How To Be More Confident At Work And Achieve Your Goals

By Marzena Bielecka

Posted 6 years agoGROWTH

If you feel that fear keeps you from getting what you want out of life, then this article is for you.

Everyone has the ability to be more confident at work.

With just a few simple changes, you can adapt your way of thinking and create a more positive workplace experience. I will give you a few tips on overcoming your irrational fears and becoming more open to opportunities at work.

Irrational fear

Self-confidence comes naturally when you have eliminated fear and anxiety from your thinking. In 99% of situations, fear does nothing but constrain us. Evolutionarly speaking, fear has been important for our survival and has served to protect us, warning us of potential dangers in our environment. However, this self-preserving, instinctual emotion can also be an obstacle to achieving what you desire.

We have to divide and conquer stress, which gives us the motivation to overcome our irrational fears. Think of how many times you have experienced anxiety before a meeting or while speaking to a large group of people? What did that fear help you to accomplish? It probably only caused you stress and affected your performance negatively—imagine how you would have performed if you were relaxed and confident.

Treat self-confidence like any other emotion – for example, happiness. Sometimes happiness comes naturally, but sometimes it can be a struggle. Changing your attitude and reinforcing positive emotions can help you promote self-confidence from within.

Positive self-image

Self-confidence comes from self-acceptance and feeling good about you. Nobody is perfect but sometimes it is about coming to terms with and accepting your defects. Don’t be so critical of yourself, becoming a better person through self-improvement and through learning additional skills will go a long way in promoting a positive self-image from within that others will notice.

Try this small activity every day: On your way to the bus stop, think of one positive self-affirmation. Self-affirmations can come from a number of personal qualities or skills; the important thing is to be mindful of the positive value you bring to yourself and others. Every day think of something you are good at. For example, reading this article means you are interested in self-improvement, so that is definitely something to be proud of for the day.

It’s also important to remember not to be too anxious or needy. Just because your boss passed you this morning without saying hello doesn’t mean that he or she views you negatively or as not worthy of acknowledgement—relax and go about your day with a positive attitude.

Having a self-confident attitude

Change your attitude from “What will other people think” to “What I think is what really matters.” Too many people let themselves be controlled by fear or are too worried about what others think of them. Remember you are the one that has to live with yourself—don’t be a people pleaser, not everyone is going to like you nor should they.

If you are the kind of guy that everyone likes and gets along with, what might you be sacrificing—do they really know you? Being a people pleaser can prevent you from being noticed for your own merits and uniqueness. It’s okay to care what some people think of you and your work, but your main focus should be delivering good quality work that your boss will appreciate.

You have to make a decision about who is in control of your life—is it you or others? Everyone has fears and weaknesses. Sometimes when you think people are thinking badly of you, it’s all in your head—the irrational side of your conscience has given into anxiety, into the fear of not being comfortable with yourself. Being confident in your ideas and stating them clearly and politely will help you gain the respect of your peers and your boss. People respect strong characters that are not afraid of expressing their opinions and ideas.

Look self-confident

Appearance is an important consideration when developing your self-confidence. How we dress reflects, in some ways, what we would like to achieve and where we would like to go in life. No matter what your position—whether you are just a trainee or even a manager, the way you dress reflects how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. Wear clothes that not only exhibit your style, but also your career aspirations. Try not to overdress because you shouldn’t look like you are “trying too hard.” Always exhibit impeccable grooming and dress appropriately for your workplace.

Confidence is partially based in our physiology. Sometimes looking good also makes us feel better about ourselves. Imagine a more confident you and how that might feel when approaching your boss or simply walking down the street or through the office. Remember to always keep your head high while looking straight in front you Keep your pace slow and walk confidently. Practice this until it becomes a habit, and don’t forget that your body language and the way you walk affect the way you are perceived by others, so stay poised.

If you are interested in a confident posture, check out these videos:

or try products which help you to keep good posture.

Expand your comfort zone

Comfort zones are those situations and behavioral patterns where we feel safe and at ease. Things outside of this zone may cause us to experience anxiety. Work on expanding your comfort zone by trying new things and meeting new people. Do you avoid having drinks after work because small talk stresses you out? Practice. There is no other way to overcome your anxiety! Take small steps. For example, practice developing your conversational ability with your colleagues during coffee breaks or at lunch. Be interesting and ask how they are doing or, what their plans are for the weekend.

Challenge yourself every day by doing things that cause you fear and trepidation. Smile and talk to strangers and see what happens. Did they smile back? Great! They didn’t? It’s not end of the world, right? Remember that social interactions should not be threatening or cause fear. You can get inspired by various hustle quotes to motivate yourself towards the new challenges.

Be independent

If you have high self-worth and consider yourself valuable, you will feel more confident. Accomplishing your tasks will not only be appreciated by your boss, but by the whole team as well. Nothing can boost your self-esteem better than recognition and praise for a job well done.

Make sure you do a great job and don’t be afraid to take credit when it is due. If there is a brainstorming session or job meeting, clearly and concisely state your ideas. If somebody criticizes your ideas, consider it as an opportunity to grow and learn. Constructive criticism can be helpful but don’t be afraid to stand up for your ideas if you feel confident in them. People appreciate colleagues that have the guts to stand up for themselves.

Always have some savings.
Being financially stable makes you more confident at work and less sensitive to overthinking what other people think about you.

Remind yourself

  1. Everything is fine
  2. There is no failure, only feedback
  3. Only I decide how what people think about me affects me
  4. Only I choose what I feel at any given moment
  5. Any new people I meet are an opportunity to form valuable relationships
  6. My input is valuable to the company
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