30 Lessons You Should Learn From Life Till 30

By Stacey Marone

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Our life is a mystery and we do not know what will happen next moment. However, just try to imagine how it will be impressive if somebody told us pieces of advice, which would simplify our life and will help to avoid some big mistakes in the future. That is why we prepared some precious tips for you, which will help to live life to the fullest. Therefore, read our article with the list of 30 lessons, which you should learn till 30.

1. Time management

First of all, you are probably a successful person who appreciates the time and does not want to waste it on useless things. That is why you should constantly track your actions and time, which you spend on them. You can keep a diary with your plans. Believe me. Your productivity will increase significantly.

2. Family is the most important thing in our life

Many people work so much that they just forget about the most important people in the whole world – about their relatives. You should always take care of your parents, children and, of course, your wife.

3. Challenge yourself

Some men think that 30 years is like the end of the life. They refuse “full” life and always spend time at home. Moreover, they do not even try to live in full. You shouldn’t be like these people. Always try something new, discover new information, new feelings. 30 years is only the beginning of the whole life.

4. Do not try to exhaust yourself

Yes, if you are really hard working, this is definitely a plus, but you shouldn’t try to exhaust yourself. Never put your work or study tasks over your health. Sleeping and quality food are the most important. In the world of the big technologies, use the various alternatives to simplify your life and carry out some boring tasks instead of you.

5. Your life has already begun

Do not forget that time will never stop. There is no intermission. What are you waiting for? All your decisions count. Do not make wrong choices.

6. Be satisfied

If your job does not satisfy you, just leave it. We know that this is a scary process. However, if you refuse to do it, your life will be useless and empty.

7. Apologizes

You should be less proud and try to apologize, when it is important. We know that this is hard, but only this approach to life will maintain stable relationships with your family and friends. Nevertheless, you should not be too affectionate, because evil people can use this your weakness.

8. Do not compare yourself with other people

No, seriously, do not try to compare your life with the life of your friends and people from Facebook or Instagram and so on. You and them are not similar people. Your lives are different and you should not imitate their lives.

9. Throw away the past

Your past is just a story. Most people just refuse to live a full life, because they are bound by the burden of previous wrong actions. Maybe, it hurts or these events were really awful and unpleasant for you, but you should throw them away from your memory. Just forget about them and move on.

10. Do not hurry.

Haste is not always a good thing. It will be better to try to enjoy life leisurely.

11. When your children ask for your attention, do not deny them

Give them your full attention and be thankful that they are close to you and they love you. Do not be angry that they distract you.

12. Do not take loans or other debts

This applies to all types of credit. We think that they are vital and that you can live without them. In fact, they add more worries and destroy lives. Just try to reduce your costs, avoid some expensive purchases, when you have financial problems. It will be wiser than just take a credit, which will transform you into a slave.

13. I’m not cool, and I’m not worried because of this

When I was a young man, I always tried to look cool. I spent a lot of time and money to be more fashionable and incredible. However, I understand that such people just waste their time. It will be better to be yourself and enjoy it.

14. Do not be afraid to make mistakes

We know that this is an unpleasant process and no one likes to make mistakes, but it is the best way to discover something new and to become more experienced. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Just try not to repeat some of them too often.

15. Failure is your step to success.

Without failures, we could not succeed. It is better to do and be wrong, than to be afraid to make mistakes and avoid all actions as a result.

16. Do not forget to have a rest

You may think that you are like a machine that can work 24/7, but it is not so. Do not forget to rest, to take breaks during your work. Most scientists say that productivity of people, who do not try to exhaust themselves, is higher than in people, who work more than 10 hours a day.

17. Do not forget about training

I know that it is really hard. You feel weak and do not want to even move after the hard working day, but you should train your body at least 2 days a week. It helps to clarify minds.

18. Walk

It is a little trite, but if you want to improve your body, to relax or to meditate, just walk.  It is one of the best means, which exempt from most problems.

19. Giving something is much more pleasant than to receive

Often we give something or do something, expecting something in return. However, to give something without any benefits is nicer.

20. Do not try to compete with somebody

People usually try to compete with each other, but it will be better just to cooperate with others. You will get more profit.

21. Create

There is a lot of fun in the world, but the most important is the creation of something new.

22. Do not sit for long, because it will kill you.

Move, play, dance, run.

23. Try to empathize other people

Your life would be much better if you learn how to understand people. You should not judge other people superficially.

24. Do not forget to develop yourself

Some people think that the process of learning stops after the graduation of the university. Nevertheless, it is not so. Our life is like constant attempts to learn something new. You should always develop yourself. Try to learn new languages, visit different clubs. In addition, try to read books. For example, read at least one book a week. At the end of the year, you will read more than 50 books! Sounds great, does not it?

25.Do not wait for the perfect moment to take action

If you want to start to do something, do it right now. Do not wait for a better time. It would never come.

26. Life is very short

You may feel that there is still a lot of time, but it is not so. Remember, please! You will not have even time to understand as your children have grown up. Appreciate every moment, every second.

27. “Later,” often means “never”

Do not postpone things for later. Live now!

28. Monitor your diet

Only a proper diet can maintain the health of your body. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits. Moreover, you should avoid unhealthy food (starchy foods, fatty, fried or baked) such as cakes, pies, burgers, steaks, etc.

29. Penpal is not your real friend

These people usually do not care about your problems. They usually do not even try to understand all your feelings. That is why they will never really help you in difficult times. However, true friends, who know you for many years, always try to rescue you.

30. Follow your dreams

Finally, the most important advice, which you have to follow. Do not even try to abandon from your dreams! They are your real goals in life and you should always follow them and try to do everything possible to make them come true. Otherwise, what’s the point in life without any purposes?

Therefore, our life is full of surprises and you cannot predict the future that is why do not be afraid of neither past nor future. Just live now. Do not care about what other people say. Love your family, appreciate friends and try to turn your dreams in life. Follow our list of tips and your life will become more successful, productive, interesting and, of course, happier.

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Stacey Marone is a graduate of Social Sciences and freelance writer. She likes traveling and exploring new cultures. In her free time, she also does volunteer work and organizes some activities for children. You can follow her on Twitter .

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