How To Get a Six Pack Fast: Best Workout and Diet to Get Sexy Abs

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One of the hardest to work on is getting sexy abs. Although not too easy to work on, there are means and ways for one to be successful in getting the perfect abs they are looking forward to having.

Wondering how to get a six pack fast? If you are serious achieving that perfectly shaped abs, you can always try out different exercises that could help you get the maximum potential of your body to produce the best-shaped abs.

Pushing yourself hard just to achieve the perfect abs, is surely not a problem at all. Who would not want it anyway? No one can get things in an easier route; one should work hard for it, for it to be achieved.

Nevertheless, below are the best recommendations of both workout and diet plan to get sexy abs.

Swiss ball crunch and plank circle

Others may think that Swiss ball is only just for the purpose of giving therapy to those who need them, little for others may know, it is also a good tool as one does their crunches to enhance and elevate their ab workout.

The combination of both Swiss ball crunch and plank circle can elevate the level of your abs exercise to a more effective and efficient manner.

Swiss ball crunch

  1. Before you start, it is necessary that one should ensure that their Swiss ball is well inflated or else, you will never get the benefit of this exercise.
  2. Lay on the Swiss ball, making sure that your back is arched over the ball, having your feet on the floor positioned firmly. Crossing your arms over to your chest, or if you want a harder position, you can place your hands on any side of your head.
  3. Your core should control the lower back, just the same as how you are doing this exercise on the floor. Once you are properly positioned, you are now ready to start crunching.
  4. Crunching the shoulders up going to the hips, this can either be repeatedly done in a fast or slow manner, depending on your goal.
  5. Remember: Your body’s movement should be coming from the top part of the upper body and not the waist.
  6. Breathing is important as you do your crunch exercise, breathing out until the upper part of the body is roughly in a straight position, holding the breath for a second, this will help you get an isometric contraction.
  7. Now, lower yourself back over the ball at around 3 to 5 seconds until you can feel your shoulder blades touch the ball. Then ready for the next repetition.

Plank circle

Planking or basic planking position should be a part of everyone’s regular exercise; planking can be a bit hard, but how about if the level of difficulty is increased one notch tougher?

The right plank circle:

  1. Starting in a plank position, while the abs tight.
  2. Pull your right knee in and moving it in circle clockwise
  3. Then counterclockwise after.
  4. Keeping the entire body in a stationary position, then repeat the exercise.

Make use of your treadmill

One of the fastest ways for one to achieve a perfect body is maximizing the use of their treadmill. This is one of the most convenient and easy way to achieve the abs you wish you have for the longest time.

Being on the treadmill can improve your overall body structure, what if, you will make use of the treadmill and make few changes in the usual and regular way you are doing it?

1. Add incline to your treadmill workout

This will increase the level of difficulty on your regular treadmill exercise. Buying a treadmill that can adjust the incline can make this possible and easy, can let you adjust the incline of your machine.

2. Walk with your arms above your head on the treadmill

Placing your arms above your head instead of both hands on your side swaying. This can give your core better pressure, thus giving more force on your abs area, thus enhancing its form.

Other than those great exercises to get a six pack you can perform, you can also make an effective diet plan that can improve your abs shape.

Diet plan to improve your abs shape


1. Lean Protein

Some may think otherwise, but surely, lean protein can offer one with a 6 pack abs. Skinless chicken or turkey, tofu, fish, top round and extra lean beef grounded, to name a few. This can help one get a 6 pack ab.

2. Starchy carbs

Starchy carbs are known to those who are into body building; those who want to get extra cuts on their body can be achieved through starchy carbs. How about white baked potatoes? Brown rice? Beans? These are few of starchy carbs that are available for you to consider as you build your muscles and abs.

3. Fibrous carbs

You can try a different vegetable that has high fibrous carb content; these are broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage etc. They will help you get the body you wish to achieve in no time.

4. Healthy fats

Yes, fats, but only those healthy ones. Avocados, whole eggs, nuts, fatty fish, extra virgin olive oil are few on the list of foods that contain healthy fats.

Some may think that only exercise can give them perfect abs, it is best that you include a good diet plan as you do your ab exercise. Combining two will help you achieve perfect abs, without the need of putting yourself in too much hunger.

There are other available workouts and another diet plan that you can best consider as you try to build perfect abs. You can start with the recommendations written above and see how effective this can become. Surely, getting 6 pack abs is not easy; it may take time and needs a lot of workouts and hard work. But if you ask if it is possible, definitely, it is highly possible and workable. Do your homework and for sure you can achieve your dream if perfect abs in no time.

Three Things Which May Stop You From Getting A Six Pack

Getting six pack abs is definitely not a piece of cake for anyone. But, being young means having a lot of extra energy that can be utilized in the right direction. If all you have been doing is investing your time doing crunches, then you, my friend, are definitely not in a good spot. The younger generation just assumes that the road to getting six pack abs is all about doing hundreds and hundreds of crunches. But, the truth is that there are far better and efficient ways of getting rock hard abs.

