5 Things Guys Should Avoid Wearing To A Party

By Shawn Stevenson

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Things Guys Should Avoid Wearing To A Party

Fashion these days is a very broad topic. Everyone has their own taste of fashion, keeping in mind, there are some who have a totally bizarre taste but nonetheless you can work any style you want in the fashion industry. The good thing about fashion is that you can’t really limit its scope. What I mean by that is there isn’t a strict rule book which states you’re only allowed to wear blue pants with a black shirt for example: It ideally depends on your imagination, from Lady Gaga to Johnny Depp, everyone in the celebrity and fashion world, even ordinary people have experimented until they found something that appeals to them.

Keeping that aside, at times, you have to keep pace with today’s generation. The fashion world is a dynamic industry and keeps on changing hence you need to be constantly updated or face the utter humiliation. So deciding to wear your grandfather’s suit or coat won’t score you any point with the girls in case you think it’s a bright idea. Guys are mostly clueless about fashion and they let their wives or girlfriends take care of their fashion department. Although, there are some basic principles all men should know about to avoid looking like fools.

So I thought today I’ll write about things guys should never wear to a party which is a major turnoff for girls. I chose this particular topic because parties arewhere you mainly meet new people in hopes of getting a few numbers, so here I am offering some help to keep you bachelors always in the list of best dressed hunks at a party.

Cargo shorts

You’re a grown man and if you’re trying to win over a girl showing off your hairy legs, this wouldn’t work as a great start. Plus why do you need all those pockets with you? You’re going to a party, not moving in that you need numerous pockets to carry a lot of items with you. Cargo short are mainly for teenagers and are mainly for the purpose of casual wear. They’re not designed for a party where everyone is dressed as if they’re on their way to the Oscars while you come by looking like Indiana Jones.


Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wearing crocs if you never want to get laid again. If that’s the case, then my friend you’re on the right track. I mean, which grown idiot would want to wear crocs to a party? Are you trying to be the center of attention by sacrificing your self-esteem and pride? Picture it for a second, you’re at a party dancing and having a ball and you see this stranger walk in, wearing a pair of crocs. Funny isn’t it?


There’s honestly nothing wrong with hoodies except they’re just not made for this occasion. Like I said, parties are sort of formal and everyone is pretty much well dressed and a hoodie just gives off a casual feel. The ladies out there would rather strike up a conversation with someone who is dressed a bit more seriously and according to the event. So wear a leather sleeve jacket instead if you feel a bit chilly.


Those who go to the gym regularly and feel the need to show off their physique to the whole world, my advice to you is: just don’t! Please save others the embarrassment of having a conversation with you. It’s not pleasant and those dudes are known to be particularly fond of them self, 2 weeks in the gym and all of a sudden they think they’re Arnold Schwarzenegger. Trust me, everyone’s laughing at you not with you. Maintain some respect dude!

Skinny jeans

Alright, I admit, I said, there’s no right and wrong in fashion and that it all depends on your imagination and how you work it but that doesn’t mean you forget to take sexuality into account. Skinny jeans do not look nice on guys because, for one: they give off a feminine touch. For two: they’re called ‘skinny’ jeans for a reason, they’re made for skinny legs. Guys have broader thighs and legs hence skinnies just look repulsive on guys.

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