Male Fashion Advice: The Ultimate Men’s Style Do’s and Dont’s

By Zyana Hault

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Admit it or not, the styling makes a great impact on your daily lifestyle. It  affects how people approach you or at the very least what they should expect from you. The right kind of style can be apivotal move for your career or any serious future prospect. Although it is a common concept of society that fashion and styling fall under women’s area of interest, it couldn’t be more far off from the truth.
men styling tips

The fashion industry has always put men’s fashion and trends right next to the women’s, and over the ages, all the loved personalities were known for their iconic and unique styles, their methods have become the inspiration for others. Looking for male fashion advice? You are reading the right page!

The right kind of styling for any man can be the core understanding of how each part of clothing can shift overall appearance, each detail is crucial, it generates the essential outcome, as it can change you from looking distinct to tedious in a second, so never underestimate the power of different styling. We are starting with some of the dos and don’ts of styling elements that can redeem your sense of fashion.


Just like ladies, men also struggle to get dressed in the morning. Nowadays, people judge you by your looks. For this reason, it is essential to set the right impression, especially at the start of your career. From casual to formal dressing, you will get lots of options to express your personal style. Male fashion advice is as needed as anytime before.

When selecting a dress, you have to consider a perfect balance in style, individuality, and comfort. Here are some tips for your assistance.

1. The Perfect Suit

Being a well dressed man requires having at least one perfectly tailored suit. There are suits available with more and fewer buttons. If you decide to stick with the two buttons suit, you don’t have to worry about it going out of fashion anytime soon, it’s practical and always in style.

Suits are equally suitable for formal and casual events. Make sure to buy a suit with perfect fitting. Before purchasing an off-the-peg suit, pay attention to the fitting across your shoulders. Remember, it is easy to alter the waist and chest. Prefer classic suit available in dark and light colors. 

Make sure to pick a dress with moderate details to avoid the impression of a uniform. Combine different ideas to build a perfect suit for your personality. To complete your look, carefully choose mens ties, tie bars, belts, and other accessories.

2. Classy Watch

For men, the watch is similar to a beautiful art piece. Your watch should reflect your personal style. Men often like functional and rugged sports watches. These are suitable for every occasion and make you look attractive. Make sure to invest wisely in watches and buy practical pieces.

A watch should ideally fit on your wrist. It must feel comfortable on your wrist. For this reason, measure the depth and size of your wristwatch.

3. Color Game

For formal and casual wear, you can consider some colors. Numerous men stay away from dresses. They find it intimidating to wear something else than grey or navy. Remember, colors are timeless; therefore, choose something unusual. 

A green suit is suitable for fashionable events. Feel free to choose mustard, greens, pinks, and bright blue to boost your mood. Colors can increase your versatility. Carefully add colors in your outfit to change your attitude. 

4. Jeans with Sneakers or Shoes

It is a famous garment in the world, even for broader thoughts. Jeans are comfortable with making you look narrow. Feel free to wear them on sneakers or shoes. Remember, you can choose jeans for any event. Nowadays, raw, dark denim is equally famous among youngsters and adults. 

5. Classic and Timeless Aviator Jacket

There is nothing better than aviator flight jackets. It has shed its war-time persona and now become one of the most popular jackets of all time. Not only are they modern, but also an elegant yet classic outerwear. These WW2 pilots inspired jackets work great on any outfit of your choice due to their cuts and shades.

6. Grooming

Before investing money in clothing, you have to pay attention to your grooming. To meet the expectations of daily life, you will need basic hygiene practices. Hang your shirts in wooden hangers and use a shoe tree to protect your shoes. Wash your dirty clothes regularly and polish shoes. Here are some grooming regimes to make you clean and tidy.

Trim your toenails and hand nails after seven days after a bath or shower. In this way, you can easily cut the essentials for guys. When grooming yourself, you can’t overlook your hands. These may show aging signs; therefore, give them strengthen treatment. Feel free to consider TLC.

What about your face and dark circles around your eyess? You have to master an exclusive moisturizing routine in the night. It will help you to deal with dark circles and make you feel and look young. Invest in a high-quality under eye cream or gel to decrease dark circles and puffiness.

Remember, you can’t achieve these results with regular moisturizer. When applying cream under the eye, you have to pay attention to technique. The skin is sensitive and thin so consider professional recommendations.

7. Scrub

A daily facial wash and a facial scrub (weekly) can be an ideal antidote to remove dead skin cells. Regular use of face wash is necessary to keep your skin clear and healthy. Focus on your forehead, chin, and nose for a clean feel.

