How to Cope With Anxiety and Depression (Even in the Crazy Times of Covid19 Pandemic!)

By Patrick Banks

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We are currently living in the weirdest of times. At one point, we have everything at a touch of a finger. Smart homes, virtual lifestyles, well connected world and a lot more luxuries than what we could think of barely two decades ago. Not even speaking about the worldwide fear about the conrona virus pandemic!
Top Tips to Cope-Up with Anxiety (Even in the Crazy Times of Corona Pandemic

Obviously, this unsure times and entire digital race has brought in some negative energies with it. We are generally moving towards unhealthy lifestyles and an emotional disconnect with people around us.

People like to spend more time with their gadgets and less time with their loved ones. As a result problems such as anxiety and stress are becoming increasingly common in people of all ages. If you feel you might be suffering from anxiety, these tips will help you deal with it. Check our tips to survive the turbulences!

1. Go Offline

How about hiding your Facebook, Instagram, news and just read a book or watching a good movieStaying informed is one thing, obsessively checking news, social media and statistics is another. Saturated yourself with the global fear can only weaken your immune system and contribute to the worldwide panic. You don’t want any of that. ?

Media coverage is adjusted to what people are interested in watching about, often times creating a threat than it’s needed. World needs your precautions, taking care for yourself and others, not panicking so just stay calm. Our ancestors needed to go to war, you are only asked to keep it sane and safety.

You can make it! Here are some best advice on how to chill the fuck out.

2. Check Your Vitamin D and Levels and Take Supplements

One of the most common triggers of anxiety include low levels of Vitamin D. This is a very common deficiency, especially among people who have little sun exposure. You can have your vitamin D levels checked by a simple laboratory blood test. If you have very low Vitamin D levels, your doctor might prescribe you ampules to bring up your level.

Even if you have decent Vitamin D levels, you need to sustain that for ensuring that you are functional and energetic. Lacking important nutrition value can result in fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety. There are certain supplements that should be part of your regular diet such as Vitamin D3, Iron, Calcium and Folic Acid. If you feel you have an extreme anxiety and regular supplements are not helping, include CBD oil in your supplement list.

There are FDA approved strains available produced by Industrial Hemp Farms, which have immense health benefits. These Hemp oils have shown proven results in treating stress and anxiety.

3. Eating Right

As weird as it may sound, our eating habits also play significant role in triggering anxiety. Unfortunately, modern food habits and food production values are not the healthiest. Too much GMO and artificial hormones in food supplies and the unhealthy dine out and fast food culture adds to the problem. Switch to healthy eating practices, preferably choosing vegan options as often as you can and drinking a lot of water. Go for organic produce, especially if you are eating meat. Add more fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet to keep your self fresh and healthy.

4. Sleep Tight

Whether you are working late, partying out in the night, or just chilling in your bed wide awake on your phone, you are depriving your brain from the rest that it requires. Your brain is like a computer processor that needs the cool down time after an active day. Lack of sleep not only triggers stress and anxiety, but also leads to other underlying health problems. Make sure you get at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep everyday. Do check your mattress, bed linen and pillows for the right comfort levels.

5. Workout

Workout is not only meant for physical fitness. It also helps keeping your mentally fit. Exercising helps a lot in diffusing the negative energy inside you. You can go for any physical activity that makes you happy. Jog in the park, take a swim or make a proper working out session. Many people swear by boxing and cross fit programs for destressing. Yoga is another excellent way bring down anxiety levels.

5. Start Dating Again

“Good dates are about connecting with another person, not showing off”- Logan Ury. 

Socially Distanced: How To Get Dating Again Following COVID 

The COVID-19 epidemic impacted negatively on living, and many individuals are still suffering the consequences. Lockdowns and safety rules have altered the way single people date and seek romantic relationships. While it didn’t stop dating, COVID limitations resulted in a greater dependence on internet dating and other ways of meeting new people.

dating advice 

Those strict covid-19 dating guidelines provided a structure for finding romance during a pandemic, but they were a lot of effort. The traditional in-person first date is back now that nearly half of American people are fully vaccinated, and many of us are unaware. 

After being confined to the sofa for the previous 16 months, how can you seem interested in a first date? Is it appropriate to inquire about a person’s vaccination status? Let’s talk about this. 

First date after the pandemic 

dating advice

Bear in mind that you’re not alone in fear of venturing out. While you may be excited, the hypervigilance that arises when you consider engaging in new relationships is quite understandable. However, it is essential not to make the other person uncomfortable because first impressions still matter. 

Rather than rush onto the second date or quit dating altogether, it is essential to prepare before the first date. Preparation does not happen overnight, so you might have to pick up some modern dating tips. Even if you wish to take things slowly, you must start someplace. Situations grow more anxiety-provoking the longer we ignore them. 

Virtual dates still a thing? 

