5 Men’s Style Tips to Increase Girls Attention by 90%

By Michał Wróblewski

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men's style tips to increase girls attention

hoesThe common statement that women love well-dressed men is absolute truth. I have found out about it many times. Next week I will talk about the psychological aspects of the style. Today I have some men’s style tips to share with you, but start from a little story…

Some time ago, together with my friends after the conference, we went to the club. Sitting at the bar, I began to feel the girl’s eyes on me. Theoretically, we were all in suits, but they were clearly looking at me. It was a crazy night! But let’s get back to the topic. Why did they look at me, you probably wonder? I will tell you later in 1 of 5 tips. First, I will convince you that by changing your style you can increase the interest of women by up to 90%.

Is men’s style really so important? Let’s data speak…

US study by Kelton Research suggests well-dressed men are viewed as sexier, smarter, more successful, and more well-liked – and even fare better in relationships.

  • 78 % of women think that one of the hottest things a guy can do is to dress well.
  • 85 % of women think a guy who knows men’s style is sexier than one who has a lot of money.
  • 80 % of women would give up something in their lives, such as going out to dinner, using their cell phone, or even having sex for an entire year – for a better-dressed partner.

So, guys, I don’t think I need to explain to you why you should take interest in men’s style. But ok? Who am I to talk about all this? My name is Michal Wroblewski and I am style advocate, author of Men Style Masterclass, soft skills trainer and former Editor-in-Chief of men’s style magazine.  Above all, I am a guy who experienced all this and know his game. So, we are going straight to 5 men’s style tips to increase girls attention by 90%.

best clothes colours for men

1.  Go for well-fitted men clothes

Remember? I promised that I would return to my story from the beginning of the article. So, I and my friends we sat in a bar in suits, but the girls wanted only me. Why, since we were all in suits? Because it’s not about clothes you have on you, but how you present yourself in these clothes.

It’s all about good fit!  You can have the most expensive suit from Armani, if it’s too big, you’ll look tragic. When another guy will have well fitted low budget JCPenney suit, and he will look the best. Learn to go lower sizes and feel comfortable in well-fitted clothes. You really gaining more confidence, masculinity, and sexiness when you go with well-fitted clothes.

There is a little men fashion rule when you go to buy new clothes go try on size u used to wear and go one size down. You can say you don’t like to wear slimmer clothes, but the truth is you look better in these and you start to feel better in them, more confident and manly. Always pay attention to good fitting. Use only this one men’s fashion tip and you will win your style game.

2. Invest in good leather shoes


Shoes are one of the first noticeable things in whole men’s style, especially by girls. They speak for the owner. When they are nice, clean and high quality you are perceived as a trustable and professional man.

When you master your shoe game it will be easier to master the whole outfit. Never be stingy about shoes, buy them in high quality and take care of them. Aim for genuine leather shoes, they will be much more durable, comfortable and looks best. Remember to clean them regularly so they can last longer. If you take care of the highest quality shoes then can be used till the end of your life.

Adjust shoes to your style, maybe heavy, military leather boots will be your thing? Or more sporty cut? There are quality leather or, even better ecological leather sneakers as well! Whatever type of shoes you choose, always go for the highest quality you can and simplicity.

 3. Wear a classic white shirt, especially when you clubbing


Young men make the same mistake all the time, they go for fancy casual shirts – especially in the club. Guys, seriously? Why girls are interested only in a few guys at the party? You think about that?

Weird shirt with hot dogs and awkward dance moves is not the way to pick up girls in the club. Girls naturally want more confident and mature guys, this is in our biology.

And you can help this biology, by wearing white classic, well-fitted shirt, girls will be more interested in a distinguished man. One of modern man’s style best pieces of clothing is a white shirt, this shirt has this classic, universal, timeless vibe which impresses women. Just think about it, lots of colorful guys dancing like baboons on the dance floor and then you go in with confidence, dressed in a white shirt. All eyes on you!

If you are going to more casual places, wear cool t-shirts that emphasize your best features will make you look attractive without compromising comfort. In many hype places such us trendy Berlin for example, casual is the way to go. Don’t confuse casual with lack of style though! Dressing up casually doesn’t me downsizing your style!  Make sure your simple black or white T-shirt the perfect cut for your body, and it’s great quality.

4. Men’s style loves neutral colors palette

So, what is neutral color palette? And why your wardrobe should be based around that colors?


Ok, so this is neutral colors palette: white, black, navy blue, olive green, grey, beige and brown.

Why these colors are so powerful? Because they easily mix with each other and this is their power. You can’t go wrong with matching them and they always look classy together even in casual outfits. That it’s a very masculine color palette. It makes you look put together in that manly way, girls love it.

Take 10 minutes, after reading this article and check your closet. Do you have more non-neutrals, graphics and pattern clothes than solid neutrals? If so, start balancing it out to hit a 3:1 ratio.

5. Last touch

Let’s assume you’re wearing a well-fitted white shirt and brilliant brown leather shoes, you’ve combined it with navy blue chinos. What can you do to put a dot on “I”, as we say in Poland – to finish your outfit of the day? It’s time for some last touches.

Best and easy trick is to roll up your sleeves in a shirt it’s very masculine, sexy move. You can do it with trousers to, really great move. You can add some bracelets and rings.

But most effective is the art of layering. Especially in autumn and spring, you can match shirts with blazers, sweaters or blouses. Go with two outwears or blazer and vest, or t-shirt and coat. There is a lot of creative ways. Learn, test and gain experience.

Some ending wisdom

I just sold you 5 men’s style tips to increase girls attention, use it and I promise girls will be more interested in you, like in my story from the beginning. But, you can ask what If I don’t have the self-confidence to pick up these girls.

I always say: when you look good you feel good. What you wear could affect how you think and even perform. You feel more confident and attractive.

Changing your style is the first big step to become best looking, confident and attractive version of yourself. I wish you that. If you like this article and want to upgrade your style check out my Men Style Masterclass, link in bio.

To the next read!

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