Exfoliating is necessary during the shaving process. With this procedure, you can lift away hair from your skin and clear dead skins away from hair. It will help you to decrease the probability of ingrown hairs and several skin problems.

8. Hairstyle and Barber

Based on your hairstyle, you will need styling products. With these products, you can take your appearance to another level. Make sure to understand the effects of hair products on your hair. Messy styles and thicker manes need waxes and pomades. If you have thin hair, consider light sprays. 

You have to visit a barber every four weeks. Remember, hair care is necessary if you feel like trim is due. Feel free to request to make your eyebrows tidy, if needed. With a proactive approach, you can avoid unruly hairs. 

A barber may recommend a moustache, ear, nose hair, and a beard tidy. He can make you feel neat and tidy. Avoid getting offended and let the barber do his job. You must not do experiments with your hair because a funky haircut can make you uncomfortable.

To achieve the best hairstyle, book an appointment at men’s haircut Houston. They offer haircuts and various mens grooming.

9. Shave Like Professionals

Do you want to feel smoother and confident? You will need an excellent shave. Prepare your skin with a healthy facial oil before using shaving cream. It may give you a sleeker finish. Use hot towels on the face and soak razor blades in warm water to enlarge facial pores. In this way, you can get a smooth finish to your skin. Use a post-shave ointment to make your skin feel fresh. 

10. Simple Underwear

If you want to buy underwear for men, choose something simple. Avoid novelty prints because these are not suitable for grown males. Remember, your underwear can’t be an expression of your personality. For this reason, avoid heavily-branded underwear. 

These brands lack sophistication; therefore, avoid a brand. When choosing underwear, you must consider your comfort. The cotton boxer shorts are suitable for repeated washing. Your skin can breathe well in these undergarments.

11. Sophisticated Shoes

Timelessness can be achieved with a pair of sophisticated shoes. The pattern, sole, and colour are essential elements to consider when buying shoes. Avoid buying anything fussy because it will look strange. You have to find quality and comfort. Opt for classic shoes, such as a plain dark, loafers, brogues, or five-eyelet Derby. 

The shape of the toe is an important consideration. If you want an evergreen design, consider round toes. It can’t go out of fashion. Remember, square or pointy toes look impractical. Your feet shape will not support these types of footwear. To make it a long-term investment, consider your comfort, quality, and durability of shoes.

If you are more of a casual guy, invest in great sneakers!

12. Accessories to Your Classic Clothing

Accessories, such as mens ties, pocket squares, tie bars, can bring individuality to your classic clothing. You have to be careful when using them. Make sure to harmonize everything with the color of your dress or juxtapose everything. 

To curate tie and shirt combinations, you can choose pocket square or tie in darker shades as compared to jacket. Avoid overdoing accessories. If you want to look indifferent, you must consider one highlighted point.

Men often prefer a suit to dress stylishly. Before dressing yourself, you have to know yourself. Choose something suitable for your personality. Remember, you will not get a prize for looking like a festival clown. Acknowledge your style to become a candid style icon. Go your way with the confidence that will come from your clothes.        

13. Dress for a Suitable Setting

Style doesn’t mean self-expression only, but it requires you to dress appropriately for your atmosphere. Before creating a combination, you should consider the settings you are in. If you have to follow a dress code, take into consideration when selecting a dress. 

Remember, you will look worst in an out of place dress. It can decrease your confidence and put a question mark on your integrity. You can’t wear the same dress for a lazy Sunday in the club or a formal dinner. Avoid overdressing for each occasion and wear something comfortable according to the setting. 

14. Versatile Outwear

Do you want to wear something classic? Consider modern design available in contemporary designs. Chic coats are lightweight because of smooth cuts and darker shades. Changes in buying habits, seasonality, and climate are affecting the fashion market. 

You may not find heavy wool coats in the market. Remember, a coat will be your final layer, so choose it carefully. Consider your personality, climate, and party settings before buying a coat or jacket.

15. An Elegant Dinner Suit

An extreme level of formal dressing is limited to a few occasions. You may feel like renting a suit instead of buying one. No doubt, owning an elegant dinner suit is better than hiring a suit. Remember, hiring can increase the risk of loose-fitting. You may look like a child wearing an oversized dress. 

It will be a long-term investment, so consider buying a single-breasted, midnight blue dinner suit with trousers, seams, and satin lapels. Before wearing a dinner suit, you have to learn to tie a bow-tie without any help.

16. Classic Shirts

Buy classic shirts from the middle line because these are better than over expensive shirt. Remember, a well-pressed men’s shirt looks costly and elegant. Avoid bold patterns and styles because everyone can’t carry them. Choose a collar that can go well with or without neckties. It must fit appropriately under your jacket. Consider a semi-cutaway for your convenience.