You bet. The dating site seems not to be going anywhere in a hurry. Even before the pandemic, when people were on the fence about dating someone, they opted for virtual meetings. 

Nothing is more aggravating than driving across town to meet someone for a drink only to find out after five minutes that they might not be the right person. There are ways to make a virtual date feel unique and different from their eight-hour workday. 

But if you opt for social interactions via virtual platforms, make this date enjoyable for you. Also, remember to make a good impression by dressing well like you would in real life. Make a fun cocktail for yourself and send the recipe to your date. The majority of men and women want you to make the most of your time together. 

The COVID discussion 

When you first start dating someone, you typically think about their hobbies, shared interests, and political views to see whether you’re a good fit. That includes asking questions like, what measures do you take before and after meetings if your work needs you to be around other people? Do you share a home with others, and if so, how do you keep track of each other’s risk of contracting the virus? Are you a frequent visitor to restaurants and other public places? 

The idea is not to ruin your chances of having a great time, but these questions could help streamline your commitment. The deal is that these responses will help you determine their exposure to other persons and situations. You’re attempting to figure out how likely you are to become ill if you start dating. This is something you can do virtually. 

Be honest with the other person. 

Having open and honest discussions with a prospective partner has always been vital to building healthy relationships. The pandemic has given more time to think beyond just physical attraction. Therefore, people may be more forthright about what they want- a relationship, something casual, or anything in between. That directness is a pleasant change in the dating world. 

Dating tips for the real World 

The pandemic is helping to relate with one another more intentionally than before. That way, people can look beyond their past experiences and pay attention to fundamental values. This is good because you can quickly know who share similar values with you and those who don’t. 

Of course, this does not make dating less fun. But, the focus is not primarily on the romance or sexual aspects. These are some tips that could help you: 

Prioritize your health 

When it comes to health, it is about physical and mental health. For instance, if you worry about being in close contact or a place, you can consider an outdoor date. Luckily, you have some options, including a dinner date in a well-spaced location or stargazing in an open field. These options help you make real life connections while adding some spice to your time with your date. 

Talk about your values even if you met on a dating site

It is polite to maintain eye contact when on a date, but the connection becomes awkward when there’s nothing to say. For example, talking about how you worked around your passion despite the lockdown could be an excellent place to start. 

Alternatively, you may consider talking about the new additions to your life that made it easier to keep going despite the lockdown. Or, speak about the pandemic and how you are taking measures. This could help you decide if you are like-minded people and whether you’d love to meet again. 

It is good advice to have some character traits you look for in a date. If you don’t have something you’re looking forward to, it could make dating a messy business. 

Keep the work-talk minimal

Whether you opt for online dating or are meeting in person, it is better to keep the work-talk out of the picture. Showing interest in a person means wanting to know about them and what they’re interested in, but hammering on work can put people off. 

Before Covid, dating experts advice that dating should not feel like a networking thing. Indeed, you want to find love or form a relationship, not interview them for a job. If you start to hang around the career discussion for too long, you may be on the way to being friends. 

Try talking about their hair color, hobbies, travel interests, movies, or what they do when they hang out with friends. That way, you’re sure you know something tangible about their life. 

Get creative on the second date (dating advice) 

dating advice

Suppose you did try the first date virtually and got lucky for a second, good for you!. That’s a second shot to give the interested person a better impression. As the vaccination continues to war against COVID, this might be time to start meeting people in person and getting creative while at it. 

You’ve probably heard stories from your friend about a date that was late, sweaty and spent the whole evening staring at their phone. Don’t be that person. People are too lazy and busy to create an excellent first impression. Therefore chivalry is still on. 

Make it a point to make a date seem a little bit less boring, whether it’s a picnic with their favorite foods or getting cocktails at your favorite pub. More people are usually ecstatic to engage in genuine human contact once again and to dress up finally. 

Hooking up with an ex? 

The epidemic has added an extra degree of emotional uncertainty for some individuals. Of course, it is scary to think of all the things that came with the pandemic, but the “Alive after the fall” program tells the truth about how people managed such events and how you could manage it too. 

Of course, the aftermath of the pandemic came with dramatic changes and many ideas that we weren’t used to. For this reason, some people might think it hard to find love again. They may also worry about commitment with questions like; Is it preferable to rekindle things with a previous partner whose judgment on pandemic safety you already trust, or is it worth the effort to meet someone new and find out their pandemic philosophy? 

It’s natural to check in on individuals who have played significant roles in your life in the past. However, rekindling a relationship may not be an intelligent decision and might even be detrimental to your mental health. After all, there was a reason for letting it go. 

Although dating after a pandemic entails several risks, meaningful emotional connections remain essential for daily life. It would be better if you don’t forget to consider the advantages and disadvantages of dating in the same way we think about buying food or seeking medical care. 

You may be taking precautions to boost immunity against the coronavirus, but don’t forget that your mental health also matters. You need to keep it in check because the goal is overall wellness. If the current challenges make you feel helpless, remember that there are measures you can take to restore your positive mind frame.

