The Best Style Advice I’ve Ever Received: Keep It Simple

By Behn Watson

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With varying results of usefulness, we’ve all received some style advice in our lives. The quality of that advice can often be traced to the source and their own relationship with personal style. Having spent time in a few different industries in my years (including men’s fashion), many of these sources have given me what they consider to be sage advice.

Every so often, however, you stumble across a useful tidbit from someone that you’re not expecting; something that has the ability to shape your style and change the way you think about how you dress. This leads me to sharing the best advice I ever received.

keep it simple

I realize that sounds easy, but I can assure you it is not. We all want to separate ourselves from the pack, have our style speak for itself. This often ends up taking the form of trying to stand out, by dressing outlandishly.

Sometimes simply having the fit of your clothes on point is all it takes to stand out and look stylish. What really resonated with me about that piece of advice, though, is that the more I thought about it the more applications it took on.

The idea of keeping it simple doesn’t have to mean dress plainly, or don’t do anything that may garner attention. I think, primarily, it means to not over think things. I want to show all the ways we can “keep it simple” as it relates to our personal style while maintaining the things that makes us unique.

1. Fit

How do we keep things simple in regards to fit? Well, wear clothes that suit your body type. If you’re a little heavier, don’t wear things that accentuate your lumps. If you’re skinny, don’t wear clothes that billow and bag out.

It’s all pretty straightforward. Pick things that are comfortable and that you’re confident in. Confidence is the best thing you can wear and something people will surely notice.

A grey suit, with a white shirt and a grey tie. This is a classic example of a very simple look, which looks extremely sharp. A huge part of this is how well the suit and the shirt fit.

1 - Daniel Craig

2. Colour Palate

Stick to a relatively muted colour palate. A man’s wardrobe should primarily be made up of grays, navies, and blacks (in my mind you can throw olive into that mix as well; a great basic).

Mix in a few colours here and there to accent the basics, but keep things muted. Dressing in well-fitted, understated clothing will get you noticed in a positive manner, whereas wearing brightly-coloured pieces will make you stand out, but probably not in the way you want to.

How many “hey girl” memes have been made? Yeah, it helps to be devilishly handsome but his style is always on point. If you cruise through images of Gosling you’ll notice one common theme – he’s never trying too hard. The colors and patterns are typically pretty simple.

2 ryan

3. Trends

Like fad diets, clothing trends come and go. While there are fast-fashion giants out there providing the latest trends for a relative pittance, I think it behooves most men to spend their hard earned dollars on pieces that will stand the test of time.

It’s a simple mindset that pays dividends long-term. Avoiding trends and spending your money on classic, quality pieces is a great way to shop.

If you look at all the men’s style icons over the years (Steve McQueen,James Dean, Daniel Craig, Ryan Gosling) the parallel you can draw between all of them is timelessness and simplicity. None are known for outlandish outfits wild pieces. No, they’re all known for simple, classic looks that stand the test of time. Here is a great example of timeless style.

3 - Gosling and Dean

White tee and a pair of jeans is a timeless look. James Dean rocked it in Rebel Without A Cause, Ryan Gosling is crushing it getting out of a cab with a Dunkin’ Donut sign as the back drop. Either way, it’s simple and timeless.

4. Know What You Don’t Know

What’s always been important to me is to admit what I don’t know and seek help from those who do. If you don’t know how a suit should fit properly, head down to your local men’s shop and ask; there’s no shame in that.

To keep things simple is to not confuse yourself with concepts you don’t understand.

Instead of providing you with a picture of a celebrity who has a style team, I’d rather pose this question: are you fashionable? No? Then ask for help, and ask for it often.

5. Don’t Stretch

Don’t go too far out of your comfort zone. I’m not saying to never take risks, that would be foolish. But if you’re on the fence play it safe. There’s nothing worse than taking something home and realizing you’re never going to wear it. If you’re unsure if you like a piece of clothing in the change room, you’re probably going to like it even less wearing it in front of strangers.

