Is She Faking An Orgasm? How To Make Her Come for Real

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Sex is a natural act that is practised by millions of people. Some people prefer to have sex with one particular partner that they are in a relationship with, while other individuals do not prefer to have their sexual opportunities only limited to what one particular person can offer them; thus keeping their options open and being interested in having sexual intercourse with various partners over a certain period of time.
How To Make Her Come for Real

Sex is a natural act that is practiced by millions of people. Some people prefer to have sex with one particular partner that they are in a relationship with, while other individuals do not prefer to have their sexual opportunities only limited to what one particular person can offer them; thus keeping their options open and being interested in having sexual intercourse with various partners over a certain period of time.

No matter what your preference, there are some aspects that should always be considered during sexual intercourse and, in today’s article, we would like to focus on the fact that recent research indicates that the majority of women do not have orgasm or struggle to have an orgasm when they are sexually stimulated through penetration or any other method.

We will take a look at some interesting facts, signs that a woman might be faking her orgasms, help you understand why the woman in your life might be faking her orgasms and help you educate yourself about possible ways to raise her libido and give her a better chance at reaching orgasm.

Interesting Facts About Women, Sex and Female Orgasms

Women are complicated and they are often difficult to understand, but putting in some effort can go a long way. This is also essential if you intend on truly satisfying the woman in your life – the more you know about her, the better you will be able to satisfy her in bed.

This way, she may not have to fake an orgasm to make you feel better, but rather experience a complex every time you have sex with her due to the intensity of the session. Even though this post is all about reasons why a woman may fake her orgasm and how you can ensure she doesn’t fake it, we should start out by taking a quick look at some interesting facts about the female orgasm.

Huffington Post reports that the clitoris has an approximate of 8,000 nerve endings, which means it is extremely sensitive to the touch in most scenarios. They also explain that to reach an orgasm truly, the majority of women throughout the entire world do require some level of direct stimulation to the clitoris before they are able to have an orgasm.

Another interesting fact is that some women experience the feeling of an orgasm when they are giving birth to a child, and during climax and orgasm, a woman’s pain threshold immediately improves by approximately 107%, which is quite significant and causes the climax during childbirth to gain a lot of validity.

Here are a couple more interesting facts about women, sex and the female orgasm before we move on, as reported by NBC News:

    • On average, women tend to lose their virginity between the ages of 17 and 18.
    • Even though sexual intercourse is the preferred method for impregnating a woman and bringing a baby into life is considered a truly magical experience, the fact that sex is pleasurable still rates as the number one reason why women want to have sex.
    • A mere 29% of women reaches orgasm every time they have sexual intercourse with a partner. When it comes to men, this figure increases to a staggering 75% – which means most men do have an orgasm every single time they have sexual intercourse.

Signs That She Might Be Faking It

Sometimes a woman can be extremely good at faking an orgasm, which makes it very hard for the man to determine whether or not the orgasm she is having is real or not.

Not knowing whether or not she is faking it means you would also not know if you should try to implement some strategies to enhance the satisfaction you are giving her while you are having sex. Thus, knowing about some signs that could point out a faked orgasm can be of significant help when it comes to determining whether or not you truly satisfy her in the bedroom – and whether you need to make some changes to improve your ability to satisfy her truly.

Your Tango reports that one of the most common signs that a woman might be faking an orgasm is the fact that their chest and cheeks usually changes color during an orgasm. They explain that you should be able to notice a flush on her cheeks, as well as on her chest, which causes these areas on her body to turn into a peachy pink color. If you cannot see this effect, then there is a good chance that she is faking it.

Other potential signs that she might be faking her orgasm include:

      • No changes in her breathing patterns while she is having an orgasm. When a woman orgasms, her breath will usually change to a similar pattern as it would when she is busy with an intense workout session.
      • No contraction present in her vagina. During an orgasm, a woman’s vagina will start to squeeze your penis, which is due to the contraction that occurs when she reaches orgasm. If you do not feel a squeezing sensation when she orgasms, then she might be faking it.
      • During an orgasm, a similar effect occurs as when certain types of drugs are used to stimulate the production of dopamine and other chemicals in the brain that puts you in a better mood. When this happens, the pupils usually dilate; thus you can look her in the eyes while she is having an orgasm to see whether or not her pupils dilate while she is having – or faking – her orgasm.

When a woman does not initiate sex as much as she used to, it could also be a sign that you are not pleasuring her as much as you used to. This is another common way to tell whether the woman you are having sex with is faking her orgasms or not.

Why Do Women Fake Their Orgasms

Now that we have considered some interesting facts about women and the female orgasm, as well as discussed different signs to look out for if you are trying to determine whether a woman you are having sexual intercourse with is faking her orgasms, we should move on to the main part of this article – why do women fake their orgasms.

At first, it may seem like a disappointment to both you and the woman when you notice she is faking her orgasm, but knowing the reasons as to why she is doing it may also be of assistance – especially if you are trying to figure out how you can get her back to having real orgasms. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why a woman would fake an orgasm.

1. A Female Orgasm Isn’t As Essential As A Male Orgasm

A very important fact that you should consider before you start questioning yourself and your partner is the fact that, unlike a male orgasm, which is mostly considered “essential” during sex to truly be satisfied, not all women need to experience an orgasm during sex to feel satisfied afterwards.

