foul mouth, procrastinating, being sarcastic as well as fidgeting.
Why You Don't Have to Stop Being Lazy and Other 10 Unexpected Benefits Of Bad Habits4

Many people believe that bad habits prevent you from achieving your goals and reduce your productivity but that’s not always the case. Some of these habits can help you achieve them even earlier than the most disciplined person.

According to various studies, some of these ‘bad habits’ are not as terrible as we tend to think they are.
Read on to find out the benefits you can get from having these bad habits.

1. Laziness makes you efficient

Good news for all lazy people! Research indicates that lazy people tend to be very adept in their jobs. If you are looking for someone to find a way to perform a challenging task in no time, get a lazy person to do it. Such a person will not want to waste motions and will find the easiest way to do the job because they do not want to use any more energy than is required.

You are lazy, but so were those people who invented the bicycle and the wheel. They just got tired of having to walk and carry things from one place to the other. Even the billionaire, Bill Gates, said that he will always choose to hire a lazy person to do a difficult job because such a person finds the easiest way to do it.

2. Improved creativity

Laziness is associated with higher levels of intelligence; who knew! Many people have gotten their ‘aha’ moment while lounging around.

When you are not thinking about any specific thing, in particular, that’s when you get your best ideas. When you concentrate too much on piecing things together, you might get the opposite effect. When you let go and let your brain wander, you might find the solution faster.

Lazy people are said to have the best problem-solving skills. Walking outdoors without any purpose is considered one of the best brain training exercises which helps the brain to recover and increases creativity.

3. Procrastinating makes you focus on a task

Do you have that chair in your bedroom where you put all those clothes that you are yet to fold? Do you do your homework with time to spare? If you can do all your tasks on time, you just might possess superpowers because very few people can resist the temptation to procrastinate.

It’s not uncommon to find that many lazy people are also procrastinators. You delay performing the task until the very last minute. However, this helps you focus on the most important bits.

Have you noticed that most of the times when you choose to do an assignment earlier than the deadline you end up adding unnecessary details and have to throw away most of it? Well, that’s why procrastinating can be beneficial for you.

Working at the last minute is fueled by the adrenaline that helps you focus only on what is needed, and you won’t have to throw anything away. You also do not have enough time and will work faster with no time to add any extra details. You will hear some people say that procrastination taught them to do 30 minutes of work in 8 hours, or do 8 hours of work in only 30 minutes.

Why You Don't Have to Stop Being Lazy and Other 10 Unexpected Benefits Of Bad Habits3

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4. Sarcastic people are smart

Although it is a skill that is not appreciated by everyone, and especially not by those who are sensitive, being sarcastic has its benefits. It challenges the creativity of those in both the giving and receiving ends.

One must identify the intended meaning by recognizing the difference between both the literal and actual meanings. Does it have a mean side? Yes. But does it challenge your brain? Absolutely.

When used with moderation and care, it can trigger creative thinking. For instance, if you are speaking with your sarcastic friend, you have to be ready with a matching response. The brain works harder to understand sarcasm hence those people you consider sarcastic jerks might possess sharper minds than you.

5. Swearing reduces stress and pain

Your attitude towards swearing or ‘cursing’ is dependent on the people you associate with or the neighborhood you were raised. Although swearing is thought to be inappropriate, when used in limited doses it can be good for you. A foul-mouthed individual is better able to deal with emotions and in doing so accomplish significant stress reduction. It’s is okay to curse when you are stuck in traffic and getting late to an appointment or when you are feeling frustrated.

As long as your words aren’t directed towards a specific person as an insult, swearing is okay. A study by the Keele University indicated that swearing is natural pain relief. People who swear have also shown to be more honest.

6. Gossiping gains you more social connections

If gossip were food we would all be overweight. We all love gossip and always like to share or listen some more. Gossiping gets a bad rap because people always assume it has negative effects. It does have its positive side.

Conversing with your friends releases the hormone oxytocin which is also known as the ‘cuddle’ hormone. Gossip strengthens your relationship with your friends and improves your trust and generosity.

After all, whenever you have some juicy story, you always want to share it. Just, once again, make sure that you won’t hurt anyone by your stories!! Be kind and make laugh from positive things.

Why You Don't Have to Stop Being Lazy and Other 10 Unexpected Benefits Of Bad Habits2

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7. Napping and daydreaming can boost your brain activity

Very many people look down upon those who nap during the day. Why sleep when there is so much more to do? money to make or any of the other reasons they come up with.  But like with many others habits in this list, taking a power nap is good for your health.

Taking downtime is essential to maintain brain health, boost your mood, alertness as well as your creativity. Research shows that people who daydream also tend to have more efficient brains than those who don’t. Napping and daydreaming can help improve the quality of life as you never get burnt out. You are healthier, happier and can now focus on the important things in life. Go on and take that much-needed nap.

8. You are not at risk of allergy reactions from dust mites

Your parents might have some apologizing to do if they ever made you make your bed when you were younger. According to recent news reports, making your bed can be a hazard to your health.

A well-made bed provides the perfect moist atmosphere for the breeding of dust mites and other allergens. These feed on dead skin cells or sweat shed during your tossing and turning when sleeping. The presence of the dust mites can cause allergic reactions or even asthma. Leaving your bed unmade exposes them to the air and light making them become dehydrated and die. Good riddance you little things!

9. Fidgeting boosts your metabolism

Can’t stay still even after being admonished for decades? Although many times your fidgeting will drive your friends and coworkers crazy, it does have a positive effect on your body. Here’s why you should not worry if you are a fidgeter. It helps to boost your metabolism and also prevents some cardiovascular conditions such as arterial diseases.

Various studies have shown that people who tap their feet reap the benefit of ensuring blood circulation in the arteries in their legs. Sitting still for too long exposes you to the risk of getting an arterial disease in your legs. We spend so much time sitting behind a desk and hardly get time to walk or exercise, fidgeting works as an exercise to improve blood flow.

10. Binge-watching makes your body relax

On your lazy day, you may decide to binge-watch the TV shows and comedies you never have time to watch anymore. People often get judged harshly for ‘wasting’ their time watching but what those who do the judging don’t know is that binging on a show is good for you. It helps you escape into the unreal world of movies and TV shows giving you a break away from all the stress of your daily life.

Movies, especially comedies keep you entertained and help you stay relaxed allowing you to get rid of anxiety and stress. Laughter is said to be the best medicine, and it will have positive effects on your immunity, as well as reducing your risk of getting heart disease. The next time you feel like binge-watching all the seasons of Game of Thrones, go ahead.

Why You Don't Have to Stop Being Lazy and Other 10 Unexpected Benefits Of Bad Habits 1

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Final words

Possessing these ‘bad habits’ is not always negative, one can take advantage of them and reap the above benefits from them. Most of them enhance your creativity. Being lazy is natural. Know that your body is made for lounging that’s why many times we tend to want to conserve energy. Whenever anyone tries to judge you for your bad habit, remember these benefits. Some bad habits are good for you.

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