17. Break Some Rules

If it is necessary to obey dress code, such as black tie or coat, follow it. Remember, you can break the rules but at the right time. Some rules are necessary because of the demands of higher authority and occasion. In casual events, you can avoid unnecessary rules. 

After breaking the rules, you can enjoy freedom by making mistakes and inventing new styles. Try something unusual to express your personality. Avoid wearing an awkward dress or accessory because these things can make you uncomfortable.

18. Bow Ties

bow tie

Bow ties are official the coolest part of your wardrobe; they are conversation starters; if you are wearing a bow tie, people would want to talk to you. So gentlemen, if bow ties were not your thing, it’s about you give them a shot, and you won’t regret it.

It can be very hard to decide on a righttie, but here is an easy solution for you, always match you tie with your lapel. If you have got big lapel don’t go for a thicker tie, and if you have a skinny lapel pick a thinner tie, make it coordinate, it’s all about making a balance.

10. Khaki Pants

This is for all the semi formals out there, please understand, not all khaki pants are equals. They come in different cuts and different fits, always make sure to find the one that fits you the best before making the purchase.

20. Tie Knots

men's style

Tie knots can become a serious pain sometimes, but here is an easy tip, match your tie knot to your collar’s size; big collar big knot, and if you have a small pointed collar, make a small tie knot.

21. Size Down

The tip will really help you out if you are about to suit shop.Whenever looking for a suit ask the sale associate if they can help you measure out.For example, if you are a size 44, ask for size 42, in most cases, it will land you a better fitting jacket that will compliment your silhouette.If you think it’s too tight for you or is not comfortable with it, you can always ask for the size back.

22. Argyle Socks

While zany socks are cool and playful, they just don’t go well with the power player look, and you will end up looking like that you are trying too hard. For more professional look invest in at least couple of argyle socks.

23. Match your belt with your shoes

belt and shoes

Make it a rule to go by your whole life; your belt should always match your shoes in both colour and texture; it gives you finished and well off look.

24. Fitted does not mean tight

Make it your fashion mantra, I am not saying here to wear the shirt that has its buttons about to pop out, but getting you shirt tailored can make a huge different, tailor is only going to cut out the extra fabric and make it right for you, a nicely fitted shirt will contour your figure.

25. When you unbutton the Jacket

Make sure to unbutton your jacket whenever you are about to sit down, call it what you will, basic ethics or fashion statement, not only you will be more comfortable, but people will know about you understand basic know-hows of the fashion.

26. Invest in Shoes


Your shoes will make or break your personality, your outfit is never complete without a right kind of shoes, invest in at least two pairs of shoes, one for casual use, and one a good formal; go for fancy oxfords if you must.

27. Brown Shoes

Talking about shoes, your brown shoes will always look so much better with navy blue attire.

28. Hair Products

There are tons of categories of hair products and in those categories, there is tons of variation, not everything is going to work out for you, it is very important to understand you own hair type and buy the product accordingly, right product can give your hair a cohesive style and a great texture.

29. White Shirt

Invest in at least one white dress shirt that is specifically tailored out for you, it is one of most basic fashion staples that will never go on wasted.

30. Accessories


If you are planning to accessorise, don’t overdo it. Always choose quality over quantity!

If you don’t know which accessories to choose, invest in a nice used watch, leather bag pack and good pair of headphones.

Extra money to splurge? Some men like fancy styling elements not less than women do. Nothing wrong with that! Although no more than one ring per hand, please, multiple rings on a single hand will make you look extremely far fetch. Remember, flashy is hardly ever classy, keep it simple and concise.


Here are a few pillars of a negative male fashion advice: how to not be a fashion victim.

1. Overdoing It

Whether you’re underdressed or overdressed is irrelevant because both approaches are wrong. When you’re seriously underdressed and borderline sloppy-looking, no one will take you seriously. On the other hand, if you try too hard you end up looking like a hot mess but in a diametrically opposite way. The key is to find this golden middle – keep things simple.

Know which colours do you justice, make sure the clothes fit perfectly, follow trends that go along with your personality and that’s pretty much the gist.

2. You’re a cheaposaurus

No one wants to spend $70 on a regular white T-shirt, and of course, this kind of spending is ludicrous. However, a nice crew sweater, a couple of quality button downs, a trench, a leather jacket, great jeans, good footwear as well as quality outerwear – whether you’re a jacket or a coat type of guy – these aren’t the things you want to cheap out on.

