8 Viral Fashion Trends For Men This Summer

By Patrick Banks

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If you ask men about fashion trends, more often than not, you will find the answer that they do not follow any fashion trend. However, look closer into their wardrobes, and you will find all the things like ripped jeans, timeless trousers, and more. The thing about men and following trends is that they all follow it, but some do it consciously and some unconsciously.

No matter what category you fall into the summer trends are something that you need to watch out for not just because of the fashion needs but also for the comfort factor. Wondering what to add to your wardrobe this summer to stay cool and look dapper? Here are some of the trendiest ideas for you to beat the heat in style.

1. Vertical stripes

Last season you saw horizontal stripes everywhere you looked, and now it is time to turn the stripes on their head. Vertical stripes are the go-to patterns for men everywhere this season right from fashion weeks to the streets.

The London Fashion Week saw the designers go daring with stripes and wearing it both as top and bottom wear and that too, all at once! The kind of stripe that you want to go for depends on you and just simple wide vertical stripes should be enough to stay on trend.

However, if you are in a mood to experiment, go for double vertical stripes. But remember, stripes-on-stripes are never a good look. Your bottom wear must be kept simple when you are opting for a striped tee or shirt.

2. Two-toned dressing

The saying that opposites attract is definitely not going to be true for the color code of men’s fashion for this season. But wait before you get the idea that you need to go for matching colors all over and look like a billboard instead of a fashion icon.
The key to nailing your summer look is going for tonal dressing in which you keep a dominant tone all over the look that you put together. For instance, go for grey summer blazer and off-white tee-shirt with grey trousers. Put on your favorite watches to go with this look and you are all set for the day.

3. Casual black

When do you don’t know what to wear, wear black. Putting on a casual or even sport like whole black outfit is still a very popular trend in most of the fashion capitals of the world.

Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Montreal… Wherever you look, you can spot guys wearing black t-shirts, sneakers or heavier boots and sport trousers or shorts in the same colour. The black trend is still strong this year.

4. Trousers with side-stripes

If you thought the stripes were only limited to the tee-shirts and shirts, think again. This summer is the season for stripes, and you can see them in trousers also. The top designers like Prada and Balmain showcased the skinny version of side-striped trousers in their latest shows announcing the arrival of this trend for the summers.

Valentino took it a notch higher and went straight for retro glam sportswear style in side-striped trousers. Big credit to this style goes to the love for athleisure trend among the millennials who have been going for side-stripped joggers and corduroys for quite some time now.

5. The daddy denim

As you must have guessed by now, men’s wear for this season is all for extremes, and the daddy jeans are perhaps one of the best representations of that trend. The good news here is that you need not ditch your denim just as yet because of the rising heat. Go for the loose fit, unfussy, and light wash daddy denim with plenty of breathability to help you stay comfy in the summers.

You do not need to go ahead and buy denim that is twice your size as you can always borrow your dad’s denim to stay literally true to the name of the trend! If Ex-American President Barack Obama can rock it with total ease then, so can you. Want some more fashion inspiration on dad jeans? Take up some latest ideas showcased by the Sartorialist that is the perfect proof that dad jeans are back and how.

6. Subtle Checks

Checks never seem to leave the party when it comes to men’s wear trend, and they are going to be around for this summer as well. The only thing that has changed about them is that they have become more subtle and therefore, more forgiving to suit all body types. In spite of all of its subtlety, the checks are all set to spoil you with color and style for this time.

The Guardian has been advocating the checks trend in a big way for both men and women. Pick out either Prince of Wales or Windowpane checks but make sure that the rest of the look is toned down to appear classy and not kindergarten in your look.

7. The Hawaiian shirts

Just like every summer, the tropical print shirts are back for this year as well. The Paris Fashion week was abuzz with this trend in all the colors of rainbow. They have kind of become a summer staple as every year the designers reinvent them for the particular season.

Yes, we know, these are not really something you can wear everywhere and anywhere. But that does not mean you give them no place in your wardrobe at all. Go for subtle prints and not all around floral and pick out colors like black and deeper shades of blue.

It will not make you look like you are all set to run towards the beach all the time but at the same time, give a really stylish look for casual wear.

8. Vibrant suits

The summers are the perfect season to add some color to your wardrobe, and the vivid suits are just what you need for the occasion. If you think that the colorful suits are too much for the office, go for their subdued versions in teal green or powder blue.

Select the more vibrant versions like navy blue, yellow, or muted orange for the summer weddings and parties. One look at the latest spring-summer collection of Prada would definitely make you a fan of this trend. The colorful suits are the easiest way to experiment with your look for this season. But do not turn into a Christmas tree in summer by going all colorful and make sure that the trousers and shirts with it are off-white or dark in color.

Take your pick from these seven trends or mix and match them to start a trend of your own. Whatever you do, make sure not to let the heat dampen your style this season!

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