Therefore, if you truly wish to begin your journey towards the glorious six pack abs, begin with abandoning the crunches. However, if you are among those young inspiring men who have been working extremely hard in the most appropriate way, but have not been able to get the results yet. One of the following or all of them could be the reasons stopping you from getting six pack abs.

High Levels of Body Fat

Body fat in simple words can be described as the amount of fat present in the body, compared to everything else. That includes the organs, bones, muscles, tendons, water, etc. So, on an average basis, both men and women carry a different amount of body fat percentage. It also differs with the age of a person too.


Age Men%
18 – 20 6 – 18.9
21 – 21 17 – 20
26 – 30 18.1 – 21
31 – 35 20.7 – 23.4
36 – 40 21.8 – 24.4
41 – 45 22.8 – 25.5
46 – 50 23.9 – 26.6
51 – 55 26.4 – 28.7
56+ 27.4 – 29.8


In order to achieve the goal of six-pack abs, one needs to target a certain percentage of body fat. For men, this percentage is around 10%. Without getting to this mark, no matter how hard you work, your abs just won’t show.

Therefore, the younger you are, better is the possibility for you to reach that mark. The good news is that men hold most of the body fat in their abdomen. But, then the bad news is that you cannot spot reduce body fat. As according to the American Council on Exercises, 18 to 24% body fat is considered healthy. Here, take a look at the table below showing the average percentage:


Description Men
Essential fat 2–5%
Athletes 6–13%
Fitness 14–17%
Average 18–24%
Obese 25%+

But, only if you cut it down to 15% the upper two abs will begin to appear. Trim off another two to three percent and your months of hard work will begin to show. In case, if you manage to get 6 to 13% of body fat, you will definitely have six pack abs in addition to being totally ripped.

Isn’t that what every young man wants today? For a simple fat hack, with every meal you consume, take a mug of green tea along. It will help to increase the metabolism rate, which in turn will help to burn the fat rather quickly.

Wrong Dietry Intake

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle was never an easy task and today with so many temptations around, it has become tougher for the younglings.

Diet is known as one of the biggest factors when it comes to seeing those glorious six pack abs. One can literally continue to do intense ab workout day in and out, but if your diet is less than perfect, you will never see the effects of any exercise. Therefore, it is rightly said that apart from the gym, abs are built in the kitchen.

Here are a few simple dietary changes you can make, starting today to help burn off the fat.

  • Cut out the Refined Carbs for all the Meals. Which means no bread, rice, pasta, or cereals, though starchy carbs are good for getting those extra cuts on the body. With an exception, have a moderate amount of refined carbs after a high-intensity workout only. And, don’t even think about sugar!Get into the habit of eating healthy at this age. So, try a full fat plain Greek yogurt with some berries for breakfast. Or, some eggs with bacon? Sounds good enough, doesn’t it? Just keep in mind to consume enough protein, and fat per meal, even though when you’re trying to lose fat.
  • Go for 2 to 3 Large Meals Without Snacks. Snacks for the 21st generation men and women usually mean something starchy and sweet like pastries, cookies or even a health bar. But, the truth is that they are all just disguised junk food. So, in order to avoid any complications and temptations, it is highly recommended to have larger meals so you do not need to snack.If you still want to, drink a mild form of a stimulant like green tea or coffee to curb the need to have a snack and burn a little more fat.
  • Eat Enough Fat. As I’ve mentioned before, one of the biggest mistake young amateurs do while cutting down on the refined carbs is that they do not consume enough fat. Most of the young men prefer to equate low carb diet to high protein instead of moderate protein and high-fat diet.This is where the problem arises which leads to constant hunger, lower energy, and general malaise. Fix this problem by increasing your fat intake.

Thus, maintaining a healthy lifestyle by choosing your options appropriately will help you to achieve your target eventually. Since others can do it, you definitely can do better.

It is basic human nature to get a bit lazy even with the things we like. But, sometimes it’s boredom, hectic schedule or even an illness that can stop a person from giving their 100%. Whatever the reason may be, a little change is always necessary. Because when it comes to a workout session, it can ignite that motivation to put some extra efforts to achieve the targets set. It is rather highly recommended because your body is far smarter than you actually think.

Unless you regularly change the methods you use to train your core muscles, they will adapt to the training and stop growing. There are basically three types of body movements that effectively help to work the abs: flexion and extension, rotation and static contractions. The best ab workouts for every age will always incorporate exercises with each and every movement type. So, being young and full of energy will give you an edge over everyone else. However, if your routine begins to get bland and you start to get tired of it, don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Apply the full intensity of your workouts and burn all the necessary calories and the fat. Along with balanced, intense and effective core exercises, add full body resistance program and  interval training too. Treadmill improves body structure, tread its path too. At the end, do not forget to rest. Sleep for at least 8 hours, if possible. It is the most important part of the whole routine because this is the time when most of the muscles are built.

The secret of getting six pack abs is known to the world today. But, the real thing is that it is all about you feeding your body well, working hard in the right direction with a positive attitude in mind. Thus, maintain a combination of well-planned workout and diet. This is how you will be able to see those glorious abs one fine day.

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