First of all, they’re not called investment pieces for no reason – they will last you a long time simply because they’re made from superb fabrics, and secondly, they will always be in style – hence, you will always look good wearing them. Regular tees, hoodies and sweats you can save a buck on, but these basics deserve to be paid the asking price.

3. Embellished Jeans

You need to throw the jeans right away that have a bling in the pockets or anywhere else, they are simply tacky.

4. Dry Cleaning your Suit

Do not take your suit for dry cleaning every time you wear it, just send it for dry clean if it really needs to be cleaned out, for instance, if you something spill on it or it is seriously stinking, otherwise your suit is good to go.

5. Speaking of Dry Cleaning

Never dry clean your suit jacket and pants separately they will become different colours, during the process of dry cleaning, it is common for fabric to tear down and shed the colour and become faded.

6. Tie and the Pocket Square

Never wear together a tie and a pocket square in the same outfit, I know sometimes they come as a set, but you want to coordinate an outfit and not be all matchy-matchy.

7. Jacket Pockets

Avoid using the outside pocket of your jacket, with stuff like your keys and phone the pocket will become bulky and throw off the clean-cut line of the suit.

8. Avoid Experiment on Shades

You will need time to find the perfect spectacles for you. People may spend a few minutes choosing a pair to use it for the next three or even more years. Remember, poor choice and the wrong fit can make you hate your shades. Before buying glasses, you should consider the shape of your face. 

Moreover, consider the shape of your eyebrows while picking a frame. For instance, choose a square frame for straight eyebrows or prefer curved frames for a similar form. Avoid buying a cheap frame for expensive lenses because the frame will start looking shabby soon.  

9. Dress Shirts

Do no wear your dress shirts untucked. Dress shirt are too long for them to be casually untucked. Dress shirts are specially designed to be tucked in, so keep it that way.

10. Sunglasses


Sunglasses can make you look more stylish, but never where then unless there is a bigger reason for that (SUNLIGHT).

Your shades are meant to be taken out the minute you enter the building, does not matter what kind of building you are in, your sunglasses are meant to be put away unless going as a poseur.

11. Baggy Pants

Avoid them ferociously, unless you are at home, those big baggy pants makes you look short.

12. Shirt Collar over the Suit Jacket

For the love of God don’t ever do that, you are shirt collars are meant to be tucked in under your suit jacket, you don’t want to look like 80s gangster for your next important meeting.

13. Don’t be a Billboard

Avoid the shirts with the big bold logo on them; you don’t want to end up looking like a walking talking advertisement.

14. Don’t be a Brand Snob

Just because you are spending tons of money on something with a particular brand name does not mean it is going to end up looking good on you. Lots of things that a specific brand has to offer doesn’t end up complimenting your figure or your overall appearance, if something is expensive does not mean it will also be stylish.

You don’t have to spend tons of money to be to have style; it is all about making better choices and being creative. The style is about understanding your personal preferences and making it work for you, make a truce with the fact that everything out there might not work out for  you but never fear to experiment every once in a while because you never know what you might end up discovering.

There are two types of men in this world – those with an innate sense of style who are always impeccably put together, know their audience and dress the part, and those who completely, well, suck at fashion. Luckily for the second type, there are plenty of ways to fix that. The trick is realizing and acknowledging your style mistakes, which again, many men don’t and that’s where we step in.

If at least five of these ring a bell, you’ll finally get the epiphany and hopefully fix your mistakes. It’s time to face the music – your fashion choices speak volumes of your personality, so in order to make a good first impression, get the job, get that second date, you’re going to have to step up your game, so read on and see where it all went wrong.

15. Holding on to the past

The hipster is dead, if he ever truly existed, so stop being a member of a crowd that is extinct and start dressing like a real man. Yes, the whole hipster phase was cute and actually appealing for a nanosecond, but it’s time to be a grownup and develop a sense of style that is actually authentic and not ‘authentic’ in the sense that half the population is rocking it.

16. Suiting Up Too Often


Unlike the previous generations, the younger ones simply don’t suit up, almost ever, not even to a wedding. While you don’t need to be Barney Stinson and have a suit arsenal in your wardrobe in order to look great, there are times when you definitely need to suit up. Wedding, important meetings, formal events – these all call for a suit, not that men’s suits can’t be rocked on an even more regular basis. After all, women love a man in a suit, so if you want to dazzle, dress to impress.

17. Not caring about fashion trends

We’ll give you Hawaiian shirts and socks with sandals – these were spotted on the runways along with pastel suits. Designers sometimes put the strangest, borderline ugly things on their models, and we’re definitely encouraging you not to follow every trend. However, just because you’re not supposed to fall prey to every trend, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace certain ones that actually look good and will in fact refresh your wardrobe and give you a little style boost.