Instead of thinking of the female orgasm as something essential for pleasurable sexual intercourse, rather think of it as a bonus – you can still aim for it, but do not be a disappointment and feel that you were not able to satisfy her completely if she doesn’t have an orgasm while you are having sex.

2. Women Care More For The Man’s Climax And Satisfaction

Another common reason why a woman may be faking her orgasms is that women tend to consider the man’s satisfaction more important than their own. Instead of focusing on having an orgasm themselves, they would rather concentrate on ensuring the man they are having sex with is able to experience the highest level of satisfaction during the session.

This might lead to the women not concentrating on having an orgasm herself, but she still wants to ensure the man knows that the sexual experience was satisfactory to her level – which may cause the woman to fake an orgasm when the man reaches climax.

3. The “Happy Ending”

Happy endings are not just something you see in fairytales and movies. It is something that every person desires in almost every situation. You go out to buy a car and would really like the journey to have a happy ending. In the same light, a woman participates in sexual intercourse and desires a “Happy Ending”, but the reality of the situation is only a small number of women are able to have an orgasm when they participate in sexual activities. For this reason, a woman may fake her orgasm to make herself and her partner happy; thus creating the “happy ending” scenario.

4. They Want It To Be Over Quickly

This might be one of the more disappointing reasons why a woman may fake her orgasm, but it is important to consider the good and the bad in such a situation. If two partners are having sexual intercourse and the man reaches climax before the woman does, there is a good chance that he would want to continue the session until the woman also reaches climax.

This, however, can be very awkward as the man would not be having another orgasm or reaching climax again before he has waited out his refractory period. Instead of being stuck in such an awkward situation, some women do prefer to fake their orgasm as the same time that the man reaches climax to create a “mutual” feeling between the two of them.

5. It’s Not That Easy For Everyone

The Sun UK recently had an interview with Georgina Anderson to gain some personal insight from women who tend to rather fake their orgasms than having a real one. This interview was shortly done after the UK found that the female orgasm is faked by British women as much as 10 million times per week. Georgina explains that it’s not always that easy – as a woman, it can be rather difficult to reach orgasm as there is a lot of concentration involved and it can be quite frustrating at times.

She also mentions that, when sex goes on for too long, it becomes increasingly difficult to have a real orgasm. She explains that, at times, she would get a headache during sex because she has to concentrate so hard on having a real orgasm. Instead, she found that a fake orgasm is much easier and she still feels satisfied at the end of the period.

6. Casual Sex Might Make Real Orgasms Weirder

Some women can only reach orgasm when their fantasies are met or when they are able to do things they really enjoy during sex.

Now, it would not seem like a significant problem to ask their partner to do something specific, or to do something entirely different from what they are currently doing, but if the two partners haven’t been together for an adequate amount of time, the woman may feel weird about asking her sex partner about the possibilities of moving away from what they are currently doing and rather doing something else that she would enjoy more.

Cosmopolitan explains that an orgasm is easier to fake when the sex partner reaches climax and it is usually the most convenient choice to pick here – this would not cause the sex partner to think the woman is weird should she ask for something uncommon, and it would not make the sex partner feel as if he is unable to satisfy the woman due to the fact that she is asking to do things differently.

How To Avoid Fake Orgasms

We’ve taken a look at the most common reasons why a woman would fake her orgasm, so now we should focus on strategies that can be used to avoid a fake orgasm and rather get a woman to experience a real orgasm. This is, after all, the entire goal of having sexual intercourse – to give and receive pleasure at an equal amount.

The most important thing that can be done to ensure a woman is able to experience an orgasm without having to fake it is to communicate and to care about her orgasm as well. Be open and ask her to talk about what she likes and what she dislikes, then try to avoid doing anything she would not be comfortable with and rather focus on the things that she would enjoy.

Simply being able to communicate without any judgment would already pose as a significant benefit for the relationship you and your partner shares, as well as help you better understand her needs and desires.

Jordan Carlos recently wrote a post for Cosmopolitan that explained how he and his partner was able to improve her orgasms and make sex more desirable by simply doing some experimenting in the bedroom.

To do this, however, you first need to master communicating with one another and you should be comfortable with being open with one another. Then, continue to the bedroom and try out different styles and techniques. Ask her to constantly give you feedback on what she likes and do not like during your experiment, and take a mental note of the information she gives you – then use this to your advantage to give her a good time.

Initiating sex with some foreplay can be beneficial when it comes to reaching climax and having an orgasm. This will not only help to enhance the orgasm that both partners will have, but may even make the sex much better.

Other than foreplay, they also report that listening to the woman’s body and responding appropriately with your own can be beneficial. Furthermore, asking whether or not she is close to reaching climax is a bad idea – never ask her something like this and rather “go with the flow” and let everything happen naturally.

Do you want more precise tricks in the matter of satisfying women? Check out our article about how to make her orgasm in less than 5 minuts and make sure your sexual life will get as satisfying as ever.


Recent research studies and medical surveys revealed that the majority of women are unable to have an orgasm while she is participating in sexual. This is not only a problem for the affected woman, but can also be a potential problem for the man that is having sexual intercourse with the woman.

When the man discovers that the orgasms have been faked, he may feel more self-conscious about his abilities and also start to question whether or not he is truly able to satisfy her to an extent that she enjoys having him as a sexual partner.

The tips we have discussed here will help you improve your sex life, enhance the level of satisfaction you are able to give your woman and, in some cases, may even be sufficient enough to help them reach orgasm without having to fake it.

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