7 Proven Tips on How to Make A Woman Laugh

By Patrick Banks

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In today’s fast-paced world, you can’t even make a joke without having people ask you to explain it. When it comes to getting a woman to laugh, a great approach is to make a joke, stand back and let a woman make the first move.
7 Proven Tips on How to Make A Woman Laugh

If a woman is engaged with you easily, that’s good. So, any move to become too familiar or too pushy may be an unwanted advance. One of the best ways to gain her interest is to make her laugh. Wondering how to be funny even though being around her makes your slightly nervous?

Since there are not many ways to make a woman laugh, it’s easier to learn how to make a woman laugh through cheesy pickup lines.

Women are the most mysterious of creatures. What makes them laugh? What makes them cry? What can they never forgive? The short answer is “everything.” But the long answer is a lot more interesting. Let’s look at seven proven ways to make a woman laugh.

You Need to Practice “Word Economy”

If you follow some pickup lines on the internet, you’ll find that they’re the same old things that any good pickup artist should know. There are a lot of those since those lines are great for those who are socially inept. What you’ll find is that those lines are too common for those who know about pickup lines.

The ability to spot funny is an essential comedic skill. Word economy is super-important. Not all punchlines are created equal. The trick is knowing which jokes are worth telling and which are just “meh”—and knowing when to quit while you’re ahead.

When All of It Fails, Its Okay Not to Be Funny at All

There’s a certain thing that men and women want from each other: we want to be liked, and we want to be desired. When it comes to the first, we’ll do almost anything to attract a woman’s attention and win her affection. But what about the latter? How do we make a woman want to sleep with us? Well, what’s the surest way? It’s getting her to laugh. It doesn’t really matter what you think of yourself, just as long as she thinks you’re funny.

It was a day that would seem normal to anyone. You woke up in your apartment, got ready for work, and drove to work. But rather than being at your desk, you were at the gym. Not the gym, but a club. You’ve been noticing a lot of girls at the club lately, and you’ve been trying your best to approach them, saying funny things, and trying to get them to laugh. It’s been going well so far, but you suddenly get an idea. You walk over to a woman who just walked in, and you push a hand into her shoulder to get her attention.

You Need to Hone Your Skills

Being funny isn’t something everyone’s born with. It takes practice to hone your wit. But it’s not just about being funny when dating; it’s about being prepared. Pickup lines are typically used to mask how stupid you are. Getting a woman to laugh is an art, not a science. Poor pickup lines, like “You’re like a fine wine” (which is also a terrible pickup line), are cringe-inducing, but they’re just as effective as they are funny as the next guy.

Comedy is a pure art form, and the best comedians are the ones who create something from nothing. The trick is to turn a chaotic world into a contained narrative that creates a funny situation. No matter how hard you think you’re sketching, you can always use a little help from your friends—or your enemies.

Have a Set No-fly Zone

Women are funny creatures. We love to laugh at ourselves because it cuts the tension. We love to laugh at others in a way that lets us feel superior in the moment. The truth is that in a lot of cases, a woman will laugh in a situation that would have caused a man to be embarrassed. We love to have a good time—but we also have a lot of issues that can sometimes cause us to not want to have a good time. When a woman tells a joke, oftentimes, she will be embarrassed. This can be a very quick response for a lot of men. When a woman is afraid, she often will have a less than a good time. When a woman is afraid, she often will have less than good.

There is nothing more frustrating than having someone tell you to stop annoying them, stop bothering them, or stop bothering them. If you are the one who is bothering someone, you know there is nothing to be done except to stop bothering them. But what if you are the one who is bothering someone? Can you find humor in the situation?

Don’t Be Too Hard for Yourself

In the world of humor, it’s often said that ‘you can’t force a laugh,’ or ‘you can’t force a smile.’ Yet, for a lot of people, it’s a constant battle to be funny all the time. For others, being funny can feel like pressure, especially when they’re expected to be funny all the time. Everyone loves a good joke, but too much laughter can be bad for your health. There’s a fine line between laughing at the right times and laughing all the time. When too much laughter can occur, your throat can feel sore, or you might start coughing.

It’s Okay to Be Corny

Let’s face it: There’s a reason we like corny. It’s because it’s real, and it’s authentic. We shouldn’t be afraid to be corny. The world wouldn’t be the same without it. So, why shouldn’t we embrace it?

Be Comfortable

If you have never been a woman, then you have never been a woman. Period. So, for example, if you have never been a woman, you cannot possibly understand what it is like to be a woman. If you have never been a man, then you have never been a man.

Writing is hard work. Writing jokes is even harder. Most people know this, but many people also fail to realize that what is funny to them may not be funny to everyone else. Some jokes are so off the wall that they may not even be funny. But if you can find something in a joke that everyone can relate to, you will wind up with a good laugh.

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