10 Skills All Guys Should Learn That Will Impress Women

By Scott Huntington

Posted 11 months agoDATING

The stereotype for impressing women is to whip out some money, and the ladies will come flockin’. While this may help, it won’t attract the type of women you want to meet. Instead, I’m here to tell you about ten other skills that will help you woo a woman.

Not only can you express these skills without looking like a chump, but they’re a lot easier to learn than you might expect!

1. Learn How to Dance

Girls love a man who isn’t afraid to go out on the dance floor and boogie the night away. Most women will follow along, but even if they don’t, they’ll love that you’re not afraid to go out and show your stuff. Dancing is one of the harder skills to learn because many guys are scared of being judged for their moves. If you find yourself lost on the dance floor, do these three simple things:

  • Learn simple steps to rely on when you’re stuck
  • Let loose and move to the rhythm of the music
  • Keep eye contact with your partner

You won’t be clearing circles in the middle of the floor to show off your moves, but women will be impressed as long as you’re willing to go out and have fun.

2. Enjoy an Independent Lifestyle

No woman wants a future with a man who still lives off his parents’ money. You don’t have to be Mr. Money Bags or spoil a woman to get her to like you. Yet supporting a significant other financially is a turn-off, and won’t get you far in the dating world. No girl will find financial dependence sexy, and it’s probably not enjoyable from the man’s point-of-view either!

Women want to know that you can live on your own and support yourself — it means you’ll be better suited for starting a family. It’s one of the harder skills to flex, but if you can show a girl you’re financially and socially independent, you’ll look much manlier.

3. Fix Common Things Around the House

A fix-it mentality is one of the more stereotypical skills to learn as a guy, but it will still impress women. More men are growing up without the general handyman skills the generation before knew. It’s a total turn on if you can change a tire, fix a car engine or do some carpentry work.

A lot of these skills are easy fixes with the right tools and a quick google search. Next time something breaks don’t be afraid to give it a shot before calling in help. To start,  invest in essential tools like a screwdriver set, socket wrench, pliers, utility knife and flashlight.

4. Cook Actual Meals

No, ramen doesn’t count as an actual meal — neither does a cheese quesadilla. I’m not talking about cooking a three-course, 5-star dinner either. Plenty of cheap and straightforward recipes are available that offer the right choice in food for date night. It’s impossible to find a woman who’s unimpressed when a man offers to cook a meal and knows his way around the kitchen.

Start by practicing a couple of meals by yourself to see what works best. Try a variety of dishes, like pasta, steak and tiramisu. Then invite your partner over for a taste test. Don’t forget to ask about diet and allergy restrictions before choosing what to cook! An unknown peanut allergy can make a great date night go south quickly. If the night goes well, you might find yourself a repeat diner.

5. Be a Good Listener

Girls love a great communicator! Every girl is different, and it’s your job to listen and participate in their interests. One of the best tips I’ve learned about effective communication is to ask questions. So many people will hear others’ experiences and want to chime in with their own. This tactic makes them feel like they’re contributing to the conversation and learning about each other.

What you should really do is ask in-depth questions about the story the person tells. You’ll find out more about the person you’re talking to, and it’ll make you seem super interested in what the other person has to say. For extra listening points, bring up some of the things you picked up later in the day/week to let her know you were paying attention!

6. Play an Instrument

We’ve all seen the scenes in TV shows and movies. There’s a guy with long hair sitting outside strumming a guitar. Girls are surrounding him with wide Bambi eyes. The reason everyone can picture this scene in their head is because it’s true!

Learning how to play the guitar won’t have girls throwing themselves at you, but it will definitely show off your artistic side and pique a couple of girls’ interests. They’ll see it as a way of expressing your sensibility, which most guys will never let to the surface. It may seem like a big commitment, but playing an instrument is also proven to improve long-term memory, brain development and mental alertness.

7. Have Manners

Contrary to what nice guys say, girls do notice manners. It’s important to understand there’s a difference between being kind to a girl you like and having manners. Most men are nice to the woman they like. The first rule to attract a girl is to be kind to her. Having manners, though, is entirely different. Real etiquette involves being polite and courteous to everyone you encounter.

A few basic examples are giving your seat to the elderly, holding the door for strangers and respecting others’ personal space. You can teach yourself the rules of engagement from hundreds of examples, but they all boil down to the same thing — be a decent human being. It takes loads of self-control and patience but will pay off in the long run when women appreciate it.

8. Drink

I’m not talking about shotgunning a beer faster than your buddies or being able to crush an empty can against your head. Discover the other side of drinking, where self-control and sophistication can be displayed while also having a good time. Learn how to prepare a good cocktail, take a class on how to taste wine or walk through the brewing process of different beers. You can learn most of these easily while enjoying some adult beverages with friends.

When done in moderation — and depending on the occasion — drinking can be a very classy affair. Something you should understand with this skill is when to show it off. Being able to read a room is critical. Trying to force fancy drinks on people and using complicated terminology can make you come off as condescending at a casual hang out. If you ease into this desirable skill, I’m confident women will take notice.

For extra drinking points, learn how to open a bottle without a bottle opener, which can come off as masculine and save the party.

9. Learn Another Language

Learning another language is the hardest skill to achieve off this list, but it pays dividends. If a woman hears you ordering your food in French or Spanish at a fine dining restaurant, they’re bound to be impressed. It also shows worldliness — that you’re likely a well-traveled individual, which is definitely a plus compared to someone who hasn’t left the country.

While this process could easily take a couple of years to master, even knowing a guy is putting effort into learning another language is attractive. It shows dedication, an open mind and a willingness to understand other cultures. To speed up your progress, download a language learning app and ask your date to test their vocabulary.

10. Learn How to Defend Yourself

Forget impressing anyone. I’d recommend everyone take a defense class just for the safety benefits that come along with it. If nothing else, you can find resources online that outline the basics. Learn how to clear out distractions and focus on your surroundings. You can also find out how to exhibit confident and strong body language.

You never know! Reviewing some of these tips could come in handy one day. Hopefully, you’ll never have to show off this skill. In the case you do, though, it can be incredibly impressive to women if you fend off a mugger or a bully.


So, which of these skills should you focus on? Start with ones you already have a basic knack for or ones that actually appeal to you. Don’t change your lifestyle in a way that makes you unhappy just to impress a girl.

Also, keep in mind that each woman is different and will appreciate different skills. If you can listen — skill six — find out which she will appreciate more, then focus on improving those skills to woo her! Some girls might love a guy who loves animals. On the other hand, your ideal girl might be looking for a man who knows how to throw a responsible party.

Good luck out there!

About the author Scott Huntington

Scott Huntington is a writer who covers the world of survival, prepping, firearms, outdoors, and more. You can check his site Off The Grid.