Don’t stretch too far out of your comfort zone and don’t stretch your budget on things you don’t need. Most items in your closet should strike a balance between form and function.

4 - McQueen

If you look at old pictures of Steve McQueen he’s usually in swimwear (with a babe on his arm) or a white t and jeans. Despite this simplicity, he is still widely considered a men’s fashion icon.

Keep it simple: it never fails to work

I think fashion and style at their core are about feeling good about yourself and giving you the confidence to be who you really want to be. Your clothing should accentuate the things that people enjoy about your personality whether it is your warmth, sense of humour, or intelligence (hell, how about all three?).

I don’t need my style to be art, or free marketing, or a costume in which I’m trying to hide from the public. I think simplicity in dress makes you, as a person, confident and more accessible.

6 Easy To Apply Examples of How Slightly Changing Your Style Can Make You More Attractive

Are you ready to attract the ladies? Making a few changes in your overall outfit steps up the game to a whole new level.

Here are other mind-blowing examples of how slightly changing your style makes you more attractive.

Hygiene first

Hygiene is one of the first things that we women notice, if not what we look for when searching for a potential partner.

Studies say that olfactory cues allow women to determine whether you are a healthy and strong individual–a good indication of a potential mate.

Putting in some work in changing your style, starts with showering every day and changing into fresh clothes. Poor hygiene is a huge turn off for us women. Obviously, but at the same time so many guys seem to forget about that…

When a potential SO smells like rotten cheese, expect us to turn the other direction and never look back.

We don’t particularly look for how you style your hair. Although we know you’ve put a lot of time and effort into it. So we give some points on the pomade.

But when you trim your nails and nose hair, brush and floss your teeth, we notice it. Good hygiene in men sends a message to women that he can take care of himself, and therefore can take care of us as well.

A debate on perfume: there is a thin line between smelling manly and smelling as if Grandpa spilled the whole bottle on his shirt. A golden rule of using perfume is: don’t use too much of it.

Overbearing smell scares women away. On one hand, the overuse of perfume masks your natural pheromones that attract women.

On the other hand, we might take it as something you do to hide an unpleasant body odor. Spraying on your pulse points such as on your wrist and your neck is enough to smell good without going overboard.

Aside from the overuse of perfume, bad breath is also one of our pet peeves. It’s usually the reason you don’t get a second date. Smelling fresh is always a huge turn on.


If you look closely in the mirror, you will see that one eye is slightly larger than the other, one corner of the mouth protrudes a little differently, and the size of the ears isn’t usually the same.

Facial symmetry, or asymmetry, has a link to physical attractiveness. The more symmetrical your facial features, the more attractive you are to the opposite sex.

Wearing sunglasses hides that asymmetry around the eyes; it makes anyone wearing it look attractive.

Sporting cool sunglasses is an instant upgrade to any outfit. It enhances sex appeal and boosts confidence.

Another reason to wear sunglasses is it makes you look mysterious.

Interpersonal connections are important in dating, but first, you need to exude an aura of mystery. It makes women crave for more.

Remember to take them off when the time comes that you need to talk to them up close, such as on a first date.

It might come off as disrespectful when you don’t take them off. That kind of wastes the whole effort.

Grow a beard

Or not. 

And I’m saying this because women have different opinions on beards. Some women find it very unhygienic.

But one thing is for sure: A lot of women find it sexy. Growing your beard might be one way to get that woman’s attention.

Though as The Esquire says it, great beards don’t just happen

You need to learn how to maintain it, trim it the right way, conditioning it while you shower, etc.

If you can’t decide whether you should be clean-shaven, light stubble, or a full beard, the Personality and Differences Journal found out that going for a light stubble is the best way to go.

If your goal is to make women notice you as a potential, a light beard makes you seem more dominant, but less aggressive than full-bearded men.

A light stubble doesn’t require too much grooming.

Just exfoliating and trimming every 2-4 days will make it neither too short nor too long.

You want it to look natural, a little rugged if you will, yet also tidy. 

Take note, though, facial hair doesn’t suit every gent and that face shapes require different beard styles.

