How Much Energy You Need To Burn Off 8 Junk Foods

By Adam Maidment

Posted 9 years agoHEALTH

There are some foods out there that you can’t help but love – no matter how bad for you they may seem. For anyone focused on their weight and looking after their bodies, as tempting as that chocolate bar may seem it can feel like the ultimate sin. However, in moderation and as part of a healthy lifestyle there is no need to completely eliminate them from your life.

A recent infographic has taken to finding out how we can still indulge in some of our favourite junk foods but more importantly, effectively work them off afterwards.

It’s recommended that men stick to a daily calorie intake of 2,500 calories if they want to maintain a healthy weight – whilst women will require 2,000 – so next time you have a craving for a burger and fries, as long as you can commit to doing a quick and simple workout later in the day then feel free to treat yourself.

The guide looks at the calories and total fat included in some of the most popular go-to junk foods out there and then what kind of exercise you’d need to partake in for (and for how long).

As part of a calorie controlled diet, we don’t have to say bye to cheat foods forever. Sometimes, by totally excluding your favourite treats from your life, you can make things just as bad and difficult for yourself.

Moderate your snacks and treats and equal them up with the right kind of exercise and you’re on the way to leading a healthy lifestyle.

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