For instance, the athleisure trend is awesome, and if you play it right you can pull it off for any occasion. Hey, you can even follow weird trends as long as you have the confidence to pull them off. The point is, there are amazing trendy pieces out there that have staying power, you just have to see which ones make you feel like yourself and you can rock whatever you want.

18. Not caring about details

Perhaps you’re blind to details, but women most certainly aren’t. They will scan you from head to toe, and even if you’re not trying to impress your date, you should still put in a little effort.

Make sure your shirts are pressed, that your colors are coordinated, that you’re wearing the right shoes and that you add a little something to finalize your look like a great perfume and a killer watch. Style isn’t just about clothes, it’s about the little things that glue the whole thing together.

19. Not dressing for your body type

You may or may not have seen Crazy, Stupid, Love, but the story goes, wife leaves husband, husband meets a suave guy at the bar (Ryan Gosling), suave guy gives the poor dumped guy a makeover and makes him realize that he’d been wearing the wrong size of everything his entire life. Know your body, and make sure your clothes fit properly. If you don’t know how to do it, consult a tailor or a fashion-savvy friend.

Do everything, just stop looking like you’re wearing a potato sack. So, make sure your pants are the right length, as well as your sleeves. And please, oh please, iron your clothes. Nothing can ruin an otherwise perfect outfit than the fact that you look chewed up and spat out.

20. Final mistake: Wrong Hairstyle

The wrong haircut can ruin your entire face, so visit a good salon where you’ll get the right advice on what kind of hairdo suits your face shape, but we’ve crossed over to a whole new arena here. Grooming is a different topic, so perhaps we’ll discuss it some other time. For now, take care of that wardrobe of yours and go get ‘em.

4 Easy and Quick Tips That Keep Men’s Hairstyle Looking Great

Though the annoying stereotypes have tried their hardest to convince us all that self-care is a gender thing, the modern day people are debunking such and we are thoroughly impressed.

The businesswire has got some really impressive stats for us that have shown that more males are well invested in self-care in the hair grooming department and that is a growing zinc, a great fried of your hair!

Yes Buddy, You Really Do Need Help with That!

I know I said that your hair is so bad-ass that it produces its own oils and stuff, but it hardly ever hurts to give your hair a helping hand.

Using the appropriate products both for the grooming and styling of your hair helps your hairstyle stay put together for more extended periods instead of just hoping it stays put and not bother with hair products.

Different hairstyles require different styling products. Find out what that hairstyle requires to maintain before committing to it. It could be a gel, spray or oil etc.

Invest in great hair care products today and step into the league of the cool guys with the cooler hair!

Know What’s Better Than One Hair Care Product?

Two! Getting one hair care product that is great for your hair type and favorite hairstyle is excellent, but sometimes one hair care product might not do your hair justice.

A combination of two products and sometimes more will individually bring different benefits to your hair is ideal.

Looking to keep your hair clean but afraid of stripping it of its natural oils? Also looking to throw in a little bit of volume in-between? Then grab yourself a replenishing hair shampoo and a volume defining hairspray and hold on a bit for that super hair magic.

Ever Heard of the Miracle of the Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo or hair magic like most call it is excellent to keep your hair in check! When you cut down on washing your hair like I previously suggested, your hair turning into the capital of grease town is expected, and when this greasy situation shows up to rain on your parade, trust the dry shampoo to come to your rescue!

How exactly does dry shampoo fix this situation? Yeah, we all know that a magician never reveals his secret but good dry shampoo dries up the excess oils in your hair that makes it unsightly, leaving both your scalp and hair feeling clean without you even having to wash it!

Dry shampoo is the way to go when you are looking to groom healthy hair that makes your hairstyle pop!

What’s Really Going on with Your Face?

We know you are looking to stand out with a hairstyle that breaks necks and all but to be honest, once your facial hair and face in general looks unkempt; it ruins the slickness of your hair.

Looked in the mirror lately? What’s really going on with that beard?  The bags under your eyes? Late night at the office?  A couple of late night’s maybe?

General self-care should come before hair care or even better, should go hand in hand.

Treating yourself to a visit to the beard groomers or an early night’ sleep would do your overall look a solid and make your hairstyle rock!

If you aren’t one who is big on having other people work your beard, then check out these really cool razors that would make your life easier!

Get a beard trim, try eating a little healthier and get some better rest in you today!

Now that you have gotten some pretty neat tips on how to keep your hairstyles just the way you like it, you might be thinking of what haircut to go with next and if you are having trouble with that, you might want to check out these cool haircut styles  for motivation, enjoy!

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