If you can’t tell if growing a beard suits you, test it out with your female friends, and see their expressions.

If they say it doesn’t suit you, better skip it.

Lastly, the right facial hair should be something that accentuates your features and works in tandem with your jaws.

Take a good look in the mirror, decide on your face shape, and look for the beard style that suits it.

Dress up well

Dressing up well doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. Pay attention to fashion trends, buy good quality clothes (especially shoes), get playful to stand out from the crowd, or keep it very classy if it’s more related to your personality type. Whatever works for you, just don’t neglect that.

Think about what your clothes want to say about you. Take a long honest look in the mirror. Evaluate the way you dress.

Most of the time, we forget that we need to upgrade our wardrobe. As we age, our sense of style changes. The message we want to send across also becomes different. Sure, the graphic shirt is cool. It was cool when you wore it in college.

You don’t want to look cute when impressing the woman you like. You want to look like a man of her dreams.

And the man of her dreams surely isn’t wearing a graphic shirt. Aside from your choice of clothing, you want to dress for the body that you have.

Buying into trends without considering if it suits your body type is not a smart move. Investing in versatile clothing is the smartest option, especially when you have a limited wardrobe.

Clothes in neutral colors are the easiest to mix and match. Plus, it makes you look classy. Decide on what shapes flatter your best angles, and which ones hide those bulges you want to hide.

If you are in the mid-twenties, a good pair of chinos or casual slacks might be a better option than denim jeans. You might still get away with your graphic shirts by layering it up with long sleeves.

If you are in the late twenties, it’s time to give up those colorful shirts. A touch of sophistication and class is a real magnet to the ladies.

Your hair and eyes do give a little hint about your age. When you are in the late forties, you can’t lie about your age by wearing a shirt that might make you look younger.

Just own it.

Play with pieces that match your style and age.

How to Be a Better Shopper while shopping clothes

Shopping makes us happy because we all love new things. However, it is not easy to get the things we need at good prices. Because of this, we bring you some tips for buying vlone apparel clothes and how you can shop smarter. Keep reading for more information.

How to become a better buyer

Shopping smart is not common knowledge among us. It is our whole life to shop, but we don’t do it well. Some people are compulsive, while others are nervous.

You can become a better buyer if you:

Make sure you know what you’re measuring:

This is the best way to know your measurements and size, whether you are shopping in a physical store or online. There are no differences in sizes between brands. It is possible to check a garment’s size online and in store you can try it on.

Knowing the materials: 

If you buy and can touch the fabrics, this is an important point, but it’s also important to know what the best fabrics are. You can wash clothes and wear them correctly if you understand clothing labels.

When it comes to buying, be flexible. Perhaps you are looking for a specific shape and color shirt, but come across something better made or that combines in a more desirable manner, such as this striped Tommy jeans shirt.

Tips for buying clothes

Here are some shopping recommendations for you to consider:

Don’t wait too long to shop

When your wardrobe needs updating, don’t do it. In addition to waiting until a weekend event to do some emergency shopping. The best part is that your wardrobe is ready for any occasion.

You may be stressed out during this process if you go to the last hour in search of something and cannot find it.

There are no rules for shopping, so that does not mean that shopping is always regulated. However, if you like a part, you just have to buy it. You have this piece in your wardrobe and wear it when necessary.

Don’t buy things you don’t need, but buy things you like

Despite the fact that there are some basic clothes that every woman should have, like black pants or a white shirt. You don’t have to buy everything on the must-have parts list.

It is possible to have a good wardrobe without a blazer. Alternatively, you can find other pieces that are just right for your look if this doesn’t appeal to you. Ideally, do not buy things you do not like, nor do you have to wear them.

If you like the product, you should buy it. Buying products you like and complementing your looks will not be a problem.

Imagine yourself wearing this garment

I love when I decide to buy a new item or, more specifically, who I imagine wearing it with in my closet. You can determine if a purchase is worthwhile by imagining three items that go well together in your wardrobe.

