11 Easy Steps to Change Yourself from a Couch Potato to a Fitness Enthusiast

By Shawn Stevenson

Posted 9 years agoHEALTH

Are you tired of sitting in that chair in front your TV set? Probably not! And are you unhappy with what you see when you’re naked? Let’s ask your partner about that. Either ways, time to buck up and move from a couch potato to a fitness enthusiast – not because it’s healthy, but also because it’s sexy!

1. Get your ass off that couch

Probably the most important realization that you need to slap on your face to get yourself started – and that too really hard! Stop being lazy, stop sitting on that couch all day watching House of Cards, stop hogging all that takeout and gulping that beer to make you even more potato-ish, and stop being a jerk!

2. Hit the gym

You’ve probably put on some extra pounds by sitting in front of that idiot box all day. All right, not all day, then at least a considerable length of time that you could’ve spent productively. So the best way to go about that is by joining a gym – and preferably one that’s not near your house, just so that you have to make a greater effort to get there. Anything that keeps you off of that couch is worth it!

3. Always exercise on Monday

There are only so many reasons why you should be hating Mondays. But there is one reason why you shouldn’t – if you plan on becoming a fitness enthusiast. It’s actually the best day to kick start your fitness regime at the gym. Some Monday motivation is great to keep you pumped up for the rest of the week. In fact, never skip your Monday routine because if you do, most likely you’ll skip Tuesday as well.

4. A two day break is not on

It’s definitely not! Never ever skip a workout twice in a row; once is fine, but go back the day after even if it’s difficult to manage. Long breaks just make coming back to your routine even harder, and also induce more laziness. You think, “meh… I’ll go tomorrow and do some extra reps,” truth is, you probably won’t, and will start another season and burn a hole through that couch.

5. Working out energizes you

Alright, for the first couple of minutes you’ll feel drained out and would want to drop dead on your bed without even hitting the shower. But after that you’ll feel pumped up and ready to go again. A good day’s exercise can give you enough energy making you feel more energized than when you went in.

6. Start walking

If you’re not much of a gym person, then try walking or running. Anything counts as long as you get your butt off that couch. In fact, a regular twenty minute walk is a great way to burn off a lot of extra calories and help you build a healthier heart, and not a lot of people are aware of this. Just walk a couple of blocks down your street, or drive to a nearby jogging track, but you absolutely need to add this habit to your routine.

7. Home routines

If you’re finding it too hard to go to the gym, there’s still a handful that you can do at home. You don’t need gym to pull off a couple of sets of push-ups, crunches, leg raises and butterfly jumps. You could even get a couple of dumbbells and watch some videos on YouTube for some basic exercises that are easy to do at home.

8. Do some yoga

Yoga has some really amazing perks. It’s a great way to exercise the mind, body and soul together. Yoga makes you more flexible and improves your balance helping you to prevent injuries. It’s a great way to relieve yourself of mental stress. And it also makes having sex a lot more fun.

9. Watch what goes into your mouth

When you’re a couch potato, everything tastes good. And that’s because everything you’re stuffing down your throat is meant to taste good; crisps, junk, confectionary, ice-cream, beer and fizzies, any and everything possible to make you feel happy in your spot. The bitter truth, it’s not all that healthy for you. Stop hogging food and start burning those calories that you’re building while sitting on that couch.

10. Become more social

Not telling you to get on the social network, but actually getting out of that couch and socializing with other people. Call up some colleagues or some old friends you haven’t met in an eternity, and go out to the pub or some fine dining. That way you’ll be doing something else other than sitting at home and wasting yourself in front of the TV. But even if you’re the antisocial type, just get out of home and get a life! Just the thought of being around more of the opposite sex just might be enough motivation to hit the gym.

11. Find yourself another hobby

And if you can’t motivate yourself to a healthy lifestyle, just find another hobby. But don’t waste yourself in front of the TV on your couch!

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