What are the Natural Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

Though you may be social distancing, it doesn’t mean suffering all alone. Take a look at these all-natural and powerful ways to boost your mental health so that you can emerge victorious despite all the problems.

Stick to Your Normal Daily Routine

Though the lockdown disrupted your regular lifestyle and forced you to deviate from what you are accustomed to, you have to do everything in your power to maintain your routine. Don’t wallow in misery and stay in bed all day. Forgoing your shower and other grooming habits will just make you feel even worse. Instead, get up every morning and do your usual hygiene practices and keep other natural ways to boost your mental health.

Moreover, don’t forget to fuel your body with proper nutrition. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Take your java fix! Drinking 3-10 cups of coffee per dayakin to a happy pill. The caffeine in your drink will perk you up and stimulate you to move. Both your food and beverage play a vital role in uplifting your mood or you can try taking a Mood Support supplement. If you have a healthy diet, you can manage your stress well and boost your physical strength, too.

Try Yoga

A lot of people swear by yoga because of its mental health benefits. If possible, you can take classes from a studio. However, if your area has quarantine enforced, you can still take lessons from the many yoga gurus who provide free workouts on Youtube. Before picking a beginner lesson to get a good jumpstart, always look for effective and personalized product reviews for having the best quality mats for your practice, and then build your way up from there.

Yoga is a form of exercise that has numerous positive effects on your brain. It raises your endorphins (or happy hormones) and regulates brain activity. Making this a habit can help you de-stress. Yoga also increases your body awareness when you do your poses, allowing you to reduce muscle strain and tension.

You can also become a dedicated yoga practitioner and gain much more benefits from yoga. In this case, you need to follow a regular diet. For instance, the majority of yoga practitioners are using only the best tasting protein powder supplements as a regular part of their diet.

Incorporate Meditation

Making meditation a routine will bust your stress. It helps clear your mind of negative thoughts, allowing you to relax. It is an effective way to keep mental health issues in check because of its capacity to relax brain waves. Meditation has the power to cleanse your mind, so you’ll become more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

In addition, this fine art can increase your concentration and attention, allowing you to focus on brighter thoughts. To help you set the mood, put on soothing music and light up aromatherapy candles. Meditation improves brain function by increasing blood flow to your nervous system. It will also promote the release of endorphins and decrease ill feelings or thoughts.

Get Ample Sleep

If you want to improve your mental health, you must get 8 hours of beauty sleep every night. It is not mere vanity but a necessity. Nighttime sleep is a time for your body to heal and recharge. Your cells regenerate well when you take a good rest. As such, you need sufficient sleep to make sure your body functions at the optimal level.

Inadequate sleep will lower your immunity and increase your risk of catching illnesses. Sleep deprivation will also lead to an inefficient cognitive function. As a result, you can readily fall into depression and sadness when you lack sleep. For best results, aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep every single day. You owe it to yourself to rest your body and mind.

Practice Deep Breathing

To reduce your stress and improve your mental function, you must practice deep breathing. This holistic breathing technique is more efficient as it allows your body to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide optimally.

Every time you take deep breaths, this sends a message to your brain to relax and calm down. In return, your brain sends a message to your body. Through this, you can maintain a great heartbeat, stabilize blood pressure, and relieve stress. To get the most out of this technique, you must practice mindfulness. Furthermore, carve out time from your day to do lengthy deep breathing exercises.

Maintain Social Connections

Even if you have to follow new normal protocols, you must never forget to maintain social connections. Even if you don’t see each other, you can take advantage of technology to schedule Zoom dates, Netflix parties, and FB messenger chats. Keeping in touch with your support system is crucial for maintaining your mental health.

As the famous adage says: no man is an island! Friendships and close relationships are vital elements that you can never outgrow. Reaching out to people who matter in your life will help you keep your sanity in these hard times. Loved ones who care show you that you are never alone. They are a ray of hope that reminds you that tough times do not last forever.

Try Cannabidiol

Have you ever heard about cannabidiol? It is very likely that you have! This active compound is found in cannabis plants and has a number of benefits, including anxiety relief. Because of that, it might prove to be very useful during stressful times.

If you were to go to a local supermarket and look for products with CBD, you would be able to find quite a few things, ranging from chocolate to beauty products. On top of that, you can find plenty of other CBD products online, such as Joy Organics CBD tinctures.

It is worth noting that CBD products have no intoxicating effects. In other words, they will not get you high. In addition to that, such products can be used in a variety of different ways. For example, you can apply CBD oil to your skin, add it to your vape juice, or put it directly under your tongue.

Taking this into account, you should be able to find a CBD product that will fit your needs in no time. If you do not, you can always go to a local store that sells such products and tell the shopkeeper what you are looking for. They should be able to help you out in no time!

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