If you like this piece and only plan to pair it with one item in your wardrobe, don’t think twice about buying it. It is important to realize that fashion changes all the time and you do not have to buy the same things all the time.

If you plan on trying clothes on, dress appropriately

When you go shopping, the best thing is to look good and to have makeup on, so you can see what you want to wear. You cannot know how to wear a dress if you are not wearing the right shoes, makeup and hairstyle.

The idea is not to dress up like you’re going to a wedding while shopping,

Take a look at your entire house, maybe you have a lot of clothes of the same color, or only a few tops, but no good blouses. Even if you have a wardrobe full of shoes, they may not be ideal for a job interview.

By following these tips, you can purchase what you need for your wardrobe. Your knowledge of how to be a better buyer includes both buying your parts online and in a physical store. What are your thoughts on these tips? You can share yourself on social networks with your friends.

To avoid spending more than necessary on things you won’t wear or are simply equal to what you already have, you must know what you already own. As a result, you will own better clothing, as well as a more complete Woo Shirt  wardrobe.

Decorate your wrist

Another instant upgrade to any outfit is wearing a classic piece on your wrist. It goes a long way even when the time comes to upgrade your style and wardrobe again.

Investing or should we say splurging in these classic pieces, is a smart financial decision since you can wear them in a variety of outfits.

Your choice of a wristwatch can either make or break your whole style.

You need to be smart about the kind of wristwatch that you buy. Ideally, you can find one that matches most in your wardrobe.

Find one that will complement your choice of palette.

The Omega Speedmaster is an example of a timely piece that is versatile and goes a long way.

The stainless steel case of the Omega Speedmaster complements almost any piece of wardrobe.

The quality of this piece is tested (even approved by NASA) and therefore, a good investment and addition to your ever-evolving style.

Unlike shirts and jackets that get worn out, a good wristwatch can be worn by the young men and even the older men.

Aside from watches upgrading your look, the effect of wearing a watch sends a signal to women that you are punctual.

Wearing a watch is also linked to conscientiousness and emotional stability; another indication of a man as a potential mate.

Gift Lists Ideas: 4 Classic Dress Watches to Check Out

A dress watch is a kind of watch that is worn to complement formal attire. Dress watches ultimately add finishing touches to your evening dress or suit. Several manufacturers produce dress watches for both men and women. These pieces are primarily minimalistic and blended with innovative designs. A typical dress watch isn’t too showy or shiny. 

A dress watch can come in one of two forms. Either it is digital or analog, automatic or mechanical. Either way, it still uses the standard mechanism to measure the time but has the added ability to display the time in either digit or seconds, hourly, daily, etc. If you’re on the lookout for a classy dress watch to give a loved one as a gift, then here are some dress watches you should check out. 

  1. Longines – Longines Master Collection

Longines watches are one of the most popular dress watch brands for men. If your man loves horse riding or other related equestrian sports, you should get him a Longines watch as a gift. This brand has a long-standing tie to horseback riding. The name carries a reputation for being highly reliable and for having a great design sense.

Many celebrities and movie stars are seen wearing Longines watches. The designer’s name is well recognized and is loved by many people because of its exclusivity. Longines watch is also known for having elegant styling and quality craftsmanship.

Longines is a Swiss luxury watchmaking company based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Established in 1832 by Auguste Aggasiz and his two partners, the brand has been part of the prestigious Swiss Swatch Group for decades. The company produces both dress and sports watches for both men and women. 

As for the different collections of designer dress watches that Longines manufactures, there are many watches to choose from. You can pick a perfect one depending on your preference and taste. If you’re looking for an excellent model of Longines watch for a day, then the Longines Dolcevita is the right choice.

  1. Rolex – Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust is probably one of the best-looking Rolex watches in existence. As much as any other Rolex, it’s undeniably an icon of the watch-making industry. But what makes this watch so special? What does it have that other watches don’t?

The Rolex Datejust was first released in 1945, which was the 40th anniversary of the Rolex company. Its exceptional date display coupled with elegant details made the model so popular among men and women watch lovers. The Rolex Datejust is still famous today and would make an excellent gift for any watch enthusiast. 

