Quiz: Men’s Bags. Which Fits You?

By Patrick Banks

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What to Look for in a Bag for men

A good bag for a man is more valuable than gold. Why? Well, first of all, because it is so hard to find the perfect one for you.

There are so many needs that you need to meet with this one bag: it has to look good with your clothes, be practical and serve you long years (because, yeah, we don’t like buying bags every month unless we are real shopaholics). Then, a good bag also solves a lot of everyday problems: from backache issues to being able to fit in everything you need, from a bottle of water to a 5kg laptop. Luckily, picking out the right bag for you is possible with a little advice from experts.

Let’s take a look at what is currently available on the market of men’s bags and see how you can choose the best bag for you.

What to Look for in a Bag

That is the first question you need to answer before you set out to choose a new bag to buy. What do you want it to do for you? Answer the questions below (in the very same order):

  • Where will you carry the bag to? (office, college, picnics with family etc.)
  • What will you put in it on that occasion? (laptop, dishes, groceries, books and magazines etc.)
  • What will you wear with this bag? (casual or smart is the first choice, and then you just go from there)

A good bag for you then will have the following characteristics:

  • It will be able to fit all the things you need to put in it (basically, it will be large enough and have all the necessary compartments)
  • It is healthy to carry around (that is, you need to be careful while choosing a large bag which you wear over the shoulder since this will put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your back)
  • It will be stylish and will look well with the clothes you have and will wear

While we will look at the stylish part a bit later, here is what you need to know about the size of the bag you need. A very common mistake is to try and find a bag with a separate compartment for every pen and lighter you have, or to choose a very large bag in general, for that matter. You will regret the decision the moment you realize that you will not actually carry with you every day what you planned to carry when you bought the bag (and that happens often, believe me). Thus, it is better to choose a medium-size bag which will have basic compartments:

  • an external pocket for pens and hands-on things that you need quick access to;
  • internal pockets for keys and mobile phone (to be kept separately)
  • a separating barrier for better organization of your stuff inside the bag

You do not really need to choose a bag with protective compartments for your gadgets, since your devices are probably already protected by shields and cases, and these additional built-in protectors will only take up space and add weight to your bag.

As far as the health of your back is concerned, see for yourself. Of course, backpacks provide the best weight distribution. However, they are not always the wisest choice in terms of style.

Overall, we want a bag to fit all our needs. But that is an unrealistic expectation, because, unless it is a very expensive custom model, no bag can do it all. Focus on your primary needs. It is better for your new bag to later exceed the expectations than to disappoint you.

A Little Something about the Modern Men’s Fashion

Let’s agree, first of all, that fashion is a very vague concept. What seems fashionable and stylish for some men, does not look attractive to others. However, there are certain guidelines that are important for modern men to adhere to.

It is generally a bad idea to wear cotton eco-friendly bags or bags made of linen. These look basically like plastic bags on men: cheap and teenage-like. Also, small square over-the-shoulder bags do not look OK. Like small bags that you wear around your waist, they make you look like you are a seller on a street market. Micro-bags are generally not manly: for all we know, in this question, size matters. Choose at least a medium size bag for yourself.

Gym bags are another thing that is considered bad taste if worn outside of the gym. They often get dirty and worn-out, and do not make a good impression on others.

On the contrary, weekend bags of universal design are very hands-on and stylish. The same can be said about recycled canvas bags of different colors, which allow you to underline your individuality; messenger bags that go ideally with casual style; and beggar’s bags that will match your cool beard and a clean-cut hipster jacket.

A Guide on Bag Materials

The best bags are considered to be made of leather. Leather is an expensive material in itself and it is not always practical since it gets scratched and is not always water tolerant. Cotton is the second most long-living material. Bags made of synthetic materials like nylon don’t live that long and have a cheaper look overall, but for sports outfits and occasions, they are a good match.

Zipper material is also an important point to note. Be careful while choosing a zipper, because, once it is broken, it is hard to replace it with a new one. Avoid steel or plastic zippers, since the former tend to rust and the latter break very quickly. Nickel and other metals provide for the best zipper quality.

In general, a good-quality bag which you actively use on a daily basis will serve you around 5 years. But who knows if you’ll want to wait that long until you want to refresh your looks?

So, Which Model Is the Best for You?

Take a short quiz to see what bag fits you best.

1. How do you normally dress to work?

  1. A) I have a dress code, so I need to wear a shirt, dark trousers and sometimes a jacket.
  2. B) I wear only casual.
  3. C) I can wear whatever I want, but I like fancy jackets to go with my favorite jeans and T-shirts.

2. What are the three things you can’t live a day without?

  1. A) My iPad, my pen and my business card case
  2. B) My bottle of water, my tennis balls and my towel for the gym
  3. C) My MacBook, my notepad and my album of drawings

3.Where do you usually put your bag?

  1. A) In the office, I put it on my table or on the carpet floor
  2. B) My bag ends up in a lot of places, like the trunk of my car, grass on the football field or sidewalk
  3. C) I can sometimes put it on a bench in the park or on the floor, but I never get it too dirty

4.What are the most active everyday actions of yours?

  1. A) I ride a bicycle to work.
  2. B) I sometimes go on a forest walk with my friends after my workday.
  3. C) I walk across the park.

5.What is your favourite outfit?

  1. A) I love shirts and trouser suits, they are the most elegant clothes to wear
  2. B) I prefer sneakers and sweatshirts, they make me feel free
  3. C) I combine all the different styles with taste and minimalism

What does it all mean?

Most As.

leather bag

Go for a classy leather briefcase. Nowadays, briefcases are more modern and look like messenger bags that are stylish and fit your computer in.

Most Bs.


A waterproof backpack is the best choice for you. Choose one with soft shoulder straps, of cotton or other natural materials, so that it serves longer.

Most Cs.


An all-in-one bag with multiple purposes. Cotton is the

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