Men’s Guide to Buying Sexy Female Lingerie

By Patrick Banks

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Buying lingerie for your sweetheart is one of those Catch 22 situations; on one hand, getting her something that’ll make her eyes pop with excitement will ensure you get a few hot all-nighters in the sack while, on the other, buy her something that doesn’t suit her body type or personal style and you’re buying yourself a candid invitation for an early and painful death.

While we know you’re shopping for this lingerie with her best interest at heart and not for your own pleasure (*cough, cough*), it’s important to take some time to find a piece that’s next to perfect.

Like most guys out there you are probably clueless, so we’re creating a guide to make your shopping-for-lingerie adventure a tad easier!

You’re Shopping for Her, Not for You

No matter how excited you are about that lace thong, if that’s not her thing, let it go. Know her preference before you purchase anything because otherwise – you’ll be either facing a cold stare or running back to the store to replace it.

We’ll assume you’ve been spending some time together already, so it won’t be hard to figure out what’s her style. Find something you know she’ll love to make her feel confident and look fabulous wearing it. Her comfort and confidence are key, so unless you want her to wear your choice once and then bury it in the bottom of her wardrobe, pick a thing she’ll love. Oh and, keep the receipt!

Consider Something a Bit Unusual

If your sweetie is willing to try something a bit different, this is the time to experiment! Instead of going for classic cuts, opt for something edgy and contemporary, combining simple shapes with strapping detail for a sexy, sporty looks. You can opt for something modern and unusual, like a chic spin on bondage… or is that too much? Girls that love vintage will adore looks inspired by the past. And, if in doubt, think sophisticated – it works every time.

Find Out Her Size

Guys are visual beings; usually, they don’t even think about sizes but rather know what feels good in their hands (you know it’s true) so it’s no wonder they’ll be clueless on the size to pick. Not to worry! Take advice from one of the hottest top models in the game, Irina Shayk, who is advising you to “sneak around the closet and try and look at the size she wears”.

We understand you’ll be tempted to walk into the first lingerie shop and drool over all the lace and string, point at the first sexy item you see and buy it – but, you’ll have to chill a bit. Everything looks good on a mannequin, real women are more varied in shape. There’s nothing worse than a badly fitted bra and a thong a size too big/small, so be careful about your picks.

Also, if you get her a wrong size (read: too small), she’ll immediately feel insecure, thinking you feel she’s way too fat and this is your way of telling her to lose weight. Ah, women… they don’t even know how adored and hot they are.

Consider buying a negligee or camisole instead of items that require a number, that is – if you haven’t managed to find out her real size.

A more close-up guide:



Since we’ve already discussed the fact that not all cuts fit every body shape and size, here’s a little extra tip that will definitely help you choose the right lingerie for your bae.

Your girl is big-busted and voluptuous

To have her breast beautifully supported and tastefully enhanced, go for a corset in a black, nude or any other color you think she may like. The corset will emphasize the curve of the waist and flatten the stomach, too.

Corsets are fantastically sexy as long as you go for good quality; poorly made, a corset won’t make it past the first try-on, so this is not the time to think about your buck.

Your girl is bigger/rounder

A sexy little negligee is perfect for bigger girls; a babydoll teddy will easily hide a big tummy or butt, but will, at the same time, show her other assets and make her feel beautiful.

Dark colors are more slimming, so pick something in black. However, if your girl is all about body confidence and positivity, any color will do.

Your girl is tall and slim


Tall and slim, these girls are easy to shop for. Still, if your baby is lacking confidence about her curves (being banana shaped and all), pick a garter belt as it will accentuate the impression that her legs run up to her armpits. In fact, anything that has a horizontal line across the belly draws attention to curves, so this type of lingerie gift will work perfectly, especially if she is a little straight-edged.

Your girl is athletic/slim

Since she’s athletic, we’ll assume she’s got a nice butt going on, right? Mmm… Go for booty shorts (aka sexy boy shorts) as they’ll accentuate her derriere and add curves to an already athletic figure.

Booty shorts come in all fabrics, styles and types and they can be worn on their own or with other accessories. You can buy her just the shorts or pair it up with some other lingerie like a bra, a garter or a corset.

Beware, though: unless your babe’s got a really nice bottom, don’t buy her booty shorts! They are expressly made for nicely shaped gluteal muscles, so don’t make her feel insecure by buying her something unflattering.

Tips for other types

These days, being body confident deserves a round of applause. Most gorgeous girls out there are having body image issues as they are constantly bombarded with ads of photo shopped models and celebrities, causing them anxiety about the way they look.

If your girl is one of the babes who is overly self-critical and feels slightly less comfortable with her body, add in a sexy, silky robe with the underwear, too. That way, she can wrap it up around her body to complement her new underwear and feel great. Silk alone is very sensual and will help sexy ideas blossom.

Good luck, man! Remember – it’s all about following off her size and style, and showing her how gorgeous she really is.

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