14 Science Books That Will Give You an Existential Crisis – or at Least Change the Way You See the World

By Patrick Banks

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It’s Friday afternoon, the day that Sally has been waiting for the entire week. She carelessly cleaned her office desk and excitedly brushed her way to the bustling crowd. As she pushed your way to that overcrowded subway, she can’t help but smile and feel excited going home. As soon as she opened the door of your apartment, she hurriedly put on her old white t-shirt and pajama, turned off her cellphone and picked up that book she has been dying to read and slumped herself to that comfy bed.

Her weekend has just officially started, the time of the week that Sally has been looking forward to where she could dig in to those new books she just bought from the newly opened bookstore across the street and get herself lost into the world of the character in the story. If you know someone who’s exactly like Sally who would rather spend their Friday night finishing the entire novel than going out partying like crazy, then head your way to your nearest bookstore and give them these amazing books as unique gifts.

Maybe this actually should be a gift for you?? Have you heard about the world sapiosexual? If not, here is a quick reminder:



  1. Sexually attracted to intelligence or the human mind.

Being smart is now the new sexy. There’s nothing hotter than a person that knows a lot of things about anything. So plan a weekend date with your loved ones and indulge yourselves in these good and informative reading materials.

The Accidental Universe – ALAN LIGHTMAN. The author, which is both a novelist and astrophysicist, strikes various questions about the humanity and its purpose, that perhaps the universe has been created as an accident.


Asap Science – M. MOFFIT & G. BROWN. This book provides interesting and entertaining answers to most of the science questions that you can think of. It is very relatable as the author tries to explain the answer in a simple manner and relates it to an everyday life scenario.


Bonk: Science and Sex – MARY ROACH. This hilarious book tries to provide scientific explanation on two of the most complex scientific phenomena on earth: sexual arousal and orgasm.

The Book of Eggs – MARK E. HAUBER. This book is a visual delight which features photography from Chicago’s renowned Field Museum which has around 600 sample of different kinds of birds and its breeding biology.


Cosmos – CARL SAGAN. With cosmos, Carl Sagan and his co-author wife, Ann Druyan, tries to bring light to the mysteries of the universe using simple explanations where layman could understand.

The Demon-Haunted World – CARL SAGAN. This book is a collection of 25 essays, some of which were written by his wife. The stories mainly revolve around astrology, alien abduction, demons, ESP, electromagnetism, satanic rituals, UFOs and extraterrestrials.


Elements: A Visual Exploration – THEODORE GRAY. An eye-popping, original collection of the beautiful photographic representations of the elements in the periodic table, yes , 118 of them! This also includes amazing facts, trivia, and stories of each elements as well as information on its properties.


The Grand Design – STEPHEN HAWKING. This book is written by the great physicists Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. It tries to explain the purpose of humanity, when and how the universe begin, the existence of human beings, and the grand design of the universe that we live in is an evidence that there is a benevolent creator who set things in motion or does science offer an alternative explanation.


Nothing – NEW SCIENTIST. For centuries, scientists have known that nothing is the key to understanding everything, that everything comes from nothing so without nothing, we would be nowhere. This book is a collection of fascinating articles about nothing, from the origin of zero to the nothing your mind does when it is not doing anything to endless of possibilities that come from nothing.


Packing for Mars – MARY ROACH. This was originally published on August 2, 2010 which provides quizzical and bizarre space simulations that could answer your questions about the outer space without leaving the Earth. This book is very hilarious and the author has the ability to place herself and the reader into the action which is why it became New York Times #6 Bestseller. How can we survive if we live in a space devoid of air, social media, gravity, hot and cold shower? Grab a copy of this book to find out the answer to these questions.


Proof: The Science of Booze – ADAM ROGERS. Named a Best Science Book of 2014 by Amazon, this book brings you to the history and production of the most favorite drinks of people all over the world: alcoholic drinks. Alcohol has been a part of every culture in the history of mankind and the author tries to provide descriptions of the science behind alcohol. This book, just like consuming alcohol, is exciting, intoxicating, and highly entertaining.


The Science of Shakespeare – DAN FALK. The award-winning author turned his hand to the natural philosophy of the early modern period in this book. It outlines the development of science in Shakespeare’s time, a period which we now recognize as the first stage of the Scientific Revolution. It explores how the famous playwright and the beginning of Science Revolution was connected and how it empowers other great philosophers changed the world forever.


The Universe in a Nutshell – STEPHEN HAWKING. Stephen Hawking is known to be the science’s first real rock star. This book was a sequel to his multimillion-copy bestseller, A Brief History of Time. The author attempted to explain the most complex ideas such as string theories and the nature of time to a way that people could understand. This book illustrates lots of pictures to simplify the nature of science and time, origin of the universe, the theory of everything and the likes.


What If? – RANDALL MUNROE. This book is catchy, approachable, very fascinating and consistently entertaining. The book tries to answer even the weirdest question with solid science with an undeniable twist of sense of humor. It captivates its reader with various information and ideas and at the same time provides entertainment that will have the readers laughing while turning those pages.


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