12 Tips To Keep Your Car In Great Shape Without Overspending

By Patrick Banks

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Keeping your car in great shape is crucial, and whatever maintenance expenses you’ll have to shoulder will be worth it in the long run because auto repairs can be more costly. There are, however, several things you can do to keep your maintenance costs low so you can keep your ride in top form without overspending.

1. Replace brake fluid once a year

The chemical composition of brake fluid makes it prone to attracting moisture, which causes vehicular components to corrode and eventually fail. To prevent having to spend on repair and replacement of parts, replace your fluid and bleed system at least once a year. Brake fluid is cheap, and even cheaper if you buy it online with a discount coupon from Micksgarage.

2. Know car parts operation

Cars are a crucial part of modern life, and it is important to be able to understand how they work. Having a basic knowledge of car parts and their operation can be extremely beneficial. For example, if a warning light appears on the dashboard, it can be helpful to know what the specific light indicates. This can help to avoid potential problems oand keep the car running smoothly. In addition, knowing how to perform basic maintenance tasks, such as checking the oil level or changing a tire, can save time and money. Finally, tires are an essential part of any vehicle, and it is important to maintain them in good condition. Reviewing tires periodically can help identify any potential issues and ensure they are properly inflated. You can either get reliable information from car mechanics or check the consumer reports and tire-buying guide to learn more about tire types. Another good way is to read different car tire reviews such as CatCar or AutoAnything to know which tire suits your car best. If you need specific details, you can also try different brands’ reviews, for instance, consider BFGoodrich tires models for improving braking performance on wet and dry roads and read a review of BFGoodrich tires to know more details about car features to make sure that you are making a good choice.

3. Protect your car’s interiors by parking in the shade whenever possible.

If you have no choice but to park outside, make sure you use a window deflector screen or dashboard cover. You can also apply a special UV protectant to keep the car’s interiors from drying out.

The simple car covers can be the excellent way to fully protect your car.

4. Take care of your wheel bearings

Replacing spindles and hubs is more expensive than checking to see how your wheel bearings are faring. Make sure you not only inspect but also clean and repack your car’s bearings using wheel bearing grease. Replace the bearings as necessary—bearings and grease are definitely more affordable than hub repair.

5. Change your coolant annually

To keep your car’s cooling system in shape, make sure you flush it and change your coolant once a year. Auto experts suggest mixing one part of distilled water with one part of coolant to prevent components from corroding. The mix will also prevent deposit build-ups.

6. Lubricate

Lubricate driveline parts and other moving parts such as u-joints, ball joints and door latches regularly.

7. Change out oils

Change out differential and transmission oils according to service intervals and according to the manufacturer’s recommended viscosity and oil type.

8. Wash

Protect your car’s exterior finish by washing it regularly. Apply quality wax to protect the car’s coat at least twice a year.

9. Examine your tire treads and check tire pressure on a monthly basis.

Keep in mind that your car’s wheels should be properly aligned and your tires need to be correctly inflated. In addition, have your tires balanced and rotated regularly. Rotating them will keep your tires in shape (giving you better mileage) and make them last longer to save you money in the long run.

By rotating tires, you can help to extend their life, and rotated tires provide better traction and handling. When all four tires are the same brand and model, they will perform similarly. However, if you mix and match brands and models, you may notice a difference in how your car handles. For these reasons, it is important for car owners to take the time to rotate their car’s tires on a regular basis. In addition to rotating car tires, it is also important to contact a mechanic before changing your car’s tires.

10. Keep your battery cables and terminals clean of dirt and corrosion and Inspect

Also, check car seat covers, dash mats, floor mats, and boot liners for signs of wear and tear. The car interior accessories may need replacements after a few years or so to maintain good hygiene inside your vehicle.

11. Change your air, PCV, and fuel filters

Change them to prevent grit and dust from getting inside the engine. Refer to the service manual for the manufacturer’s specifications.

12. Check and change the oil regularly.

To make your engine last years, decades even, make sure you do regular oil-level checks (at least once a month) and oil filter changes. If you start noticing warning signals such as rough idling and stalling, get your car checked as soon as possible—remember that spending on minor repair costs now will definitely save you from a major expense later on.

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