Hate Writing For Your Studies or Work? Become Smarter and More Efficient With These Tools in 2020

By Barbara JohnsonPosted 5 months agoGROWTH
Being a student is a tough life right now. I was sitting with a mountain of books to cover the other day and questioning all my life decisions. Does it really have to be this hard to get through schoo

How to Be Successful in College: 5 Rules I Wish I Knew Before

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College is a unique phase. It is a time when you could be crazy enough to try out different things and experience life without the need of fake IDs. However, it comes with an expectation that you will

5 Relationship Mistakes You Need to Avoid In Campus This Year

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On campus, there are all kinds of relationships going on. There is true love, and then there are awkward relationships whereby you have no idea what’s going on. For most, campus is a place to experi

How to Manage Your Time: 16 Bulletproof Tips From a Lifelong Straight-A Student

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Wouldn’t it be great if we had, say, 60 hours in a day? It definitely would simplify our lives, but the sad truth is, we all are forced to live in a cruel world where 24 hours are all we have. The p

5 Effective Life Hacks to Boost College Grades

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The dangers of procrastination have been thoroughly outlined in the popular consciousness by now. But despite all the warnings and tips that have circulated both online and offline, why do we still ha

Study Tips: 7 Simple Ways for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep During Exam Season

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Sleeping well during exam season is a challenge no matter how well your grades are going, the added pressure of exam performance and the general busyness of this time of your life can mean that the qu

8 Tips to Thrive (and Survive) Your Freshman Year

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That day is finally fast approaching when you are supposed to go to college. You have finally selected your majors and you are content with it. All your fees related worries have been covered by the s

Why Study Abroad: 6 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Degree From Abroad

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Studying abroad is a chance for you to be adventurous, explore the unknown, and try your hand at activities that may not be on offer in your home country. If you didn’t get into any of the Ivy Leagu

How to Study Effectively: 11 Hacks for College Students to Keep Stress at Bay and Get Better Grades

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Being in college brings stressors which influence our grades. School work itself can become overwhelming. Add to that the need to stay within a tight budget, possibly to work part-time, the social pre

Better Research = Better Grades (10 Powerful Tips to Make It Easier)

By John BrahmsPosted 4 years agoGROWTH
Many students seek to improve how they write their research papers. A student can employ a combination of skills to complete any form of research with the most common being data collection, analysis,