Pre Workout For Beginners: Here’s Everything You Need to Know (2020 Guide)

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It seems like everyone nowadays is on some sort of workout supplement. From pre workout supplements to creatine, and from bodybuilding multivitamins to testosterone boosters, everyone is taking someth

6 Best Muscle Mass Building Tips and Exercises for the Skinny Guys

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In every gym, you will find one popular dude who everyone knows, and every one wishes to be. He is the dude with the biggest muscles and is super strong that he is able to lift the heaviest weight in

Good Morning Exercises: 10 Ways to Get Your Morning Workout Ready

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Let’s face it. For most of us out there, getting up at the wee hours of the morning to workout may seem like an impossible feat to accomplish. At least that’s how I feel! Now of course the

10 Reasons Going To The Gym Will Always Be Better Than Dating Someone

By Patrick BanksPosted 4 years agoHEALTH
As many of my friends and co-workers can attest, dating in 2016 is rough. Like, having-a-second-job rough. There are more apps than you can keep track of, chivalry is most definitely dead, and our so

How Are Exercising and Low Testosterone Levels Related?

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Ultimate 4-Week Workout Plan To Get Ripped Fast

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Summer is here, but you haven’t hit the beach yet. We can understand, why? Just 4 weeks and you can get a perfect body to flaunt on the beach. Follow this routine, make the right changes in your

Ultimate Workout Guide to Get the Perfect Back

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If you’re like most guys at the gym you’re spending a LOT of time focusing only on the muscles you can see in the mirror. Pecs, biceps and abs are usually at the top of any guy’s list of mus

10 Mistakes People Make When They Start Working Out

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So over the years you have tried to get in the habit of working out but every time the habit fails to stick. It may not be your fault; you may be simply making some common mistakes which are preventin

How To Pick Up Women At The Gym

By Patrick BanksPosted 6 years agoDATING
I wouldn’t suggest going to the gym just to pick-up girls. However, if you already have a membership there, your gym can be a great place to meet women. A great advantage for a gym is that the women