How to Get Fit in your 30s (Infographic)

By Michael Nash

Posted 8 years agoHEALTH

It’s a bit of a generalisation but once someone hits their 30s, they usually have less time for leisure activities like fitness because they have so many other commitments in their life. Life moves fast and before you know it, commitments like children and a spouse, not to mention work tend to take over your days…and nights.

When you are in your 20s, you tend to have fewer commitments and are able to try out many new activities including fitness options. In recent years we have seen an explosion in options for different fitness activities with the emphasis on keeping people interested. Everyone wants a fast fix to fitness, some may only choose to do fitness to lose some excess weight and there are a vast amount of choices. Others have chosen a fitness route in order to complete a specific goal like running or walking in an organised race so regimented fitness is really necessary to prepare for that.

If time is an issue and you simply can get to the gym due to your day just not being long enough, there is always the option to cover some of your fitness goals at home. This is of course should be done in conjunction with your regular trainer at the gym who can also advise you. Home fitness options don’t require much equipment but will get you over the line in terms of that calorie burning counter that you wish to achieve. Here’s a useful video for using water bottles as your exercise equipment.

Spinning is a great gym option and this video explains what is involved. Note that spinning is quite a high intensity workout so be prepared, it might not be the best beginner’s choice!

This infographic below aims to highlight why it is important to tackle fitness when you reach your 30s as it is so easy to just put it on the back burner. It also pinpoints some exercises which are suitable for this age range and shows how to get the most out of those exercises so that your time is always used wisely.

Good luck and check it out below!


About the author Michael Nash

Michael Nash is the marketing manager atMy Fitness Boutique . My Fitness Boutique (MFB) is a boutique North London gym offering pay-as-you-go fitness classes. It has over 50 weekly classes including; HIIT, barre fit, spinning, yoga, zumba, circuits, boxercise, pump, kettle bells and other great ways to keep fit.

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