6 Easy To Apply Examples of How Slightly Changing Your Style Can Make You More Attractive

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Are you ready to attract the ladies? Making a few changes in your overall outfit steps up the game to a whole new level.
6 Easy To Apply Examples of How Slightly Changing Your Style Can Make You More Attractive

Here are other mind-blowing examples of how slightly changing your style makes you more attractive.

Hygiene first

Hygiene is one of the first things that we women notice, if not what we look for when searching for a potential partner.

Studies say that olfactory cues allow women to determine whether you are a healthy and strong individual–a good indication of a potential mate.

Putting in some work in changing your style, starts with showering every day and changing into fresh clothes. Poor hygiene is a huge turn off for us women. Obviously, but at the same time so many guys seem to forget about that…

When a potential SO smells like rotten cheese, expect us to turn the other direction and never look back.

We don’t particularly look for how you style your hair. Although we know you’ve put a lot of time and effort into it. So we give some points on the pomade.

But when you trim your nails and nose hair, brush and floss your teeth, we notice it. Good hygiene in men sends a message to women that he can take care of himself, and therefore can take care of us as well.

A debate on perfume: there is a thin line between smelling manly and smelling as if Grandpa spilled the whole bottle on his shirt. A golden rule of using perfume is: don’t use too much of it.

Overbearing smell scares women away. On one hand, the overuse of perfume masks your natural pheromones that attract women.

On the other hand, we might take it as something you do to hide an unpleasant body odor. Spraying on your pulse points such as on your wrist and your neck is enough to smell good without going overboard.

Aside from the overuse of perfume, bad breath is also one of our pet peeves. It’s usually the reason you don’t get a second date. Smelling fresh is always a huge turn on.


If you look closely in the mirror, you will see that one eye is slightly larger than the other, one corner of the mouth protrudes a little differently, and the size of the ears isn’t usually the same.

Facial symmetry, or asymmetry, has a link to physical attractiveness. The more symmetrical your facial features, the more attractive you are to the opposite sex.

Wearing sunglasses hides that asymmetry around the eyes; it makes anyone wearing it look attractive.

Sporting cool sunglasses is an instant upgrade to any outfit. It enhances sex appeal and boosts confidence.

Another reason to wear sunglasses is it makes you look mysterious.

Interpersonal connections are important in dating, but first, you need to exude an aura of mystery. It makes women crave for more.

Remember to take them off when the time comes that you need to talk to them up close, such as on a first date.

It might come off as disrespectful when you don’t take them off. That kind of wastes the whole effort.

Grow a beard

Or not. 

And I’m saying this because women have different opinions on beards. Some women find it very unhygienic.

But one thing is for sure: A lot of women find it sexy. Growing your beard might be one way to get that woman’s attention.

Though as The Esquire says it, great beards don’t just happen

You need to learn how to maintain it, trim it the right way, conditioning it while you shower, etc.

If you can’t decide whether you should be clean-shaven, light stubble, or a full beard, the Personality and Differences Journal found out that going for a light stubble is the best way to go.

If your goal is to make women notice you as a potential, a light beard makes you seem more dominant, but less aggressive than full-bearded men.

A light stubble doesn’t require too much grooming.

Just exfoliating and trimming every 2-4 days will make it neither too short nor too long.

You want it to look natural, a little rugged if you will, yet also tidy. 

Take note, though, facial hair doesn’t suit every gent and that face shapes require different beard styles.

If you can’t tell if growing a beard suits you, test it out with your female friends, and see their expressions.

If they say it doesn’t suit you, better skip it.

Lastly, the right facial hair should be something that accentuates your features and works in tandem with your jaws.

Take a good look in the mirror, decide on your face shape, and look for the beard style that suits it.

Dress up well

Dressing up well doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune. Pay attention to fashion trends, buy good quality clothes (especially shoes), get playful to stand out from the crowd, or keep it very classy if it’s more related to your personality type. Whatever works for you, just don’t neglect that.

Think about what your clothes want to say about you. Take a long honest look in the mirror. Evaluate the way you dress.

Most of the time, we forget that we need to upgrade our wardrobe. As we age, our sense of style changes. The message we want to send across also becomes different. Sure, the graphic shirt is cool. It was cool when you wore it in college.

You don’t want to look cute when impressing the woman you like. You want to look like a man of her dreams.

And the man of her dreams surely isn’t wearing a graphic shirt. Aside from your choice of clothing, you want to dress for the body that you have.

Buying into trends without considering if it suits your body type is not a smart move. Investing in versatile clothing is the smartest option, especially when you have a limited wardrobe.

Clothes in neutral colors are the easiest to mix and match. Plus, it makes you look classy. Decide on what shapes flatter your best angles, and which ones hide those bulges you want to hide.

If you are in the mid-twenties, a good pair of chinos or casual slacks might be a better option than denim jeans. You might still get away with your graphic shirts by layering it up with long sleeves.

If you are in the late twenties, it’s time to give up those colorful shirts. A touch of sophistication and class is a real magnet to the ladies.

Your hair and eyes do give a little hint about your age. When you are in the late forties, you can’t lie about your age by wearing a shirt that might make you look younger.

Just own it.

Play with pieces that match your style and age.

Decorate your wrist

Another instant upgrade to any outfit is wearing a classic piece on your wrist. It goes a long way even when the time comes to upgrade your style and wardrobe again.

Investing or should we say splurging in these classic pieces, is a smart financial decision since you can wear them in a variety of outfits.

Your choice of a wristwatch can either make or break your whole style.

You need to be smart about the kind of wristwatch that you buy. Ideally, you can find one that matches most in your wardrobe.

Find one that will complement your choice of palette.

The Omega Speedmaster is an example of a timely piece that is versatile and goes a long way.

The stainless steel case of the Omega Speedmaster complements almost any piece of wardrobe.

The quality of this piece is tested (even approved by NASA) and therefore, a good investment and addition to your ever-evolving style.

Unlike shirts and jackets that get worn out, a good wristwatch can be worn by the young men and even the older men.

Aside from watches upgrading your look, the effect of wearing a watch sends a signal to women that you are punctual.

Wearing a watch is also linked to conscientiousness and emotional stability; another indication of a man as a potential mate.

Suit up!

If you want to be looking like a gentleman, suit up! Men in suits look way more respectful and attractive. Pay attention to where you are though… If everyone is wearing casual, and you are in a suit, it may make you look like you are trying to hard…

Men who wear suits have good positions in the corporate world.

Undeniably, a financially capable man is irresistible to women.

Of course, suits aren’t the only option. By adding a blazer or jacket, it spices up your outfit up a notch.

You can wear it on top of any outfit, as long as they are in basic colors. Opt for a denim jacket when you’re going for a casual style.

With a denim jacket, you can wear colorful shirts as it balances the look. If you think layering with jackets is not appropriate for the sunny weather, you can opt for bomber jackets.

They usually come in different colors and styles nowadays.

You don’t need to refurbish your wardrobe. Just adding a few pieces here and there will surely upgrade your style.

Investing in some versatile pieces is also also a smart option that will go a long way. Make sure to follow these mind-blowing example in changing your style. It will surely get the ladies’ attention.

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