  1. Tissot – Tissot Analog Display

The Tissot Analog Displays watch is one of many timepieces made by the world-renowned watchmaking company, Tissot. This brand of watch showcases many features common in dress watches. The Tissot brand has its own approach to watchmaking, and some of their watches have features unique only to this brand name. 

Many people consider the Tissot an excellent dress watch or Men’s Watch because it is technologically advanced. This watch has been designed with a traditional yet sporty look that is attractive to the younger generation. With accurate time and a beautiful design, this timepiece from Tissot has become a favorite for consumers of all ages. If you’re looking for a classy dress watch under $1000, then the Tissot Analog Display Would be a great choice. 

  1. Timex – Timex Easy Reader

Timex watch is a well-known American company that produces watches for both women and men. Their watches for women come with more feminine designs, unlike the masculine Timex watch for men. 

Some of the most popular ladies’ watches by Timex for women include the Q Timex stainless steel bracelet watch, easy reader leather strap watch, etc. There are also a few different models of watches for men by Timex. 

What Makes An Exceptional Dress Watch? 

When looking for a new dress watch, we need to consider one of the most important things is its features. 

Some features of best dress watches include:

  1. Simplicity – In contrast to sports watches with complex and rugged looks, a dress watch has a slimmer outlook and can easily fit under your sleeve. 
  2. Material – Precious metals like gold and silver are used in making some dress watches. 
  3. Band – The band of most dress watches is made with leather and smaller compared to sports or diver’s watches. 

The more complex your dress watch’s features, the more expensive it will be, so you must check for some features according to your budget. 

One of the best attributes to dress watches is that many of them can be worn by both men and women. However, they are others made explicitly for women and men differently. This makes them very versatile. Whether you are going on a date, to the office, or to a social gathering, a dress watch is a great addition to your outlook. 

They come in a variety of styles and prices to fit all lifestyles. Other popular options include Fizili Ultra-Thin, Citizen Eco-Drive, IWC Portugieser perpetual calendar, and the Vincero icon automatic.

Suit up!

If you want to be looking like a gentleman, suit up! Men in suits look way more respectful and attractive. Pay attention to where you are though… If everyone is wearing casual, and you are in a suit, it may make you look like you are trying to hard…

Men who wear suits have good positions in the corporate world.

Undeniably, a financially capable man is irresistible to women.

Of course, suits aren’t the only option. By adding a blazer or jacket, it spices up your outfit up a notch.

You can wear it on top of any outfit, as long as they are in basic colors. Opt for a denim jacket when you’re going for a casual style.

With a denim jacket, you can wear colorful shirts as it balances the look. If you think layering with jackets is not appropriate for the sunny weather, you can opt for bomber jackets.

They usually come in different colors and styles nowadays.

You don’t need to refurbish your wardrobe. Just adding a few pieces here and there will surely upgrade your style.

Investing in some versatile pieces is also also a smart option that will go a long way. Make sure to follow these mind-blowing example in changing your style. It will surely get the ladies’ attention.

5 James Bond Suits That Will Make Your Date Successful

There would be hardly any person who is not aware of the fictional spymaster, James Bond 007.  The character of James Bond is played by a number of individuals which include Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig and all of them made breath-taking performances and were able to attract viewers from around the world.

James Bond has to perform dangerous tasks and pass through different passages undetected. High-quality suits tend to enhance the personality of the Bond and make him confident enough to accomplish tasks that other people do not dare to perform.

james bond siut

When there is a time for a special occasion, everybody would love to be in their best form and would definitely like to dress in the best possible way. Every person has its own taste and preference, some like it to be casual, while others prefer a bit formal and classy style. For individuals who want to look elegant and formal, James Bond suits are the best! These suits not only give a sensational look, but they also give the confidence to handle delicate conditions with ease.

james bond suit 2

What makes James Bond attire the best in its class is the uniqueness and graceful design. They are crafted with utmost dedication and high skills because they represent a character that has thousands of fan following. This James Bond suit is a Windowpane suit that has a windowpane design beautifully crafted. It possesses a standard notch lapel collar with a two-button front closure that helps in depicting the sober personality of the individual. The flap pockets give this coat a classic look, while the slightly tilted welt pocket makes this coat a bit stylish. The suit also possesses a single vent at the back.

