Bachelor Wardrobe: 5 Must Haves You Can’t Go Out Without

By Shawn Stevenson

Posted 6 years agoGROWTH

When you’re single, whether you’re living alone, with mates, or with your parents, you are inclined to take things lightly; since there’s no one to restrict you from doing anything you like. However, bachelor living poses some serious hazards if you’re not focused.

No matter what you think or do; and we are talking only about fashion here, the way you carry yourself is very important if you want friends, a career, and a bit of romance. In some way or another, your style reflects your personality. Hence, if you don’t intend on remaining a bachelor but want to enjoy it while it lasts, read our list of the five must have items your wardrobe should have.

Basic Blacks

We all have those days when we just don’t feel like wearing anything colorful or we just can’t find anything that fits the occasion. Black shirts and basic black t-shirts are just what one needs in such situations. It’s always an appropriate time to wear black. Whether you’re going on a date or a fine dinner with colleagues, a black shirt is one thing that will never let you down. A well-fitted black shirt can always be worn to dress up or down depending on the occasion. Black makes you look more slim and more chick instantly.

A plain black basic tee also has to be a part of your wardrobe for the very same reasons, except that they should only be used for more casual occasions.

Shoes: Comfy or Dress?

You should definitely go for both. Your wardrobe should essentially have a couple of pairs of formal, trendy and high quality dress shoes that are a must for parties, dinners and meetings.However, at least one pair of cool comfy shoes is also very important.

Loafers or sneakers would be a great addition to your wardrobe in the form of casual yet super trendy shoes.  Mixing more formal look with sneakers is a strong trend. It makes you look more trendy. Make it a habit to keep in touch with the ongoing trend and keep buying new ones.


Quality Jackets

Letterman jackets are once again the in thing. And every alpha male ought to have at least one in the wardrobe. Whether custom made or a designer jacket chenille letters, a letterman jacket would be your partner for those casual nights out with the lads, or a casual late night stroll with the lady.

Purchase quality. You’ll often pay more but in the end it will save you money. Good quality leather jacket and well-tailored real wool coat are the absolute musts, which will make you look masculine and stylish right away.


Denims don’t last forever just because they look great even when they’re washed out. Well-fitted denims can be worn with almost anything and are a great item for any wardrobe, especially a bachelor’s. With denim come endless ways to dress up or down. But make sure that the jeans you have fit you well, if they don’t, it’s time to move on and get yourself a brand-new pair. When it comes to quality we reccomend long-lasting rugby trousers.

Fresh Underwear

It goes without saying, if you’re going to be a real man on the outside, you need to keep it real on the inside too. Doesn’t matter if you prefer boxers or briefs, regularly invest in fresh and good quality underwear. While giving you that feeling of being groggy and unclean, dirty underwear will also make your chances of getting with a woman very slim.

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