7 Most Promising Ways to Make Money Online in 2019

By Sarah Williams

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The year 2018 proved to be great for online businesses. People who made it big online were found rolling in money and getting international recognition at the same time. Same is being said about the potential of year 2019.

Only this year, the online earning potential has increased, and the exposure has sky-rocketed. The thought of making money while sitting in your underwear at your home can’t be more exciting. From giving online interviews about your success in checking out the dollars you made online, you don’t have to leave your comfort zone!

Most people’s dream is to quit their 9-5 job and to switch to the online job market and there are many people who have already done it. The founder of Khan Academy – Mr. Salman Khan started small and made great progress eventually. He now owns a website that helps spread knowledge and makes money at the same time. Are you a teacher as well? Make your own Here are the 7 most promising ways you can make money online in 2019and get access to a huge online student market right away!

But what about general trends and ways of increasing your income online?

7 Ways to Make Money Online

The road to making money online has been different for different people. Some used to jump into anything they found to be profitable without any research and preparation so most of them ended up quitting. Such people started giving a bad name to the industry because their experiences were not great. Things have started to change in the last few years. People turning to online earning started following their passion. You should decide what you like to do first, and then jump in to ensure that your passion will carry you over the hard times.

Remember, no one has ever made money online by staying stagnant and being non-consistent. You will have to put in the effort and with dedication, the sky is the limit! Keep in mind that people have made fortunes through their online businesses and you can do it too. Here are the 7 most promising ways you can make money online in 2019:

1. Create Your Own Blog

Blogging has reached its maturity level. People have been writing blogs for quite some time now and it has proven to be wonderful for the most successful of them. There are many ways you can make money by sharing your thoughts with people online. Bloggers make money through ads. Google is everywhere and so is Google AdSense. In the current times, almost everyone in the developed world surfs the Internet and visits websites.

The ads displayed on these websites are placed there by Google. Setting up these ads is easy on a website and that’s the reason why it has become so popular. Another way you can make money as a blogger is the use of affiliate marketing. You can reach out to, for example, Amazon and get their affiliate link. People who make a purchase from Amazon using your link will put money in your pocket.

2. Start Freelancing

The one thing that changed my life enormously was freelancing and if I can do it, so can you. Look at what skills you have. Can you express your thoughts well in writing? Are you a web or android developer? Can you manage administrative tasks and data entry projects assigned to you with ease? If yes, then freelancing can be the right thing for you.

You don’t have to be an expert at what you do. Just start off with whatever you are most skilled with and make your way to the top. Danny Margulies started off as a freelance writer and made up to $10,000 a month. He now has his online course where he teaches people about freelance writing. There are great platforms like Upwork and Freelancer where you can start your freelance career. Freelancing will help you polish your skills and earn you good money at the same time.

3. Make Money by Online Tutoring

If you are a teacher in your day job or you like sharing knowledge with people one-on-one, then online teaching might be for you. Many teachers looking to quit their jobs start off with online teaching and end up falling in love with the comfort and financial gain it has to offer. Salman Khan from Khan Academy wanted to distribute knowledge. He started out small by launching his YouTube channel. From there, he has now been featured by every famous magazine and amassed numerous followers.

A quick ESL course will help you pose a professional image to the clients you meet online. Once you have the course, you can either launch your own website or head out to platforms that connect teachers to students.

4. Do Social Media Marketing

The year 2019 is being tipped as the year of social media. With platforms like Instagram and Facebook hitting it off big, entrepreneurs from all over the world have turned to social media marketing. SMM these days is all about helping your clients build a connection with their customers. Your job as a marketer will be to manage their social media pages, posting, running ads campaigns and replying to queries.

Gary Vaynerchuck is a successful social media marketing expert. He now invests and helps people learn more about the way social media works. Gary has been able to build an empire through his social media marketing company called Vayner Media. If you are a social media geek and love spending your time there, then this is for you. Managing pages for your clients will give you the financial freedom you are looking for.

5. Sell with E-Commerce

The only company to have passed the trillion-dollar valuation mark is in the E-commerce business. This tells us that there are huge profits in trading things online. People these days like full control over things; which means that they want things done at the press of a button.

If you have ever shopped online, then you are already aware of how the entire process works. Products are displayed on the Internet for sale and people place their orders online. Platforms like Amazon and Shopify provide an E-commerce platform for entrepreneurs.

Other means of gaining access to clients is through social media. Richard Lazazzera is a guru of online sales. He knows the tips and tricks of selling things online and you should follow his blog for great content. If you have a trader inside of you that urges you to strive for more sales each day, then E-commerce can fill your appetite. Since there are a lot of products to choose from, you can head into any niche of your choice.

6.  Launch Your Own Course

Launching a course of your own is a great way of generating great passive income online. In the current times, almost every entrepreneur who has a social media following has launched their own course. The thing about these online courses is that you don’t have to be an expert to teach people. If you know certain things but are bad at writing, don’t worry!

There are expert writers who will help you come up with great written content in no time. Timothy Sykes, Tai Lopez, and almost every expert have their niche specific course present online and it is making great profits for them. If you believe that the skill you possess can be shared with other people, and you don’t want to sell yourself short, then taking this pathway will help you change your financial situation.

Once you have built an audience interested in learning your skill, then you can turn to websites like Coursera and Udemy to sell your course to interested learners via these platforms.

7. Make a YouTube Channel

YouTube is all about passion. If you love creating content in the form of videos, then you need to try it out. This platform has now grown into a powerful community and YouTubers these days are purely self-made celebrities. This content posting place is for people who are adamant and patient. In order to amass a following at this platform, you attract viewers by giving them what they are looking for.

Your YouTube channel can be about almost anything like gaming, lifestyle, travel, motivation, etc. For the past 2 years, Pewdie Pie has been hailed as the king of YouTube because of his followership. He started out humbly and now is a celebrity with more than 75 million followers.

Passion is crucial

With everything that has been said so far, you must keep in mind that passion is important when it comes to online earning. If you are good at something and want to turn it into a living, then there is no better place for that than the Internet. Finding your passion before moving online is important. For example, you can’t be successful at writing if you don’t have the passion for it as it requires time and effort to come up with content that connects with people. Once you have found your passion, then every task related to it will be a fun thing for you and on top of that, you will be making good money… and what better time to start this than the start of 2019!

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