The suit overall shows a formal look, and can be used for a formal date. This suit can be worn at places as indicated in the above picture. With this suiting, you can choose a place that has a bright colored theme. The white shirt underneath the suit will make sure that you blend in with the theme, and the style and design of the suit will make you stand out from the crowd. You can wear a blue tie, and a black belt with this state of the art suit.

james bond suit 3

Charcoal grey is a color that is very pleasing to the eyes, and when a stylish suit possesses that color, it gives the viewers a staggering look. Suits are mostly used on formal occasions, like a formal date or an official meeting. If an individual is planning for a date, then this masterpiece can help out in a way like no other. This two piece suit has a coat that has a standard notch lapel collar that ends in a two button front closure. The coat has a fine stitching around the collars of this coat which adds much elegance to the appearance.

This suit is preferred if you are on a date with a brilliant theme location. The enhanced light will enlighten the vertical lining design on the coat. A restaurant like shown above surely deserves a suiting that has a supreme class, and will also assist you in creating a deep impression on your date. If the place where you intend to spend time with your loved one is in resemblance with your outfit, then it is more probable that you can look more appealing.

This remarkable piece of suit consists of three pieces, a coat, vest, and trouser. The most prominent part of a suiting is its coat because of its style and design. This James Bond Herringbone suit has a striking appearance due to its wide peak lapel collar, and a ticket pocket that is crafted just above the right flap pocket. This suit is best for people who have a lower waist size because the coat has a suppressed waist design for a better fitting.

The visual appearance of any object has a profound effect on its surroundings. Celebrity suits are specially made to attract viewers, so a James Bond suit will give you a beautiful look on your date and will surely help you in making your evening wonderful. A location such as this place is mad for a special event, and for that special event you will need a three-piece suit just like the James Bond has worn in his movie, the Spectre.

james bond suit 4

A special occasion requires special attire, just a James Bond suit for a date with your loved one. Ladies need something special and a candle light dinner with a fantastic city view will definitely grab her attention. If you need to get an essence of what your wear, you need to know about it. This James Bond suit has a wide lapel peak collar which is very prominent because of its large size and its sober design. The two button closure makes it possible to show off the overwhelming vest and increase its fashion. The cuffs possess three buttons stitched in line for a better look.

Candle light dinners are for special people, and for special people the arrangements are also made exceptional. This James Bond suit can be worn on a theme similar to this one. The beautiful city view across the table will enlighten the mood throughout the date, and the calm environment will let you focus on what is necessary. The candle lights will emit light enough to see each other and will avoid any distractions.

james bond suit 5

James Bond is the best fictional spy character the world has ever known. With such class and grace, he manages to accomplish his missions without fail. It is also because of his appearance that he can show his character with elegance. This Sharkskin suit is one of a kind, and it is made of a unique material which is called Sharkskin. The collar on this glossy looking attire is standard notch lapel and has a closure of two buttons. The welt pocket adds fashion to this breathtaking suit, and the classic style flap pockets make it much soberer.

This suit can be your companion on a special date that needs to go smoothly and calmly. With an indoor environment like this, the James Bond Sharkskin suit will enhance your personality to unprecedented levels. Classic paintings and the chandeliers present in the premises will match with the tough sharkskin standard. With a quiet environment, you will get all the confidence and attention you need to make your date successful.

These James Bond suits are in demand from across the globe. It is because of the fact that the dressing which resembles with a celebrity can boost confidence and self-esteem of an individual. Since some people are very possessive towards their date but could not find a perfect solution, they can take help from the above-recommended suits and places to impress people who they care about. Good luck for your date and do not forget to comment. We welcome your honest feedback. Have a nice time.

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